The fear and uncertainty generated by surveillance inhibit activity more than any action by the police

Gmail Bugs Allow Changing From: Field and Spoofing Recipient's Address.
After been warned about that, the issue still persists

We need to stop judging the fediverse as though it’s a Valley startup competing with Twitter and Facebook. Not everyone is aiming for the Silicon Valley model.
by @peter

Great protest of Swedish ISP @BahnhofAB that should be an example for others: forced by pubblisher Elsevier to block several domains, including Sci-Hub, they ended up blocking rightsholders website too, giving them a taste of the blocking they’re evoking against others

Interesting tool to help people to easily manage and create DNS entries from external services.
DomainConnect, an an open standard published under the MIT license.

Convert a nmap scan report into an HTML page. Very useful for large results

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Tor is asking people to share their stories. What do you use Tor for? Why do you need it? What has Tor done for you? What could have happened if you weren’t able to use Tor? Share with them !

Why do produce false positives? They are not errors, but exceptions intentionally included by design.

PGPkey servers are being used to share and and It is impossible to delete them.
There will always be new ways of sharing.
Laws must avoid censorship and must protect human rights, not private lobbies that are living in the past.

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Google is faced with a demand to store location data even though its functionality has been disabled. In the meantime, instead of stopping this practice, they change their policy.

Foreshadow, the attack capable of extracting data from SGX enclaves (memory protected spaces). NOTE: SGX is used by Signal to discover other users among our contacts, or by 1Password (password manager), to manage the master key


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