Thinking about making a pivot to farming toots to get more active .

I just found a ram's horn in my basement and texted my husband "why is there a ram's horn on the basement couch" and he replied, "it was my grandmother's" which did not answer all my questions

all right which one of you named a fleet carrier "catgirl costco" in elite

Excuse me for reading the first paragraph and assuming the investment in the north would be on the same order of magnitude as the one in the south

Human sacrifice to ensure prosperity is only acceptable if it's according to capitalist metaphysics, at which point sacrificing millions every year is perfectly acceptable. Then it, somehow, becomes moral.

Yes, tech fans who love to scare one another with science-themed ghost stories, I'm talking to you: please please please learn the difference between a thought experiment and a plausible scenario. They are not the same. You need to start learning the difference now before you try and make a "solution" to a non-problem out of fear, a solution that will definitely cause problems of its own. It's not funny.

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The assumptions needed to be a Malthusian are so wide-ranging and so far removed from the real conditions of human life that its "scientific" premise is an aesthetic gloss on a boogeyman for rich colonial Europeans who are afraid that the end of colonialism will mean they have to stop sucking dry everyone else's material resources.

It is a science-themed white panic. It is not in itself scientific, it's a ghost story to scare people already worried that distributing resources to people who need them means they will have to set the AC to 9 instead of 10. There is nothing scientific about it.

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Speaking as a biochemist: Malthusianism is a pseudoscience, provably so.

more on Google ransomware, xenophobia 

Google has reached for clarification:

…ah, I see, so they explained that it was just a mistake. That USians got to see the app, I mean. it was meant to exist only for Kenyans. only Kenyans get to have their phones locked if they don't pay the loan, so who cares right

Honestly, for the longest time I've been misreading Geralt of Rivia as Geralt o' Riviera and now I'm mad 😠

tech capitalism 

this is how every "techie / tech journalist with wildly unrealistic notions of how automateable many forms of human labor are" sounds to me.


each person gets 1 vote. votes are recorded on ballots. ballots are separated and fed to Ballot Daemons (1 per Daemon Zone). depending on the flavour of the total ballots fed to them, the Ballot Daemons will then fly up and select a Vote Crystal from the ceiling of the Vote Cavern. Vote Crystals are worth between 0.5 and 5 Metavotes and are coloured according to one of 5 Element types. some Metavotes are further empowered if their type Resonates with the Element of their Daemon Zone,

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet @starwall no im serious, gary larson made a joke about it in a far side strip and scientists realized that they didn't have a name for it yet so they just ran with it

rock and roll is under attack! this environment bullshit just got serias

I've also never played minecraft but it's constantly funny to me that it's the only brand in all of existence that got less evil after being bought out by a big tech company

Miyazaki refused to accept his Oscar for spirited away because he refused to go to a country that was bombing Iraq. istg the more I learn about this guy over the years and his cool politics the more I come to respect him

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