Good twitter thread on climate individualism and despair vs. climate collectivism

I still find it faintly incredible that no group of scientists has gotten together and just made a damn set of free textbooks to cover the whole standard curriculum of their field. For uni physics, you'd need, roughly speaking and allowing for bits of overlap:

1. Classical mechanics
2. Single-variable calculus
3. Electromagnetism
4. Multivariable and vector calculus
5. Statistical physics
6. Quantum physics
7. Special relativity
8. Data analysis (a text most likely used as reference in a lab course)
9. Differential equations
10. Linear algebra

Education reform went haring off into MOOCs without really contemplating the possibility of making better resources for more traditional in-person teaching.

So, I planted these suckers outside a month ago or so, and they sorta pokémoned to their next form.
The squash became stocky and spiky, and the beans/peas are hanging just about everywhere!

56 years ago today, Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space.

sneaking into your house and merging your partitions 😈

in a parallel universe the #resistance is a legit armed insurrectionary movement of wine moms

If you hold a router to your ear you can hear the screams of all of the trapped souls forced to smuggle data back and forth via the Styx.

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So my daughter has bought a large neon sign that says GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS from the local junk yard. Apparently it was in a Jackie Chan movie. She says it’s part of her long term plan to open a bar for introverts and quiet lesbians.

Meanwhile our house is bathed in its pink and orange glow and we are all pretty happy about this.

The early 90's: a time when advertising that your PC monitor will only irradiate you "a little bit" was a feature. :blobowo:

☢️ :crt_w_prompt: ☢️

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