@variance I will never not repost this meme when given a chance

a christopher columbus statue in byrd park tripped and fell into the nearby lake 🤔

running street fighter II on a video intercom we found in the trash. and yes, there's audio over the phone. and yes, that's a flatscreen crt. and of course we'll install it in the toilet. 😁

I hear the Black Panthers are coming back, god willing.

from Atlanta

My computer just up and died.
I had all my content in there!

@whiskeysailor absolutely. Ancient people were crazy about bright colors because of how rare they were.

@ALWETP made me think about how in modern times we think of Greco-Roman sculptures were just marble instead of painted bright colors

Fun sword fact: all the swords you see in "serious" (tone-wise) fantasy like Game of Thrones are much more of a modern aesthetic than a medieval one. Medieval aesthetic would be considered downright gaudy by today's standards.

Dyes were expensive and therefore a sign of wealth, so no nobleman would be caught dead with an undecorated black scabbard or an unengraved, un-inlayed blade as long as he could afford to dye his scabbard bright colors and inlay gold or silver into his sword. The image is an example of what might be more typical for a reasonably wealthy nobleman around the time of the Battle of Agincourt.

stop making main characters some kind of aristocrat. i have literally zero sympathy for some landlord bitch who got kicked out of his lucrative exploitation gig by a more cartoonishly evil landlord bitch.

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wow dude your dad lost his castle? and now you want revenge and to take back your birthright? youre so relatable bro. hey by the way what makes it your birthright.

I was soooo close to buying a tractor today, but someone snatched it while I tended to other stuff.


So damn tired. Not ill, just tired.
almost fell asleep earlier while listening to a podcast, and almost falling asleep now, tooting.

Many people turn to pornography to indulge their most forbidden fantasies. Lounging around outside, dressing up, being in a room with more than five people...

Who lead the digital transformation of your company?

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