Nu kom ungen upp bara för att återberätta det för morsan sin.

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what if I napped for eight hours instead of working

Äldsta ungen började fnisstramsa om marsvin/mars-vin pga ord är kul, så jag råkade parafrasera [twittrare som jag tappat namnet på] och käcka ur mig "öppnar upp ett marsvin och folk börjar skrika?" och nu springer hon och mellansyrran runt och skrikskrattar medan de ropar det till varandra och femåringen inte riktigt fattat men har kul ändå.

ok since i never did before i'm gonna tell the story of the stonecutter, the filmmaker and wittgenstein's chicken

Tretti' dagar har november,
april, maj, december, augusti, oktober, juni, mars, januari, juli och september.
Februari tju'åtta alén,
några har också trettioen!

Anderssons uttalande stör mig av flera orsaker:

* För en handfull månader sedan var S totalt emot ett NATO-medlemskap (även om Sverige hittills har stött NATO på många sätt, bland andra genom att skicka svenska militära förband till krigszoner och aktivt delta i NATO-övningar).

* "Om en har rent mjöl i påsen-retoriken" är en halmgubbe; se hur USA länge använt det för att plundra sin befolknings data (se "patriot act").

* Vilka eftergifter ska Sverige *inte* göra för NATO efter detta?

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Trans stuff question abt boobie 

So earlier this week i found out that you can get a small hormone-crash after top surgery, because breasts produce a small amount of estrogen or something.

So now im wondering, if a trans woman on hrt develops a nice pair of breasts (good for them!!!), would those breasts also start creating small doses of estrogen on their own?

covid, pandemic, western orientalism, islamophobia 

imo, a significant part of the base rhetoric for western anti-mask stuff was laid out during the big secular anti-muslim wave that kicked off in the 2000s. all kinds of liberal public intellectuals were coming up with bullshit reasons to demonise "face covering" (read: Muslim hijabi practices). esp see France's ways of criminalising Muslim women. they had to come up with so much sophistry to pretend it was about anything other than phobia.

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covid, pandemic, western journalists' orientalism, anti-asian racism 

murdoch fash rag The Sunday Times (spit) doing a "why are 'The Japanese' hiding behind masks" bit (as the tweet points out, in the same issue they worry about an epidemic of long covid). honestly so much of the weird manufactured anti-mask sentiment in the west is built on a stratum of anti-Asian racism.

male nerdmen be like "wooooow really broke my immersion with the forced diversity by making the amazons of themyscara lesbians and wonder woman bi, i simply believed they were completely celibate from all intimacy for 6000 years

So, I got named André cause my dad wanted a name that would function internationally.
This far (and apart from no one knowing what an accent is) Swedes call me Andreas or Anders, Brits and USians say Andrew, for the Japanese I'm Anduru, and in Vai/ꕙꔤ it's not even a thing cause no proper names or words start with a vowel.

Thanks, dad.

@neauoire In Sweden there is a site called Fruktkartan (=the fruit map), an open database where you can add fruit trees on public land, This is obviously another step, but somewhat similar.

I wonder if there's such a thing as guerilla gardening geocaching.

Planted wheat, barley and mustard greens at 50°8.409'N 124°56.842'W

Planted lentils, mung beans and radishes at 50°8.527'N 124°40.195'W


Actual episode of enterprise, infant mortality 

The crew finds a crashed alien ship. The aliens are dead but there are alien eggs almost ready to hatch.

Archer: we should protect these alien babies or they could die

Crew: we should leave them to die instead

Eggs: *start to hatch tiny, helpless alien babies*

Archer: let's project these babies

Crew: no. *does a mutiny*

Archer: you guys were totes right. Let alien babies die

And so the enterprise flies away leaving babies to die

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