Hi all! I'm teaching a workshop starting next week on composing music in Python: ccrma.stanford.edu/workshops/c We'll be using a set of very comprehensive, open source libraries I created, and it should be really fun!

After all these years of python, and languages in the C family, it's fun to feel my brain working in a different way

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Have been learning some Racket because I'm tutoring a student who's gong to be using it in his CS classes in college. I have to say, I'm starting to get the appeal, dispite all the parentheses

Food that looks like violence 

Spilled enchilada sauce on my kids' giraffe. It looks... graphic

Has anyone found a good solution for this? It mostly comes up when someone wants me to fill out a form that is essentially an image.

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Having switched from Mac to Linux a little while back, one of the few programs I am still struggling to find a substitute for is Preview, which allowed me to rearrange and annotate PDFs easily. I keep trying to find solutions: PDF mod/arranger can't annotate; LibreOffice is clunky and mangles most PDFs beyond intelligibility; and Scribus just feels really clunky and overcomplicated, enough so that I just abandoned it and opened my old mac to add a few checkmarks to a document.

Just signed up for a couple of phone banking shifts and two textbanking shift for the Jan. 5th Georgia run-offs! Please, help me keep up the energy for just another couple weeks. It's not an exaggeration to say that lives are at stake (as well as the ability of the Democrats to accomplish anything truly progressive).



I just signed up to do a 2-hour phone banking shift on Tuesday. Making phonecalls to strangers is really anxiety producing for me, but I figure I'm going to be spending the day filled with anxiety anyway, so I might as well make it productive.

To doing what we can.

We just had our first baby, and he's adorable, and everyone wants to see pictures!

I'm trying to figure out a good, FLOSS option for it. My nextcloudpi instance doesn't seem up to the task in terms of photo sharing; it's good that other people can upload, but it's really slow at showing the previews online.

Basically, I'd like the functionality of a Google photos album, but not Google. I could try to set up a better nextcloud, but any other thoughts?

uspol gotv 

I know there's no perfect politicians in the US, but do bear in mind that one presidential candidate is trying to disenfranchise minority populations and another one isn't. Which I think is rather important.

Register to vote: vote.org/

Picking a party lets you vote in their primary, which, if you're in a single party area, is a very important vote.


I've been trying to sort out my feelings about Trump getting covid, and I think I finally understood something: I don't want him or anyone in the administration to die, I just want them to have to confront reality. I'm so sick of Republican party getting to make up their own reality, and high-profile people getting seriously ill is a reality that's hard to weasel your way out of.

What would be a good choice of midi sequencer/synthesizer tool for teaching beginner highschool students? FOSS is definitely appreciated, but simple and user-friendly is the most important thing.

I don't know if you all have heard of the podcast Everything is Alive, but it's a podcast consisting of interviews with inanimate objects, and it's so good. This is a hilarious interview with a pen, Tami, and her cap, Ed: everythingisalive.com/episodes

The only thing worse than a conservative is a fascist. Get your request for an absentee ballot in now. Https://vote.org

Thank you to everyone who has posted about the history of white supremacy, racial and justice, and policing in this country over the last couple of weeks. I have learned a lot.

The details have been heartbreaking, but I am grateful to know them.

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