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@MarcusP I’m currently using Mast. It’s got some bugs and quirks but I like it.

In America, is there a historical reason behind states setting their own rules for how federal elections are run and managed? In Australia, we have one department that runs the election Australia-wide. It is answerable to a parliamentary committee. Each state has its own electoral commission to oversee state elections. The electoral role is shared between the state and federal commissions.

I guess it’s time for me to decide how I’m going to use this place. It’s either treat it as I treat Twitter — a read-only Service with the occasional response to someone I follow, or start throwing messages in a bottle and see what happens. Let’a try that. Hello World, I’m Marcus, a computer geek from Australia.

So, what iOS clients are people using on here now?

@joesteel @dan I will probably be very upset if “Whomp There It Is” is played at the end of the episode - I think it may be already stuck in my head!

@dan Are your thinking of the TV show Counterpart?

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💥 Better Mastodon: A collection of layout and design tweaks for the Mastodon web app

I've been making some CSS changes to the Mastodon webapp at the behest of @joesteel and I've collected them all in once place.

Collapsed notifications is the most useful for me:

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Are you here from Twitter and have switched instances recently? Don't forget to do the following:

1. Go to and log out of your old instance, then log in with your new instance so people can find you at your new home.
2. If you left a pointer/invite link on your Twitter account, update it for your new instance/account.

@mastohost does allow for importing/exporting a Mastodon instance, for example, if I have my own instance, and I want to move it to, or vice versa?

Today, I learnt that puppies enjoy watching me play the iOS version of Car, Plane or Boat

Tonight I discovered the joy of Lychee Cider. As a bonus, it’s low alcohol too.

@tootapp for some reason, these pictures were rotated as part of posting them.

The latest that I leave Twitter is when they make Tweetbot unusable. I wouldn’t rule out leaving before then, but no later than that. I hope the communities that I follow over there make their way here soon.

@dansturm I just read your posts on Twitter. Despite thinking Twitter were behaving pretty crap, that was the first time I felt sad about the situation.

@tootapp is there a way to get links to open in Safari, rather than a web browser in the app?

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@MarcusP AFAIK, you can block that instance, or your instance admin might choose to do it for you.

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