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Mari Kurisato @Polychromantium

Canada profits from the death and removal of Indigenous peoples, and has, for 150 years. Canada protects its white supremacy by setting white killers of Natives Free

Canada will not be happy until all us Natives are dead and forgotten. This is their reconciliation, to set free those who murder us and deny us justice and life itself.

Nothing gets done. Speeches, inquiries, lies. Protests get ignored, more Natives go missing or end up in the river. And all the while white Canada goes on unbothered.

There is no justice in Canada,
And we know this is because the killers are white and the victims are Indigenous. If the victim was white and the killer Indigenous they would have already been found guilty and sentenced.

I am sick of watching white canadians kill us through inaction, or outright violence. So many native people there are treated worse than garbage. Behead a woman? Go free. Drown teenagers in the rivers? Go free. Shoot a sleeping boy in the head? Go free. Kill a girl? Go. Free.

Sympathy is worthless. If you do not act, do not speak. Too many of us are dying for condolences! We don't need that, we need justice for our dead children! Our missing women! We need canada to face the consequences of colonial savagery!

White allies don't apologize to me. Don't say sorry. Apologies and prayers without action are dust. Show the world and hold canada accountable. Too many native children have bled for that settler state. No more. No more! No more!

His is the 'reconciliation' @justintrudeau wants. This is the canadian truth laid bare. How can they say they will work for and with first nations people when they let our killers walk free?

Canada's justice system is an injustice against humanity.

This is Canada's white justice.
Indigenous lives are worthless.
This is the Canada they don't want you to see.
Canada is an apartheid state.

Jury finds Cormier not guilty

TFW a person you have a crush on softblocks you on Twitter and ghosts you so you flee to mastodon to cry