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Mastodon @Mastodon

🎉 v2.4.1 is out:

- Delete & Redraft for toots
- Improved e-mail validation to fight spammers
- Improved block/mute behaviours
- More unicode emojis! 🐺
- Important database schema fixes
- Performance improvements 🚀

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@charly @Mastodon @Simounet Aquò es un :lop: ? E ben putan ^^ On dirait plus un chien ^^

@Quenti @charly @Mastodon Mai tot lo monde sap que lo lop es tot sol. :wolf:

LB: I need to update #tootcat before we get way far behind again. >.>

Just let me remove the emojoi button in prefs and I'll be set.

@Mastodon Nooooooo! Just took me hours *today* to upgrade to 2.4.0... Had to do complete reinstall to get it working again... Hopefully the upgrade to 2.4.1 is easy and fast...

@Mastodon Luckily the upgrade from 2.4.0 --> 2.4.1 went without a glitch in under 10 mins. Thanks and keep up the great work! :)