⚠️ v3.4.6 is out! This patch release includes important security fixes.

And for those who are still on the 3.3.x branch, v3.3.2 is out with the same fixes.

@Claire 38 secs after you released it! ❤️ Thank you for your hard work Claire :cat_hug_triangle:

@Mastodon Hi, for docker version, is it alright if upgrade directly from 3.4.4 and bypass 3.4.5?

@Mastodon And the instance I'm on is already up-to-date. Wow. Thanks to @ordnung for such a speedy update! :D

@Mastodon Does anyone who updated see messages like this in the mastodon-sidekiq journal:

WARN: Chewy::ImportFailed: Import failed for `AccountsIndex::Account` with:
Index errors:
`{"type"=>"cluster_block_exception", "reason"=>"blocked by: [FORBIDDEN/12/index read-only / allow delete (api)];"}`
on 1 documents: ["<some ID>"]

Not sure what to make of this but the first occurrence is right after the update. Doesn't seem a general problem, just on one of the two instances I touched.


@galaxis @Mastodon You have elasticsearch enabled for the instance? That error usually happens when ES goes into read-only mode, which happens due to low disk space or similar error, let me find you a link about it

@renatolond Great, thanks! Yeah, I think the mastodon container on the system in question ran out of space last week or so.

@Mastodon hey guys, thank you for the new release. 👍

I run #mastodon as a #docker-compose.

on github you have two configarations postgres:9.6 (v3.4.5) and postgres:14 (main).

could you give me a tip how to update from postgres:9.6 to postgres:14?

database dump and restore doesn't work.

Thank you!

@artem @Mastodon Thank you! I need to do this as well, hadn't gotten around to it, but always good to have more evidence that the process works especially with these db upgrades.

@Mastodon I just upgraded, but it ended up messing up the home timeline for my instance. I had to move up a couple of minor versions. I ran database migrations and restarted everything, but it's still not rendering (500 error).

I'm figuring it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


@Mastodon I'm also getting "this page is not correct" on the account settings.

@masterofthetiger @Mastodon Did you clear the cache after restarting? It's the last step in one of the minor versions, I had the same issue for l.t and that solved it :)

@renatolond @Mastodon Thanks for the suggestion! I hadn't tried that yet. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to fix it either. 😕

@masterofthetiger @Mastodon Where you coming from a much older version? That tables is from 2019 and should already be there, I think 🤔

@renatolond @Mastodon It's still broken. I was able to rebuild with the right Ruby version, but that didn't fix anything. I have no idea where the weird database problems are coming from.

@masterofthetiger @renatolond @Mastodon seems to me you might have ran the migrations for the wrong branch: that table was deleted in `main`. What is the output of `RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails db:version`?

@ClearlyClaire @renatolond @Mastodon The output is:
Current version: `20211126000907`

Full output, with possibly unrelated errors:

@masterofthetiger @renatolond how did you manage to… this migration has not been in any released version of Mastodon, but there's also been many more in `main` since that one, so i'm confused how you ended up running it

do you remember exactly what you did to upgrade?

@ClearlyClaire @renatolond To upgrade to v3.4.4, first I checked out the new tag, ran `bundle install`, and restarted all Mastodon processes. Then I tried a combination of the above, including rebuilding the assets, to try to get it to work.

This may have been from the time when we ran Glitch social. Another admin updated from glitchsoc main to v3.4.3 on December 7th. Maybe migrations weren't run properly?

@masterofthetiger @renatolond oh, ok
then that's the issue, glitch-soc is based on the development version of Mastodon, so you have a database schema that's not compatible with Mastodon 3.4.6 because of upcoming changes
easiest way is probably to go back to glitch-soc or Mastodon main

@masterofthetiger @renatolond fixing the database to use Mastodon 3.4.6 is possible but trickier, and you've lost some (unimportant, tied to a discontinued feature) data anyway

if you want to revert to Mastodon 3.4.6, what you need is basically:
- check out glitch-soc's source code
- edit `db/post_migrate/20211126000907_drop_account_identity_proofs.rb` so that the contents of `down` are the contents of `db/migrate/20190316190352_create_account_identity_proofs.rb`'s `change`

(to be continued)

@masterofthetiger @renatolond
- run `bundle exec rails db:migrate VERSION=20210526193025`
- check out Mastodon 3.4.6's source code
- run `bundle exec rails db:migrate`

@ClearlyClaire @renatolond Thank you so much for your help! Everything's working now (I changed it back to glitch-soc). 😃

@masterofthetiger @Mastodon Do you have any logs? You might want to create an issue in the tracker or in discussions

@masterofthetiger @Mastodon the 3.4.0 release notes contain some more elaborate incantations that you'll probably need (more than just db migration):

@Mastodon I'm on v3.3.0 via docker deployment and I'm not sure of best way to upgrade. Can I just pull from github and all important info is saved in the volume?

@Gargron So I was able to get minio running since mastodon couldnt connect directly to GCS. Now it's saying invalid access key id even though I KNOW it's correct. Do you have any link to a docker-compose connecting local minio to local mastodon? I configured the props correct and can see GCS thru minio web portal

@Gargron So i figured out that problem and now when i upload my profile image, i see it in the GCS bucket. However when i load pages from my server, everything shows as a black square :O

@Mastodon Just want to say thank you for the new release.

ping @admin @vincib @petit

encore une fois, il y a dans 3.3.2 et 3.4.6 des corrections de failles critiques (entre autres, il y a moyen d'assez facilement usurper l'identité d'utilisateur·rice distant·es auprès de votre serveur)

idéalement, mettre à jour vers 3.4.6 serait bien parce qu'il y a plein d'autres améliorations et corrections, mais 3.3.2 suffit pour corriger les failles de sécurité en question et ça ne devrait même pas prendre plus de 2 minutes

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