@spacemagick @Mastodon no I think it belongs to Ksum NolE

the reverse world's Elon Musk :meowXD:
@spacemagick @Mastodon everything about Ksum Nole is reversed... he is super charitable, and wants everynyan to have more freedom not less.

@Mastodon is there a list of instances that show the instance age?

@santiago@mastodon.uy @Mastodon@mastodon.social probably not . or at least not accurately.
they would only be able to really trace any instances after their own inception.

my own instances age is easy to track for me though cause this account was created at the same time the instance was.
probably the most accurate date would be to go by the first created account.
but i'm not aware of any lists.

@Mastodon thank you,why my friend’s Mastodon instance was suspended with no reason,she only had 2 posts,there was no response after submitting the appeal,thanks for working!Looking forward to your reply!

@optimal it was on @mastodon.social ,thank you

@jbk @Mastodon i don't think no one can suspend your instance, where do you host your instance? If you host your instance in your own private PC, no one can suspend your instance.

Your server your rules, your instance your rules.

@rohmatsb @Mastodon thanks for explaining,it was a normal user of Mastodon,just was told the account was suspended from a mail ,i don’t know why,all was showed on the pic attached,how can she could get the account restored,we didn’t get any response after submitting the appeal,thank you so much 🤝🤝

@jbk @Mastodon she joined the same server as you, or is she joining at mastodon.social?

If she's not joining "mastodon.social" or "mastodon.online". The @Mastodon can't do anything about it.

It's that the server admin can do anything with your account, including blocking it. There are a lot of other server will welcome you and your friend nicely.

Well, tell her to join other server.
The server i joined is open for registration

=> toot.io <=

@jbk @Mastodon
Mastodon works the same as email

You signedup on Yahoo Email, and they suspend your email, the only one can restore your account is just Yahoo. Google can't do anything about it.

But instead of restoring your Yahoo email account, you can sign up on Gmail.

The same as Mastodon, you can always jump to other server that will welcome you nicely.

@jbk @Mastodon
Even if you're on Yahoo and your friend on Gmail, both of you can always communicate.

You can also follow each other and communicate even if they're on other server.

You see, i'm writing this from toot.io server

@rohmatsb @Mastodon thanks for reply,she was in mastodon.social, and suddenly got blocked,she will join again,thank you :blobheart:


i'm waiting for the day that someone tries to buy the fediverse xD

@Mastodon Unfortunatly, it's unlikly that it will last long. Exodus to alternatives to protest about a giant platform decision have always been temporary because for many people, a full switch means lost the people they followed. The big platforms are too powerful and popular.

@stemy @Mastodon you're probably right. But many people (myself included) got fed up with Twitter, some even before musk, so they will be happy to stay on alternative platforms.

@stemy @Mastodon The majority will go back, that's true. But yet, some will stay, and that's beautiful.

@stemy @Mastodon I don’t agree for the most part. I deleted Facebook and Instagram. Lost a lot of connections, but the most important ones will find a way to get connected. The rest is just noise you can miss in your life.

@stemy @Mastodon A lot of big platforms have died in the last 20 years tough... The only really old one that remains is email, which is also distributed in a similar way as the fediverse.

@stemy @Mastodon I still use twitter and other platforms, but I'm gonna use this from time to time while others move across.

Few will go cold turkey on older platforms, but using this side-by-side at least means I'm ready to switch whenever my faves are

@Mastodon nice post but still a bit sad that "fediverse" isn't even mentionned.

@Mastodon yay for this! 👍 "In the future, we plan to add end-to-end encrypted messaging and an exciting groups functionality to our software, together with further updates to our well-received official apps."

@Mastodon a shame it took something like that, but congrats nevertheless!

@Mastodon I just wish there was a good way to find people you Followed on Twitter on here.

@addie I posted my Mastodon profile on Twitter before I finally decided a few days ago to delete Twitter in general and completely switch to Mastodon and the Fediverse.

@brayd I also posted it to my Twitter. Though for work reasons (i work in news) I just can’t abandon twitter.

@Mastodon I even deleted my Twitter account for good in favour of Mastodon or fediverse in general. But the trigger for that is they delete people’s accounts based some policies they can interpret however they want.
Being owned by for profit company is not a sin. What more important is what they actually do. Running on Mastodon but if they delete your message, delete your account, label you badly because of who-know-what reason is just equally bad as it happens on Twitter.

@duke then make an account on a different instance lol

@Mike_232 wow wow wow im REALLY interested im sooo interested in this im going to contact you regarding this cryptocurrency money making opportunity

@Mike_232 @cobra @duke of course who wouldn't but we all know there was a hidden catch each time so we don't play in someone else sand box anymore.

@Mastodon Congrats on the user growth - will be interesting to see if it continues.

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