@Mastodon really love the personality in this video, and the really clear explanation of how federation works

@Mastodon Very nice. Is it intentionally published under YouTube Standard License instead of Creative Commons?

Because it would be nice when it could be shared and uploaded in other places like archive.org or (as others mentioned) peertube, which is legally not possible right now.

@Mastodon as a cat who runs a social media service, the libel in this video is slanderous and you will be hearing from my lawyer, as soon as they unblock my calls

@Mastodon I love this. It’s the least scary explanation of federation I’ve ever seen.

@Mastodon This is so good. Totally adorable and also a clear statement of Mastodon's values.

@Mastodon @Gargron this is the cutest thing!

I'd like to share it more to French speaking people. To whom can I volunteer to translate the script and subtitles into French?

@pmorinerie @Mastodon hm i think i enabled translation submissions on youtube? but i don't know how that works

@Gargron @Mastodon Oh, right, found it. Will start working on this. Thanks!

@Mastodon @Gargron Done, subtitles french translation submitted for review on Youtube.

@Mastodon Hello, do you have a spansih version of this video? Thanks in advance!

Hrm, no mention of the rest of the fediverse. But if it helps get people off TWIT then it's overall good

@Mastodon great, love the video. just submit Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) translation script, title, and description.

@Mastodon Hey why aren't you cross-posting from the twitter mastodon account? Seems kinda.........

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