... and the winner is?! Over 4000 of you have voted, which is fantastic! Click here to find out: matomo.org/blog/2018/10/matomo 😎

Hi 👋, here's a quick message from our founder Matthieu Aubry:

"Hello everyone, if you know a senior PHP/JS who wants to work remote in New Zealand on @matomo_org, I'm hiring! Please get in touch. The job ad: tinyurl.com/y8xr8ylq"

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The free libre open source analytics software Matomo (formerly known as Piwik) is now on the fediverse:


They also have a website:


The software costs nothing if you self-host, and they also offer a paid hosted option for people who prefer it.

Unlike Google Analytics, Matomo's data stays entirely on the site that uses it. No one else has access to it, so there's no way for it to be aggregated across many sites.

#DeleteGoogle #Analytics #Matomo #Piwik #FLOSS

is here! Since we're new, do you guys have any suggestions for who, you reckon, would be good for us to follow?

For anyone who's ever asked, "what is Matomo Analytics?" The answer lies here🕺 matomo.org/what-is-matomo/

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Matomo 3.6.0 - matomo.org/changelog/matomo-3-

> This release is rated critical and it is highly recommend to upgrade to Matomo 3.6.0 as soon as possible.

#matomo #stats #update

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Développeurs !

Sachez que l'on a accueilli un tuto sur Matomo, le logiciel de mesure d'audience respectueux des utilisateurs. @Framasoft

Analyser l'audience de votre site Web, tout en respectant le consentement et la vie privée des utilisateurs ;)

#matomo #piwik #analytics

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If you are a #webmaster, switch from #GoogleAnalytics to #Matomo (formerly #Piwik) for your website analytics.

Matomo is the only analytics platform that gives you full control over your data and more:
- Free open-source software
- 100% data ownership
- User privacy protection
- User-centric insights
- Customisable and extensible
- Easy to use
- No data limits

Link: matomo.org

#FOSS #privacy #opensource

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We just dropped #GoogleAnalytics for the #OpenSource #Matomo on freehive.com ! If you're self hosting with a powerful tool like @cloudron (like we are) consider becoming a supporter: matomo.org/

We believe in openness, privacy, 100% data ownership and a decentralised internet. We're here to liberate analytics and we're passionate about measuring for success. These core values are ingrained into everything we do. There are such exciting things in the works and we hope you will join us as we continue on our mission 😎

A little about us, Matomo was founded as Piwik, by Matthieu Aubry back in '07. With the support of a passionate open source community, we've grown to become the #1 open source and trustworthy web analytics platform (and the leading web analytics alternative to Google Analytics.)

Toot, toot ... and we're off! Hi Mastodon community. We're so excited there's this open source and decentralised social network to be a part of. It aligns nicely with our values. We believe in having open source alternatives to all the big names out there 😉


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