But we got rid of Trump. I thought that was supposed to fix everything.*

*Anyone who knows me knows I never thought that. Can we please start retiring some of our ultra-wealthy, aged Democrats in congress who have nothing on the line?

Overheard: "Cop shows are basically bad science fiction made for really ignorant suburbanites who have never been in danger of being arrested a day in their lives. I can't watch them and I'm a fantasy writer."

I hope Elon Musk doesn't buy Mastodon!

(This is obviously a joke.)

In an effort to get out a tutorial that is a year overdue, I rushed the screen capture recording stuff and now must re-record all of it. Haste makes waste people!

Havent been here in a while. Just thought I'd let everyone know I'm not dead.

"It's called 'show business,' not, 'Show art."" - Jean Seberg

I started playing Minecraft to bond with my child and am now stupidly addicted. I'm over half a century old. This is unacceptable!

If I was still doing improv, my next group's name would be, "Washington Football Team."

It occurred to me yesterday that Kanye West seems to merely be a far less worthwhile imitation of Jean-Michele Basquiat. Discuss.

The DCCC is the Republican caucus of the Democratic Party.
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Is the ostensibly neutral DCCC supposed to be taking positions on the presidential race?

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British Nazi set self on fire trying to burn down synagogue boingboing.net/2020/01/08/brit

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🚨CA Announcement! 🚨 if you’re registered to vote in CA as a NPP (no party preference) you will NOT get a presidential primary ballot mailed to you. You must request one from ur county or RE-register as a Democrat. Spread this message friends! @BernieSanders@twitter.com

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You know who we definitely don't need to hear from at all this year? The people who lied us into war in 2003.

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Imagine if the United States were a dictatorship...

Here is a picture of my dog as the world melts down in the throes of late stage capitalism.

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this looks like a little diorama and it is freakin me out twitter.com/maggieNYT/status/1

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