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If I start a podcast about hot sauce and beer plus my own personal life would anyone listen to it???

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Who likes printable recipe documents?
I just finished another massive collection, here is the new one. First time posting it here:

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bathrooms are a scam invented by maddie to sell more gender scam toots

This machine blocks any nice DMs that anyone would like to send me 😞

she's cute and i think she looked at me when i wasn't looking

did she see my laptop stickers? is she gay? wanna friend

This is where all of our bofa dot lol toots are stored after The Cancellationing

even the biggest ship is a god damn pea to the ocean

transitioning to "uncannily androgynous person with a gun for genitals"

odd couple/buddy-team vidya game where Zelda and Ganon save Link together

Drug, acid, etc. 

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