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If I start a podcast about hot sauce and beer plus my own personal life would anyone listen to it???

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Who likes printable recipe documents?
I just finished another massive collection, here is the new one. First time posting it here:

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I watched Brightburn because Star Wars was too expensive.

Brightburn is mad good.

Anyone know a way to watch Star Wars episode 1 for less than 19.99? That's just more than I'm willing to pay to stream a movie.


I found a golden ticket in my DMs, I get to go on a tour of the mastodon factory and meet eugen!

just liberated this wolf man from a claw machine awoo

Gay idea. 

I just got myself all worked up remembering the batball barcode bullshit. Time for me to calm my ass down.

I nearly caused a scene at the sportsball field because the jackass told me he couldn't scan my barcode and I know damn well they only refuse certain formats to sway customers away from 3rd party brokers besides the one they are affiliated with. The fucking bastards.

"And we're just rambling on with this bullshit."
-Perry awaiting his payment

*whispering to my wife during the Goop podcast* that's Gwynth

I been inside out and around about and back again, found myself right back where I started again.

And also I hope I get there in time to get food and beer before the start of the game of course.

I hope the ball stays away from me, I don't have a proper mitten to catch it.

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