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Pestle for iOS transforms any recipe into a step-by-step guide with voice control, SharePlay, and more 9to5mac.com/2022/01/21/pestle- by @ChanceHMiller

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ℹ️ Essential iOS Accessibility tip if you are a developer, or a user in need: Siri can turn on and off a ton of accessibility settings directly. If you ever need to quickly enable VoiceOver or anything else, Siri is the best way in and out

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One of the perks of being your own boss is being able to go to Thailand on a whim. So that’s what I’m doing tonight!

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Feature modules can contain more than one screen and should encapsulate the whole feature. For example, it can be a multi-screen checkout feature in the store app. A dedicated team can work on this module and deliver a microapp using TestFlight.


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🔥 SwiftlyRush - Issue 7 🔥

SwiftlyRush Weekly has just been delivered covering topics from @specialized @Mecid @iosdevhappyhour

I hope you enjoy reading it 🙏🏼


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Custom offer codes for subscriptions now available


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Federico (@zntfdr) shared his experience building and shipping a dozen apps in SwiftUI for the past three years, coming from a UIKit developer's perspective.

And boy, a lot of participants had tons of questions.

Here’s the summary of his talk.

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This week's article is about backgrounds and overlays in SwiftUI - and includes lots of code samples, inline previews of the example views, and backports of SwiftUI's closure-based background and overlay modifiers 🚀

Hope you'll enjoy it! 😀


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Have you heard about Swift Package Collections? 🤔

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to create your own package collection from your favorite Swift libraries.


Dividing the app into many decoupled feature modules allows us to create micro-apps for different user flows and deliver them to the QA team to get early feedback without waiting for other features.

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Is anyone doing per-branch DerivedData with XcodeGen? Seems like as long as developers already have to regenerate when switching branches / pulling you could swap their DerivedData location to improve build times after switches at the cost of disk space

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It's finally time for the video I've been looking forward too since I first had the idea a few months ago!


Thanks to everyone who invested time to make this happen 👇

In the current post, I want to focus on the feature modules. Feature module provides complete functionality for a dedicated app feature. We can also call them product modules because they usually implement a particular part of the final product.

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SwiftLee Weekly Issue 98 was sent to 8,188 subscribers with content from @icanzilb @kharrison @arthurofbabylon @rudrankriyam @DonnyWals @Mecid @hybridcattt


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Together we can build a big iOS dev community.🧑‍💻👩‍💻

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Today is a historic moment. We are excited to announce that the world-renowned franchises and talented people at @ATVI_AB will be joining Team Xbox!  

Full announcement details here: xbx.lv/3fCovjY

Swift uses the internal access modifier by default making your types visible only inside the current module. To make some of them visible outside mark your types with the public access modifier This way, we can improve the boundaries of our modules.

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