Friend in Kona said the 1% are flying into Kona in their private jets to ride out the pandemic in their homes in Kukio.

I finished an appointment today, went to my car in the rain and was going to feed the meter and go back into the building to eat lunch at a deli on the first floor. Then I see an Asian dude in his 30s maybe, sneezing and having a coughing fit after exiting the building lobby. He kept hacking, not covering his mouth much, not that it would matter much on this windy day. I decided I didn’t want to walk through the cloud of cough air around the entrance to the building. This is how the fear starts.

I foresee COVID-19 having an explosion in cases in the future. There are many undocumented workers doing jobs Americans won’t do like cleaning, farm jobs and if they get infected they won’t report as they won’t want to get deported. And if farm workers get sick who is going to pick all that produce? If you like fruits and veggies you’re going to be screwed, economies will collapse. It’s going to be bad.

Full on Loco Moco on Fried Rice and some kind of biscuit pancake before that. I feel like one of those pythons that just ate a warthog.

Seems to be some kind of pole blocking the view from my office.

My parking space has a pretty good view of Punchbowl. This is pretty much the view from my office too but with more trees in the way.

Some artwork outside of my office. After all I am an Aquarian.

All of my Secret Santa gifts finally arrived. Got more cowbell.

Cars packed in the drive-thru, and backed-up on Kapahulu Avenue waiting for that jackknife right turn in line for Popeyes Chicken. Cars can’t even get out/in the Jack In The Box Kapahulu driveway next door due to the jam. Madness, it’s just a chicken sandwich people!

Got upgraded to an exit row for free as the passengers are mostly non-English speaking Asians.

Aloha Big Island. Waiting for my plane to Oahu. It was a good run but I’m returning to the Honolulu city lights.

I signed-up, have you? Can it really replace Facebook and Twitter and do it without the crap? From the guy who brought us Wikipedia. WikiTribune

Especially if you can get it hidden before the cops find out. ​:welp:

Operation successful. Hard drive removed. Will pack the iMac into my car for shipping to Oahu and see if I can fix the iMac there. GPU problems with this machine so I did a hard drive pull for my friend.

I forgot I filed a claim with the class action lawsuit for Zicam. I like money.

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