India is currently outraging about a movie about a fictional character which disrespects a particular community.

Death threats are being issued to producers, directors and the actors. Truly wonderful times we live in.


Reading this book by Sarah Knight called "The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k".

All these self help books nowadays are very hip & not really self-help-bookish. Fun read.

I'm indiscriminately following people here. Please do give some fun suggestions.

I see there is an unsaid culture here about putting political toots behind a 'CW'. Fascinating!

So many anime fans and artists here. Wow.

Mastodon is Reddit & Twitter's lovechild.

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Late night Delhi radio is all about men saying sexist shit about women & women saying sexist shit back in response.

The conversations are punctuated by sexist Bollywood songs. So sexism maxxx.

Nobody knows me here so woohoo! Another mountain to climb, another territory to conquer.

Also I can say shit here and literally nobody will read it. Such Reddit feels.

Hello! I'm Meghnad, currently based in New Delhi, India.

I'm a journalist, public policy professional and political analyst.

Other than that, I'm a Gamer, Cat slave and GIF Curator.

Curiosity brought me to Mastodon. I have absolutely no idea what to do here but as i read more Toots (did you know tooting also means farting), I see there are many interesting people here!

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Hello, pleased to meet you! :-) If you don't mind disclosing, where do you live?

There's the !india group, but I guess Mastodon doesn't support groups. You might at least be able to use it to find others to follow. But, I don't know how active the members are.

Some others from India: @solariiknight @prashere

@Gargron hello! It said that you're my admin. How does that work? And how do I find people from India here?

Anyone here from ? All I see are bots at the moment.

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Hello world,
Curiosity brought me here. I hope it doesn't kill me. :batman:


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