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Hi all, a lot of you have been dealing with questions about moving here to Mastodon from Birdsite.

I thought I'll offer up my reasons for migrating here and tell you why I feel pretty good about it. Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't, but it's worth giving it a shot.

Do read and share with people who want to move here!

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@Memeghnad I understand. My limited point is engaging with a bully in the heat of the moment more likely amplifies the situation at hand. Typically they are insecure about something within them and can't deal with it which is why they target others. So they try to hit you in some way, which if you don't allow them to (by staying calm/ showing that you aren't affected/ by not reacting), in many cases they gradually give up.
But you are the best judge in the situation you are in. TC. @KayKap

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@Memeghnad um, I go behind their back and create an army of allies because a bully's toxic environment (esp. workplace) would surely affect other people too. And then you now have 8-10 people who will jointly confront this bully when they try to do what they do. This has worked, but in a workplace. Not sure about a home/family environment.

Hello hello!

I did my first ever video interview!!! That too with the kickass journalist Nitin Sethi, who has been causing waves last week and taking on the government like nobody's business!

Please do watch and share. Also, please give feedback too!

Peeps pls, I'm not talking about birdsite. I'm talking IRL. Like, verbal bullying at scary levels which scares people into having panic attacks types.

(I should have been clearer. My bad. :P)

How does one deal with bullies who create toxic environments?

I get confused whenever I see a mother dairy ice-cream cart in winters. I want to badly meet the people who eat ice-cream, outdoors, in Delhi, in winters.

Avid Gamers (especially Dota2) please boost this. Will follow!

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The relentless trolling of feminists today on the Birdsite makes me all the more grateful for the men close to me. So, here goes:

Happy to the kind, well-adjusted men in my life, working to dismantle patriarchy in their own ways. I am, because you are.

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Boost if you agree Education must be free for all

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Since it's Men's day, it's a good opportunity to talk about how our society promotes aggressive toxic overly manly man behavior.

If you were a 'puny child' who goes to school, there is a 99% chance you were compared to other manly men, derided, taunted and made to feel unwanted.

I wish there was someone who had told me as a child, "It's OK to be puny, vulnerable and introverted. You do you."

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@Memeghnad agree. Same here. This morning I considered wading into this and tweeting about male survivors of rape & how patriarchy affects men, & how men need to reject and resist patriarchy @ranjona

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"When you stare into the abyss,
Modiji stares back at you."

~ Modern Indian Proveb

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@Memeghnad Till very recently the only news you got was your local newspaper. People were happy with that and then we had those who did not read the papers... 🤷🏻‍♂️

We were systematically made to get addicted to information.

The only way Congress could survive is if it let go of the Gandhis. Not just the people, but even their overall legacy.

Otherwise, it should just die and let a fresh alternative emerge.

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@Memeghnad Not reading the news all the time is also an attempt to live into our individual realities, not just the collective ones.
No individual who is constantly connected to the collective (whether it's nation, religion, fate of humanity, etc.) can grow and learn in their individual capacity. A little disconnection allows quirkiness, originality.
It also helps to not have live in anxiety 24/7. No useful contribution can come from that state of mind.

At the INC presser on yesterday, @sighyush asked whether Congress would reveal the names of donors who gave their party Rs 500 crore.

They said no.

Hypocrisy ki bhi seema hoti hai. -_-

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Besides the traditional methods used by to get constant feedback & raise pressing issues in , I'm now trying something new.

Please write to me with issues you feel merit attention in . Will try my best to raise your voice in the house.

Fill up form at:

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Here are 4 good reasons why government have run away from Rajya Sabha today & adjourned Zere Hour & Question Hour: First 4 questions in Question Hour were to be answered by Finance Minister

1) Hoarding notes after Demonetization
2) PMC Bank Fraud
3) Public Sector Banks fraud
4) PSU's disinvestment

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