One of my weirdest achievements is to have made a site that gets much more traffic from Chinese Sogou and Russian Yandex than it gets from Google.

Apple iPhone.

- Times I have intentionally turned flashlight on: 4.
- Times I have noticed the flashlight is on: 678.

- Times I have shut down the screen while putting phone away: 5789.
- Times the screen turns back on as it is put away: 5694.

A recruiter was looking for a font end developer, I replied that sorry, I only do sans serif.

They didn't get the joke.

There seems to be a bug in @Mastodon software at the moment that prevents adding image to a post. The image gets uploaded and server happily responds with a successful response, but then the UI stays disabled while making a new request for the resource over and over again.

This happens at least on Brave.

I guess an is in order so... hello. Interests vary around computers, programming, games, urban design, cycling, autism, divergency, climate crisis, technology, science, politics, history, and did you notice I've soon listed a pretty broad spectrum of topics so yeah. I like documentaries, but somehow manage to not read a lot of books.

Well, this is a post. We'll see if it gets a sequel!


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