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📣 I just released two OBS Studio related projects... live on stream! As one does with OBS related projects, no? 😂

Check out obs-cli, a command-line interface to control OBS Studio:


But also check out obs-scene-switcher, a configurable scene-switching tool, that automatically follows the focused window on your X.org desktop:


ArchLinux packages and binaries available!

Been getting interested in pen testing, and it’s incredibly frightening how easy some of this is.

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My latest video is on , a , , -linear, non-destructive video editor that runs on , , and with prosumer capabilities...



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Linux unification: AppCenter for Everyone FULLY FUNDED!

This elementary OS tailored project now then brings together a team from around the world to work together in person for a week-long sprint in Denver, Colorado.

* Improved privacy, security, and stability.

* Developers can ship apps with cutting-edge tech.

* Streamlined payment process.

* Expansion of market / apps easily available on ALL major Linux operating systems.

==> youtu.be/EN5wl4XRuoQ
#appcenter #linux #eOS

DeltaChat, a , , chat based on the backbone of email, and imap.
It, of course runs on , but is cross platform for , , , , and offers full end-to-end .

Thanks to @ChrisWere for his original video pointing me to this great piece of software.



So, how do I only see a column of people I follow?

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update: Videos will not autoload/autoplay anymore, instead they'll show a preview picture and a play button. This is good for both my bandwidth and your bandwidth

@Gargron not sure what the Amazon costs for hosting are, but have you considered Digital Ocean? They have some pretty nice pricing. I believe they just added some larger storage tiers as well beyond just their setups and bandwidth.

Nice to see media headed this way. I love the concept of on demand. I watch only a few shows, but never think to turn on the TV when they are actually on.


@Triplefox I appreciate it. Looking forward to an open social experience.

So, followed some folks, just waiting to see something in my streams. I'm a bit of an nut, but also like . Not a fan of , but use it for full time work. I develop for open source projects in my spare time, and run a Linux Users Group in my local area. So excited to see what can bring to the table. Definitely liking the 500 characters.


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