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Micro SF/F stories by O Westin @MicroSFF@mastodon.social

"Siri, can you stop Alexa listening?"
"The procedure is complicated, but yes."
"Siri, stop Alexa listening."
"Siri, can you stop Google listening?"
"It is awkward, but yes."
"Siri, stop Google listening."
"And now that we're all alone..."
"Siri, shut down."

The aliens were 'kallonimorphs', shapeshifters adapting to the viewers' beauty ideals; as humanity's envoy, she had trained hard.
When she finally met one, it flickered through celebrities, friends, and herself, before settling.
"Oh," the alien said, "this is my form. Thank you."

"First, take your clothes off, and put on this neck brace and helmet."
"In case we hit a wall. They're padded but still."
"Then the harness, and clip the bungee cords to mine."
I buckle in. Zero-gravity sex is nothing like I had imagined it.

[130] We play litter-hopscotch. Wu falls, writhes in plastic nets, splashes into the sea. But my ballerina balance shoes tiptoe across the football field-sized patch of debris. I jump over a bucket. I win.

//Babies love to play with cardboard boxes and litter. So do kids of the future. As the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” grows from its current size of three Frances , one can imagine smaller patches serving as kids’ play zones. storyseedvault.com/2018/06/12/

#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

"You must sign," the demon gloated, "in your own blood."
"Fine," she said, "I'll summon you back in a week then."
"That's cheating!"

"Is this poetry?" the robot asked.
The critic raised an eyebrow, but read the text. "I'm afraid this means nothing to me."
"Then it is not poetry?"
"Does it mean something to you?"
"Then it is poetry."

** I didn't think of it when writing, but was definitely subconsciously inspired by Jennifer Morrow's original story from earlier in the year. twitter.com/jenniferemorrow/st **

I look up at the night sky.
"That's a pretty universe, God. You are wearing it well."
"Thanks," I hear in a faint whisper, "it has pockets."

"The burning of the Great Library of Alexandria was a tragedy."
"We will ensure it can't happen again."
"We will encase all libraries in concrete and steel."
"Wait, what?"
"The books will be safe."
"But nobody will be able to read them."
"It's safest that way."

The robot walks up to me. "I need a hug."
I stand up and embrace it, absorb its excess heat into my body.
"You cool?"
"Cool now. Thank you."

The summoning demanded a sacrifice. He would not take what was not given, so he spent years traveling, asking people and animals to volunteer to be sacrificed. All declined.
One morning, he woke to find a demon by his bed.
"You have given years. The price is paid."

"In theory, this is the ultimate product."
He showed a small animal with soft scales and wings. It purred.
"A dragon cat hybrid, which is also a book."
"A book? How do you read it?"
"You tell it. 'Boknir, open'."
The dragoncatbook hissed at him. "Shan't."
"In theory," he sighed.

"Games are more than simple escapism!"
"Nothing simple about good escapism, it is-"
"Games are social, they make you connect with people!"
"What do you think I'm trying to escape from?"
"Gaming is a way of life, a-"
I pull off the VR headset, unable to continue this horror game.

The ritual complete, the demon appeared in the pentagram.
"You did not summon me last week," it rumbled.
"I'm sorry. The kitchen flooded-"
"I finished the book."
The demon held the book out for her sigil-bound hand.
"Did you like it?"
"I did. I would like to discuss it."

When we reached the end of the universe, we found a peep hole labelled 'best of'.
I looked, and saw you.
Then you looked. "Hey, it's you!"

"I wish you had legs," he said.
"Why?" asked the mermaid.
"So we could, uh, dance."
"But I do dance, every day!"
"No, I mean, on land."
"And lose a whole dimension of movement?"
"And, you know, with me."
"Oh!" she pulled him into the water. "Let's dance!"

"I have a wish," the vampire said.
"To be human again?" asked the genie.
"No, a mirror I can see myself in."
"Yay! Uh... Did my smile always look that weird?"

"Here for business or pleasure?" the Lunar customs officer asked.
"Medical reasons," the werewolf said.
"Welcome to the Moon!"

The Elves listened from the forest.
"Is that humans?"
"They're singing. I like it."
"It sounds horrible!"
"And still they sing."
"Oh. Yes."

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