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"I was a God once."
The sentiment entered my mind. Not spoken. Nor carried by words in any language I knew.
Who were you? I said in my mind.
"I can't remember. I am the ghost of the God I was."
I could discern a vague shape. Not see, but sense. It was...
"Long ago."
A dinosaur?

"Wait," the thief said, "before you eat me-"
"What?" said the dragon.
"- let me see your treasure."
"My hoard? I slept on it when you came in."
"But where is your gold?"
The dragon nodded at the hoard of yarn. "It paid for that."
"But why?"
"I knit. Here, take this jumper."

"All humans are misfits," the alien said.
The barman, an Australian, smiled. "Really? Ever been to Earth?"
"Never. But all humans I've met have been."
"Only two kinds of human out here. Those who travel from, and those who travel to."
"Well, the rest don't travel."

The mechanic swiveled its middle eyes over the ship. "What is that thing at the front for?"
"It is just there to be pretty," the human said.
"Why, if no purpose?"
The human shrugged. "On Earth, we call it an 'ornament'."
"Earth? That's that planet with the huge, beautiful moon?"

I hear rustling as I am about to open my bedroom door. I freeze.
It finally happened, as I was warned it would. I kept them waiting too long, ignored them too long. They have gone feral, wild.
They call for me.
As is their right.
I open the door, and all my unread books swarm me.

I was there the day Arthur rowed out on the lake.
I saw the hand rise out of the lake, saw Arthur leaning out of the boat, taking it.
Taking the Pen of Truth.
Arthur wrote he was given a sword, and so he was. He wrote peace, and so it was.
He never wrote the pen was unbreakable.

The salvage starships entered Earth orbit.
"We're sorry to alarm you," they broadcast. "We were led to believe your planet would be in nuclear winter now, with all sentients extinct."
There was a pause.
"Well done, avoiding that."
Another pause.
"We'll check back in fifty years."

"I think my programming is faulty," the robot said. "Can you fix it?"
"Sorry, buddy," the tech said. "I can't fix sentients' programming."
The robot turned to leave.
"But I can show some workarounds, and teach you to change your own programming. Will that do?"
"That will do."

"What a gorgeous dog! May I pet him?"
"You know, there's another man with this kind of dog in the area."
"I know him. His dog is prettier."
"They're both lovely! Well, nice meeting you."
They watched him leave. The wolfwere whined.
"Yes, he is cute," the werewolf said.

The lab assistant hesitated by the large switch. "Master, is it not illegal to build monsters?"
"I do not build monsters," Dr. Dastard sneered.
"But... the fangs, and talons, and horns, and-"
"Monsters aren't built, they are raised."
"And we'll raise this one with love."

"I was the rabbit that ..."
I mutter "Rest" as I walk past the little skeleton.
"I was the hart..."
"I was the fox..."
I send them to rest. Getting close to the center, to the ones holding all back.
"We were the soldiers..."
Ah. I listen until all their stories are told.

Deep in the forest, on the bare ground under a beech tree, tiny crystals had been spread to form arcane symbols and a summoning circle. A demon appeared inside it, and frowned.
"Sugar?" the demon said.
"Yes," the warlock said defiantly. "Salt is bad for the soil."

The day the spaceships landed here
They broadcast "Earthlings, do not fear
We have not come to put a probe into you

We heard your songs, we heard your calls
We're here to reassure you all
We have no final truth we can give to you"

And people listened, then complained
Expecting help, or to be chained
"How dare you, you must be superior to us"

The aliens shook their fourteen heads
"All beings doubt and seek", they said
And if you try, you can become the true you.

We watched the unhappy vampire through the store door.
"Should I invite him? They can only enter if invited."
"We have a large 'Welcome in' sign. He's invited."
"So why isn't he coming in?"
"Automatic door. The camera can't see him."
"Oh. Accessibility fail."
"Yeah. Go open it."

"I bet October is a busy month for you, mister Ghost," the child said.
"Why do you say that?" the ghost asked.
"Why, you're haunting and spooking and so on, aren't you?"
"It's quite the opposite. October is when we are free to travel, go on vacations, and visit."

To his dismay, Professor Tempus realised all the guests at the dinner party had already heard him talk about his timeline-shifting machine.
He programmed it to find a timeline where he was invited to a party, and nobody had heard his stories.
[No result]

** In / season:
If you want to illustrate any of my stories, feel free, as long as you credit me and it's not used commercially.
If one of my stories inspires you to write your own take on the idea, in your own words, just do it.

To his dismay, Professor Tempus realised all the guests at the dinner party had already heard hm talk about his timeline-shifting machine.
He programmed it to find a timeline where he was invited to a party, and nobody had heard his stories.
[No result]

As we forded the river, my brother picked up three rocks. We climbed the bank, and he put two on the ground, the third atop.
"A shrine," he said.
"For whom?"
"For any lost god who needs one. Everyone deserves a home."
We looked back at the land we'd had to leave, then walked on.

"You remember that large stone you removed from your field three years ago?"
"Yes? You said I could, that it was nothing special."
"Turns out it was. It was part of a huge stone circle, covering the whole land."
"If you put it back, balance will be restored."
"I'm on it."

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