"Can you teach me to change shapes?"
"I wish I could," the shapeshifter said, "I wish everyone could try shapes until they found a few they like."
"A few?"
"Or maybe one. But most of us have a few we are really at home in."
"You're almost always a cat."
"It's one of what I am."

@MicroSFF I liked these more when they were under 140 characters. Now they just feel like jokes and not stories.

I still try to write in 140 characters when I can, but it's getting harder the more stories I have already written (and by now I've written well over two thousand of such extra short stories) without repeating myself. Scrolling back a bit, I realise I have only written the longer up-to-280 stories the last couple of weeks, so I can see where you're coming from.
I will try harder to write shorter.

@MicroSFF @Down10 I went through few of them (and will go further to the past) and I like both 😊 don't put too much pressure, write the way it suits you cause this is some really cool stories you wrote here!

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