Inspiré par @qdemouliere je lance mon site de bookmarks où vous pouvez retrouver tous les articles / liens qui me plaisent et me déplaisent :

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Last night was pretty long night

But we get a prize on one contest (maybe two i hope)

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I’m a bit proud that Nextcloud is relevant enough to be blocked by the Great Firewall of China. Some people here don’t like privacy, freedom of speech, IT security or democracy.

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"Open" seems to have interesting connotations for #telegram...


@WPalant hey, did you find any security issues on Dashlane ?

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Found another #LastPass vulnerability allowing their server to decrypt user's passwords. Sent a report, from experience it will take a while until I can disclose the details. #infosec #security #passwords #crypto

Funny fact that Facebook deploy update and revert it the next hour 🤔

Some ppl must be sweating a lot at the moment 😂😂

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Some major French websites haven't fixed their basic XSS 🙄 (publicly available on @openbugbounty h/t @sS55752750) cc @lequipe @le_figaro @allocine @free @ANSSI_FR

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