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☆ Hi there, I'm Mina! I'm a disastrously bisexual charity streamer! My main focus is tabletop games, but you'll catch me doing other things from time to time as well! ☆

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We talked a little about what kind of characters everybody would be interested in playing and holy crap this is going to be a hella fun group of protagonists! :D

Wrapped up the Legend of the Five Rings Beginner Game with,,, and!

Had a lot of fun learning the system, but not as much interest in the setting or themes of the game. Gonna give Star Wars a run instead next week! 💜

Also I'm very glad they include an 'inked' version because if I learned anything from when I ran Acthung! Cthulhu in Savage Worlds, it's that the full-color sheets I printed did not take well to erasers.

Honestly,'s Conan RPG has the coolest-looking character sheets ever. Minimalistic character sheet design is alright and all, but -damn- I love the thematic, gorgeous style they used.

The nice thing about finishing assembly of my new bed frame is I'M SUPER FUCKIN' TIRED and I can just lay down and curl up right on it.


Assembled a shelved headboard and new storage bedframe this evening. My fingers are killing me, and I'm surprisingly exhausted. x____x

But my bedroom isn't -quite- so barren anymore!

Next steps: Curtains, wall decor, lighting, and an entertainment stand for the TV. 💪🏻

You can't spell "horny on main" without M, I, N, and A.

Hey backseat gamers, if anybody gave a shit about your opinion we would be watching you play the game instead of the person whose chat you're interfering in.

My fingers have blisters from screwing so much today. 😏

I love how my apartment has overhead lighting everywhere except for the bedroom. 😒

Look I don't know what to tell you, I'm just super gay for undercuts and half-shaves. 🤷🏻‍♀️

So.. I was just reminded a bit ago that in 2009 I was in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

So that's fun.

[Narrator: It's not actually a fun memory at all.]

My response to insects is basically a flamethrower but instead of shooting out fire it's just spiders.

I just want to say, getting involved in online queer tabletop communities has made such a hugely positive difference in my in my life. 💜

My goal for 2019: Get more comfortable in social situations. I don’t think I’ll ever completely be rid of my anxiety, but I want to be better at managing it instead of it controlling me. I want to be able to comfortably meet, be around, and talk to people I don’t already know.

I also super don’t regret anything I spent on tickets and stuff because frankly this world needs more conventions like OrcaCon. 💜

Anxiety is rough and I think the fact that this is a smaller convention (therefore I’m more visible) combined with not having close friends to spend my time with is just a bit much for me right now. I’m still glad that I was able to at least get one panel in.

I don’t know if I can do this today after all. Feeling really stressed and anxious right now, and think I need to head home and get some breathing room.

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