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Between the Chile riots and the Gilet Jaunes in France, I'm getting increasingly pessimistic about the global public's willingness to shoulder the inevitable burden of halting climate change... 🙁

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Protesters in Hong Kong are now bolting barricades into the road using power drills.

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Remember kids: Coffee tastes horrible to you because your bitter taste receptors are still fresh and young. As your body degrades and edges closer to death you lose the will to not die from food poisoning.

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Looking at ultralight packable rain jackets and wondering why none of them seem to be 3/4 length.

Long, light, with a hood that stows, doesn’t look crummy? I can’t seem to find even two out of four.

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A plausible theory to explain Brexit: history is shaped not by Great Men, but by Catastrophic Men—bumbling fools like Boris Johnson. (Bonus points: pundit references Norman Dixon's work.) twitter.com/NickCohen4/status/

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I was building a Star Wars LEGO set when I realized the minifig that came with it is a character I’m currently writing. Sometimes my job is unreal.

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And for the record, AOC is basically working the playbook which netroots progressives proposed in the early 2000s

I have been resisting thinking this because I don’t want to get carried away with the moment. But … yeah.

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Also: AOC is, without question, the most talented politician in the country right now, and someday she will be president.

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Reminded that years ago I flipped through a book that billed itself as a guide to geeky popculture allusions and how geeks use them, and thought at first it was an excuse for a fluffy non-book ... but it turned out to be exactly that, and well done.

I wish I could find it again.

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It is a genuine source of hilarity to me that “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra” is a potentially really useful popcultural-reference shorthand for “a situation where two groups face a difficulty communicating because one group speaks exclusively in memes and popculture references”

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It wasn't/isn't the possibility of social change this early Gen Xer is disaffected from, it's politics qua politics. twitter.com/zunguzungu/status/

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If you want to be a User Experience Designer, all you have to do is all of the following plus everything else that has to do with User Experience Design. twitter.com/johncutlefish/stat

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And...here we go. Mark Zuckerberg uses his philanthropy to justify keeping his giant fortune.

And this billionaire says this on a TV network owned a billionaire, which then is written up in a newspaper owned by still another billionaire.

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Getting a little tired of politicians taking to social media to express their anger over something only they can fix.

Do. Or do not. There is no whining on twitter.

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you may not like it, but this is what peak ui design looks like

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