The failure of police culture in the US is why I finally ended up threading my tweets of examples of its failings.

I end my refrain with “start over” because good policing is both necessary and possible, but is just not what we have at scale.

I refuse to check whether this story is factual
RT She rides a horse, is dressed all in black, wears a black mask that leaves her mouth free but covers the rest of her face, has an eagle emblem, and wields a big-ass cavalry sabre, which she is evidently skilled with. Xavier Feyrnet of Le Temps dubs her "l'Amazon Masquée." 6/?


RT I always get nervous when all three cats lie on the bed at the same time because three cats is both a quorum and governing majority in our household


RT Boomers: "Your generation is so sensitive, always complaining about the impending climate apocalypse and hate crimes. In our day we had real concerns, like mall goths doing ritual sacrifices and babysitters microwaving toddlers"


Heck, you can learn the proper moral stance for cops & risk from superhero comics.

“But Chocolateman, you cannot risk sacrificing yourself. You are too important.”

“Don’t say that, Superberry. If you are not protecting ordinary people you don’t deserve to call yourself a hero.”

If you think I am asking too much of cops, have a word with a firefighter about their motivating ethic.

They will volunteer without prompting that they are people who want to be on the scene to take risks so ordinary people need not face them.

Not really joking in LRT.

Part of the point of professionalized police is they run TOWARD the sound of the guns, accepting risks so that civilians don’t have to.

The single biggest problem with our police culture is the reversal of diverting risk to civilians to protect cops.

Correct solution to the trolly problem
RT Tesla in autopilot mode crashes into parked Laguna Beach police cruiser


RT *Flicks cigarette after a long drag* Here's the thing. If Santa knows when kids are naughty or nice then he knew Rudolph was being bullied


“Something tells me that this woman does not season her food.”

— T’Challa, King Of Wakanda
RT I often think about the time Oprah did a cooking segment with a woman whose chicken recipe won $1 million, and Oprah's jaw dropped when she tasted it and realized the lady didn't even add seasoning


RT San Francisco seasons, 2017-2018:
Shen Yun Ads
Rain If We're Lucky


RT "Speak the language of my people" -

PWC recommended that corporations should ask science fiction writers about the future


RT I must say, US press, I'm quite flabbergasted by the lack of analytical depth and plain projection of your own insecurities that has been written on the protests by your commentators.

Here are a few pointers :


RT The first thing God does after making Adam is lie to him, saying that eating from the tree of knowledge will kill him immediately but it doesn’t kill him, does it, and so we’ve had to deal with men ever since.


RT JACOB: give me your birthright

ESAU: nah man, are you kidding me, I'm not just going to give you my inheritance and social standing

JACOB: come on

ESAU: nah bra

JACOB: what if I made you some stew

ESAU: oh shit what kind of stew

JACOB: lentil

ESAU: oh dang, deal


RT This is fast becoming a theme among Republicans: "If you don't count the Democratic parts of America, America is red."

This might sound ridiculous but it isn't. It's a pretext for their not counting the Democratic parts of America.


The 5E D&D design team has done a lot of hard thinking about their cultural politics; this is an interesting recent latest manifestation

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