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You can call it urbanism, or YIMBYism, or climate change action, or whatever you want, but everyone loves walking to their friend’s house or to a date night or to a farmer’s market, and that simple fact should be a part of your politics.

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My girl tells me several of her friends think I’m cool because I’m not homophobic to them and I don’t make fun of stuff they like, and wow, fellow middle aged dads, what a low bar that is, no more excuses.

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I was today years old when I discovered that Bovril gets its name from [BOvine] Vril, the magical electrical "fluid" (like the Force) in Bulwer-Lytton's SF novel The Coming Race, and was sold in 1891 at the first SF Convention at the Albert Hall. My schoolteachers failed me.

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Very bad and very expected. Also a little funny as their definitions of anarchists/earth & animal liberation activists describes issues from 20 years ago. twitter.com/FordFischer/status

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May Hippocrates bless antifascists

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Am I cancelled? I gave first aide to the maced proud boys, i gave them half my Sudacon wipes. I cant stand watching someone in agony while holding the remedy. They had no medics and no solution or wipes. Lets blame my concussions.

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The rich did not hastily assemble a cunning conspiracy to take advantage of the surprise crisis.

We had a world already constructed such that a surprise crisis would “naturally” further enrich the rich.

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What an interesting coinkidink

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I love historical fantasies built on the principle of Not How It Was But How It Should Have Been but it turns out that many people have unwholesome ideas about How It Should Have Been

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There are authors out there who get letters from people who are angry about the inclusion of marginalized people, and they *often* use that exact word to say something like "you're ruining my fantasy of historical romance!"

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Once upon a time, Portland made national (and international) headlines for being the greenest city and boasting a thriving arts scene and growing our tree canopy and building cycling infrastructure and our amazing food culture.

Nowadays, it's just our unruly cops on repeat. twitter.com/NBCNews/status/140

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Marvel Studios spends millions putting up billboards with Mjolnir and the caption “GOD OF THUNDER” and goes from upstart to grossing trillions.

Then The House Of Mouse decides to tell Loki where and how to manifest? Loki? Good luck with THAT.

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You cannot... Own gods. Obviously.

But if anyone is gonna try, of course it's Disney. Like lol. Of course it is.

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I cannot believe that THIS guy will consign me to infinite torment.

If Hell is necessary and this Christ is King, then it is obvious that Hell is empty.

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I know admirable Christians and see things to admire in Christianity but I have nothing but moral disgust for people in THIS place.

How can one love this Father as the well of all goodness, rather than hate this Father as a bully one must worship out of dread?

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one day in high school, when we ran into each other in the girls' bathroom, one of my evangelical friends suddenly started sobbing and said "I love you so much and it hurts me that you're going to hell" twitter.com/OmairTAhmad/status

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Good design is quality and quality is expensive.

Businesses are naturally motivated to reduce costs to increase profits.

This means marketing (design for sale) is often more valued in organizations than UX (design for use). twitter.com/berkun/status/1405

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The guys who were influential in the conceptualization of childhood “gender identity disorder” are like “after treatment, our patients have begun physically attacking their mothers. our work here is done.”

(disturbing, especially stoller)

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“In the mid 2010s, it became apparent that intelligent extraterrestrial life was present on the moon. Knowledge about the aliens tightly controlled. But it leaked, eventually reaching two American technology leaders. This is the story of their race to first contact.”

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"a technically-inclined person could easily automate this attack such that at the same time every day, a pastry is provided at a local Panera for their pickup"


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"If someone could pay Doordash $16 a pizza, and Doordash would pay his restaurant $24 a pizza, then he should clearly just order pizzas himself via Doordash, all day long. You'd net a clean $8 profit per pizza ..."


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