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If one image sums up our first few months in the Netherlands, it’s this.

A society that—over decades—has shaped its infrastructure, policy, and culture to prioritize humans over motor vehicles.

We haven’t once felt uncomfortable or unsafe on a bike.

We might just stay forever.

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Oh gods no @warrenellis@twitter.com was right again

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Well, I googled "Sexy Godzilla" as a joke and now I am going to walk into an oil fire. Bye, yo! It's better this way! NOT SAFE FOR KAIJU WORK

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Queer tabletop roleplaying resources may be relevant to many followers’ interests

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We're kicking off Pride Month a little early. We will donate 100% of the proceeds from sales of Codex - Glamour between now and 06/30 to the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (minimum donation: $250).



Please RT!

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A CityLab classic from our archive is making the internet rounds: a 13,235-mile U.S. road trip designed for 70-degree weather every day.

The route was designed by meteorologist @Climatologist49@twitter.com.

Love maps? Sign up for MapLab: citylab.com/newsletters trib.al/o19PYHO

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The progress-themed way we teach American history makes it kind of impossible to convey the pretty straightforward fact that Lincoln's assassination was a tide-turning political victory for the Confederate cause twitter.com/cjane87/status/113

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I’ve done Twitter AMAs for years, but this is the first time a majority of the questions have been about whether humans and the planet are doomed. I’m not just seeing anxiety; it’s hopelessness. I think we’re failing people if this is the message they’re getting.

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Something cataclysmic happened around 1980. As Ronald Reagan took the White House, the top 0.1% controlled 7% of the US’s wealth. By 2014, the top 0.1% had tripled its share, to 22%, a bit more wealth than the bottom 85% of the country controlled.

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This is what happens when you think it is enough to hire people in a specialty but don’t alter your processes

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New theory: I think some organizations hire a lot of great UX researchers and then never effectively convert that research into improvements for their users. I'm looking at a big company with a ton of research and a product with the same usability issues year on year.

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Speaking as a psychologist, I’m flabbergasted by claims that the decisions of algorithms are opaque while the decisions of people are transparent. I’ve spent half my life at it and I still have limited success understanding human decisions.

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It is expensive to try to make sure that the undeserving are not cared for

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It's even worse than that. In the US, 3 consecutive years of declining life expectancy (unprecedented) and now ~$11,000 per person spending economist.com/graphic-detail/2 @ECONdailycharts@twitter.com @TheEconomist@twitter.com

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These nerds really did that. (Season) IV: "The Quest For Peace"

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A friend just mentioned her 1998 college computer, a less capable machine than the ones we use now but fundamentally similar in how it was used.

THIS primitive brick was my college computer, and I was a bit unusually nerdy in having a computer at all.

A profound culture gap.

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1. Barcelona is holding municipal elections on Sunday! In anticipation, I'm going to tell you, one last time, about my research project on Barcelona's "superblocks." If you care at all about urban planning -- or just living in cities -- you will find this story fascinating.

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Baba Yaga
Scary Yaga
Sporty Yaga
Ginger Yaga
Posh Yaga

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