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Reminder that a full head of long human hair weighs on the order of 30-50 grams. So 13 tonnes would be roughly the hair from a quarter to a third of a million people.

Reminder that the Nazis also harvested their victims' hair. twitter.com/StephenSeanFord/st

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Simultaneously a collection of poetry, a momento of the Age of Aquarius and a pioneering work of conceptual art, Richard Brautigan's "Please Plant This Book", with 8 poems printed on the back of 8 seed packets, was given out free of charge on the streets of San Francisco in 1968.

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When a poor person is accused of stealing from a rich one, the state believes the rich person and punishes/incarcerates the poor person.

But when a poor person accuses a rich one of stealing (as in wage theft or lease violations), there is no reciprocal process. twitter.com/anarchotrash/statu

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Racism is neither an epidemic nor a pandemic and treating it as such presents it as a natural part of our social world, something that is unavoidable and not the result of the ways we've organized the world. This is extremely dangerous for a variety of reasons. (2/n)

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Pay attention to what is happening in Madison, WI.

We successfully pressured the school board to remove cops from schools, but the state retaliation has been severe. Nearly all organizers who led the protests have been arrested. Some on incredibly exaggerated charges, 20+ years

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This "giving" doesn't just arm cops, it also helps corporations avoid taxes. Many of these same companies appear on an @iteptweets@twitter.com list of notorious tax-dodgers, including profitable firms that nevertheless pay NEGATIVE taxes, getting cash subsidies.



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New Die Hard Trilogy. Bruce Willis goes undercover, as a nun.

First movie:
Old Habits: Die Hard

Second movie:
Die Hard: Second To Nun

It took me 3 years to get the perfect name for that fucking sequel. Pls respect my time to let the third speak to me. NO SUGGESTIONS. Nun.

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@jewishaction@twitter.com This sentence is 14 words.

The character count for the entire tweet including spaces and the hashtag is 88 characters.

And notice the H(eritage) H(istory) featured as well.

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Covid-19 has proven to be the perfect foil for every negative trait in the American character.

EU and Asian countries have made it clear how to handle this. And we can’t get out of our own way.

I have never been so angry and disappointed about being an American.

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Overton window shift completed as the rump of the old GOP fuses with the Democrats. we have a center-right corporate party and a far-right blood-and-soil party, and millions of people - especially millennials and zoomers - effectively have no national electoral representation twitter.com/thehill/status/127

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If I must communicate my politics in a single image, let it be this one

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This excellent thread captures why I deliberately avoid guillotine imagery

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The guillotine memes of the ironic-left are always interesting to me, because you actually could not pick a better revolution to be horrified by from any angle than the Reign of Terror. It should be an existentially terrifying one no matter what politics you have.

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I love how @RealSexyCyborg@twitter.com is so orthogonal to the unspoken boundaries of the America-centred internet that no one has any idea what to do with her. It’s a thankless position to be in and I really admire her complete refusal to smooth herself for our delicate sensibilities.

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a breath held
so long
you can’t remember
taking it

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This thread is about a lot of things; integral to it is an understanding that opposing injustice demands not simply willingness to do so but willful commitment supported by & supporting sophisticated skills

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Today in therapy, my therapist mentioned one of the frameworks she uses is a social justice framework. Today was the first I heard her say this explicitly, though it completely made sense for the work we've been doing together for years. I asked her to clarify. 1/n

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If you built a browser plugin for Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram etc that just hid the number of likes, retweets, upvotes, etc. your own posts had, you could free millions of people from their social media addictions.

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