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the reality of the situation is that millions of Americans are so hopelessly miserable that their only solace comes from imagining how they might enrage other Americans they've never met

it is super sustainable twitter.com/stephenjudkins/sta

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Before people retweet this with "the brightest minds of my generation" let me assure you that the people doing this are absolutely not the brightest minds of your generation twitter.com/allahliker/status/

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"Another possibility is to use colorization in order to show the modification history of a document, using light tint for old modifications and heavier tint for recent modifications"


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Xavi Bou’s starlings leaving a pre-roost assembly tree in winter Catalonia. Truly one of the greatest bird photos I’ve ever seen - scientifically and artistically. Read a bit about in ⁦@GrantaMag@twitter.com⁩

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I love how Republicans tried to say that anyone who expressed concern about Amy Coney Barrett’s religious zeal infusing her decisions was “anti-Catholic,” and then the freaking pope took our side

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Channeling @CMGaldre@twitter.com in the No Gods, No Kings, No Discounts route today. Absolutely no shade to anyone doing sales, I just don’t have the inventory or ability to do that kind of thing this year. Lord, this year.

Here’s examples of what I do have though!


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The meme that destroyed a friendship. Legit had someone get so pissed over this she dropped me like a stone.

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55% of stem jobs in america involve figuring out new ways of tricking people into clicking on a chipotle ad

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This quote from @Cennydd@twitter.com literally made me cry. Because I’ve long thought that what data failed to capture is the canary in a coal mine. Building ethical products requires first soul searching and an internal compass. Incentive systems leaves little room for that.

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I'm really enjoying this thread because every reply is "we would have done even less" phrased in such a way that the replier clearly thinks it's an original and brilliant dunk twitter.com/BriannaWu/status/1

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Every Christopher Nolan movie feels like a really long teaser trailer for the movie you're watching.

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McKinsey has committed so many egregious ethical fouls in the last decade I would question the ethics of any company that was willing to hire them for anything at this point.

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Here's the current state of the panel generator doing a latent walk.

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“McKinsey laid out several options to shore up sales. One was to give Purdue’s distributors a rebate for every OxyContin overdose attributable to pills they sold.”

These are actual sentences in @nytimes@twitter.com.

As I said, “manslaughtery.”


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You can't have an effective country when one party tries to make sure the country is a disaster when the other party is in power twitter.com/acrossthecurve/sta

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When I tell students about Quakers being jailed and executed, they are usually shocked. The mythology of Pilgrims to First Amendment remains powerful and widespread. 4/

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fun fact: I've wanted to do a sovereign citizen episode for years and cannot for the life of me figure out how to make the actual structure of their beliefs not sound interminably dull twitter.com/DMAnews1/status/13

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Patre🌒n preview:

After I publish the next two Redux series games this weekend, here is a special bundle of horror titles coming out. I've been writing a lot of horror games lately.


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