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this whole thread.

this was one of the most ethically, transparently conducted *& successful* projects in history, in an environment of abdication of responsibility by key parts of the govt ecosystem. I hope it will be studied by the whole public interest tech field twitter.com/COVID19Tracking/st

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We will re-enter the world we once lived in as strangers to it. What will we keep, and what will we change?

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Reading this while hopped up on the cocktail of pharmaceuticals, supplements, and caffeine that has become necessary for me to do anything other than lie on the couch and play a phone game while House Hunters International runs in the background theatlantic.com/health/archive

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Inspired by praise for WC Fields.

How can one not get the Marx Brothers?

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@mattzollerseitz@twitter.com While I love Fields, I taught a comedy class that included movies by Mae West, the Marx Brothers and Fields at UPenn about 10 years ago. Students loved loved loved West, didn't "get" the Marx Brothers and Fields' drunk jokes landed uncomfortably.

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this is *the* story of American politics in this era. If you don't get this right, you don't get anything twitter.com/julianzelizer/stat

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Last year at this time, 2% of the United States was in severe drought.

Now, it's 31%.

Snowpack in the California mountains is half of normal.

This is shaping up to be another disastrous fire season for nearly the entire West.

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Me to 5yo: You’re my number 1.

5yo: You’re my number 2.

Me: Who’s number 1?

5yo: I’m my number 1. You’re my number 2.

Me: (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

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Moloch! Moloch! Nightmare of Moloch! Moloch the loveless! Mental Moloch! Moloch the heavy judger of men!

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Really sad that the @Razer@twitter.com programmable keypad drivers no longer support Mac OS; no other keypad comes close to being what I need when using drawing and productivity applications

Jews know this story backwards and forwards, too

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I will say this, the exact lines they used against thelema in the slander articles from a century ago are Qanon talking points now. twitter.com/jeebustrump/status

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A necessary thread reminding us of the horrors of American history, which also makes me register something I should have realized before:

white supremacy had to invent a blackness so relentlessly dehumanizing in part to overcome the human desire to care for one’s children

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Why The Question of a Child Skin Color is So Abhorrent.

Early on in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, slavers figured out it was less expensive to rape enslaved Africans and enslave their children, than to import new slaves. This created a conundrum:

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As a trans teen, I wasn’t “rushed” into transitioning by other trans folks. I was “rushed” by cis people who made me feel as though I had to medically transition as quickly as possible, before someone took away the option.

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A while back I saw a tweet that said something like "if you read books obsessively when you were a kid and now spend all your time scrolling Twitter you just found a more efficient way to disassociate" - I think about that tweet a lot.

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what this really means is "I have made it in this world, therefore I know how it works, and I know that only a world like this can work."

It's just the aggressive "common sense" of the person who did well.

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