RT @Wolven@twitter.com: @geekryan@twitter.com @miniver@twitter.com @unknownbinaries@twitter.com Gods are just a sandwich your heart makes.

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RT @unknownbinaries@twitter.com @miniver@twitter.com so one night we were doing the sandwich debate for shits and giggles and @Wolven@twitter.com's endgame was 'a bowl of spaghetti counts'

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RT @sriramk@twitter.com: Whenever there's a large contentious issue between a large tech company and the outside world - journalists, analysts, etc - I'm reminded of this story of Daniel Ellsberg meeting Kissinger.

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Solving the What Is A Sandwich? challenge by offering the most wrong possible solution


We are going to have no trouble at all teaching magick to the next generation
RT @TeamKano@twitter.com Build a wand. Learn to code. Make magic.
The world's first-ever Harry Potter coding kit, order it now.

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RT @EdEspinoza@twitter.com: If you are in line when the polls close - YOU CAN VOTE! Its the law.

It’s your right, and it’s not your fault if a polling place was not prepared for volumes of voters.

Please r/t

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RT @girlziplocked@twitter.com: It's funny—sometimes, American journalists talk about how bad a country is, that people are lining up for food. That is a good thing! In other countries people don't line up for food: the rich get the food and the poor starve to death.

- Bernie Sanders

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The San Francisco Airport station for BART opened fifteen years ago at great expense, and STILL has these crummy sandwich boards pointing out how to get to the train to SF because of the dumb original wayfinding design

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RT @SwiftOnSecurity@twitter.com: Oh my god
What if Bitcoin is actually a machine consciousness
We don't even recognize it
That's why we can't find the original developer 😨

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RT @ditzkoff@twitter.com: “the president is taking advantage of the inherent deference most Americans have for the office of the presidency, where people assume a president may sometimes exaggerate but won’t simply make things up” twitter.com/ddale8/status/1054

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RT @ThornCoyle@twitter.com: St George and the dreamer...

Art by Bezt.

(My title, not the artist’s.)

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RT @HeerJeet@twitter.com: @DavidKlion@twitter.com The strange thing is if Warren had run in 2016 against Hillary, Sanders would've stayed out of it and Warren would either have become president or be the presumptive leader of the Dems.

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I had been dithering over the propriety of how to signal support for my trans siblings at this moment— and this has me fairly well persuaded

RT @dumpstercryptid@twitter.com cis ppl. you know what i want y'all to do? every single one of you who can afford it, go buy a trans flag or sticker. put it on your house or car. buy a patch for the coat you wear all winter. buy all 3. you can write "ally" on it in sharpie if you want. but make it visible.

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RT @JeffreyASachs@twitter.com: I'm dredging this article up now because for many people, it is the ne plus ultra of bad humanities writing, the archetypal example of "Grievance Studies" scholarship that adds nothing of value to human knowledge, and in fact may actively detract from it.

They're wrong.

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RT @kirstymhall@twitter.com: One thing you realise when you have an illness that seriously affects your energy levels is that *everything* takes energy.

Not just the obvious things like moving about but other stuff like digesting food, filtering sensory information, making decisions & staying positive.

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