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Oldham coupling. Used to transmit rotational power between two misaligned parallel shafts. Source: tinyurl.com/y6x452wk

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“Of course there is the chance I will be taken advantage of. I welcome this chance. I resolve to remain a patient advocate for the child even if he is testing me.”

I am angry that I live in a society in which a little essay advocating a small kindness is so moving.

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Give the Kid a Pencil tolerance.org/magazine/give-th

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When every single person in the interview cycle asked me, after a while, all faux-casually, “So, uh, how do you handle working with, uh, ‘difficult people’?” twitter.com/dataandpolitics/st

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As if you should believe me when I say No

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“Who here is not infected with lycanthropy?” - @rdonoghue@twitter.com

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real Gs have this on the shelf next to “Ultimate Blogs,” which was... just a book of blog posts. twitter.com/genepark/status/11

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NPS surveys are actually impossible to answer honestly because *no* human thinks about the probability of recommending something on a ten-point scale.

So every answer is a fabrication. twitter.com/jrigarza/status/11

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Wealthy donors have not honored their extravagant monetary commitments to the restoration of Notre Dame; most of the funds collected have come from small euro donations by ordinary folks. france24.com/en/20190614-only-

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When I interviewed Trump’s ambassador for religious freedom Sam Brownback about his work w/ I asked about his homophobia & Leviticus. He said he hadn’t read it. I asked why he thought gays were damned. He said, “Jesus just put it on my heart.” twitter.com/wharkavy/status/11

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What's really funny about the supposed contradiction between harshly rejecting someone's views and my profession of teaching is that a big part of a teacher's job is literally to pass judgment on whether people understand something. Maybe I should give a grade.

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This has a familiar ring

“An ever-growing number of […] owners, meanwhile, are so exceedingly unwilling to reckon with the particulars of their own business that they refuse to accept our eagerness to help them make money.”

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I wrote a goodbye blog that's actually about digital media in 2019. Please keep reading Deadspin, because the best people still work there. theconcourse.deadspin.com/the-

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This reflects executive failure to understand anything about product development, putting everyone in a position of having to fight the organization to keep the products they produce from failing

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3. Eat shit all day (from around)

PMs only create output through others, so every interaction is basically asking (begging) people to do more work or trade off their quality standards, and no one likes that.

Hence constant "no.", or "find another way", "too bad"

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There are too damm many steaming services and ZOMG I need this

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Hayley Atwell on stage! Captain Carter!

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Therapist: and what do we do when we feel like this?

Me: create fictional interlocutors who affirm what we already wish to believe and then tweet the resulting dialogue?

Therapist: yes, good, you are very smart and also attractive

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What a can be on a good day

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My grandmother passed away. Her funerals were today, but here I'd like to talk about the most important thing I couldn't spend too much time on in her eulogy: her love for Dungeons & Dragons.

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In order to ease our consciences, we must convince ourselves that those we wish to subjugate NEED to be subjugated for their own good.

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Satisfying a large group of users is a by-product of satisfying one user. Satisfying nobody is a by-product of trying to satisfy a large group of users.

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