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Meanwhile on @BBCRadio4 they've just been talking about an Oxford study looking at the long term history of great tits....

I don't think the app is working, can't click on followers, can't see settings option & I think my acc may have defaulted to unlocked....
I was using web but it logged me out.
Are there glitches atm?



#100 2/6 (100%)

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I'm concerned that people can see my toots when I've locked my account...what's the point of being locked please?

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Morning! Those of you who know me from Twitter will know that for ten years now I have run a weekly photographic challenge called #SundayPix. Each week I set a theme and people post their photos, videos or artwork to match the theme. I see no reason why you lot shouldn't join in the fun too.
The theme today is "House". Post your pictures with the hashtag #SundayPixHouse

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My dear friend @wombat37 runs a weekly photo challenge and this week’s theme is “house.” To join in, upload a photograph with the hashtag #SundayPixHouse.

This is Ickworth House, a beautiful round house near where I live.


Good morning tootles, it's May Day so I hope some of you were bathing in the morning dew ....

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Why can we see people's toots on their profile page if they're locked?

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