VOTE EARLY if your state allows. If you requested vote by mail, bring your ballot to official ballot box or local election office

Please share with Florida voters:
"Florida voters whose ballots were rejected over a lack of matching signatures need to complete and submit this form by Saturday, November 17 at 5pm ET. Spread the word" -Jamil Smith.

Sound machine that plays birds, rain etc
h/t boingboing

Here's a section of the cog bias chart from the link in the previous toot:

Glorious chart of all the cognitive biases people have, there's a link near the top to a high rez image too.

Check here to make sure you are still registered to vote!

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If you played or are a reader, you might be my people.

I find an interesting feed on here and follow them, then notice they haven't posted since 2017 pffft.

Still don't know what to say for an . I like facts and kindness. Will get back to you.

Found a fruit bot, a fox bot, a cat bot and a Bob Ross bot. 🍉 🦊 😺 🎨

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@Mmmpi Not by bio, only status people have posted or usernames really. If you're looking for people to follow, I can recommend Trunk, which has lists of users by topic or interest:

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