Hey!! If you're looking for work in the Boston area and have a strong background in C# and SQL (and preferably some AWS knowledge!) hit me up ~

Priority to people who I know or if someone I know can vouch for you. Offer only open if you're queer

Boss makes a dollar
I make a dime
That's why I RP
On company time

I'm going to the store does anyone want anything?

Just finished a long fought battle with uhaul customer support and it turns out I'm the superior tactician

My Uber driver: ...
Me: ...
My Uber driver: ...
Me: ...
My Uber driver: can you explain to me how hurricanes work

I'd be so fucking pissed off if geodude was real

Hey!! So I'm reopening this account. Gonna keep it goofy and me but also mostly non-furry

If u want my gay as hell furry shit find me at @Momo@snouts.online

Otherwise stay here <3

!!!!!! THIS IS SO RAD!!!!!!!
🌟 I have a Furby Baby ready to be customized! 🌟

Brand new straight from the box with original tags.

Starts at $50 plus S&amp;H, based on character complexity and any add-ons, such as custom eyes, horns, etc.

Some examples of my customs are on the right!

πŸ’• DM me to claim! πŸ’•

How long until Elon Musk releases a collab track with Professor Elemental

You ever just get on the train and see someone you have blocked and just start laughing at them

Just got on the train and the first thing I see is someone I have blocked and all I can think to do is start laughing


I'm running around Boston whomst wanna hang I've got nothin goin on until tonight

Boston is wild because you'll just be sitting around and someone will walk by on their phone screaming "WHAT DO YOU MEAN ITS NOT IN THE FUCKING WEB APP?"

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