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Search engines are our main navigators to useful information on the Web, and yet very few people understand the work that goes into building a large-scale general search engine.

Let's change that... 🔍

Want to fine-tune your results page? You can switch it up so that Mojeek outputs 10, 20, 30, or even 40 results for each query.

Visit the Mojeek Preferences page to try it out:

Internet Archive, 25 years old today, wonderful 👏👏👏 here's to 25 more!

Warning sign Job alert! Warning sign We are looking for an enthusiastic and smart developer who will contribute to and lead our small web development team.

Check out the job here; apply by August 15th:

Mojeek search is back up & running. It's the first power failure to affect us since moving to the data centre, >10 years ago. Some search results may not show snippets until all our infrastructure recovers; a small number of the servers were affected by the power loss.

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Update: Mojeek search is down after a power trip at our data centre partner Custodian. This was caused by a component failure in a new power chassis being installed. Power is now restored and further work is in progress. Some of our servers have been affected.

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Attention Mojeek users. Search is currently not working. The rest of our site is OK. We are investigating this urgently.

It's the first time in several years we have been down. Further updates as soon as restored or other information to report. Thank you for your patience.

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Online ID / age verification: the death of online search, and non-browser web access?

A (public) draft of a blog post on an unintended, perhaps unnoticed, effect of the current push for ID / #ageverification online.

Feedback welcome.


Our CEO has written to Sundar Pichai after his BBC interview.

We share concerns about threats to internet freedom, though we don't see 'AI to AI' on how search is done.

Will Google work with us to protect human rights? (Spoiler: the answer is no).

A brilliant piece on Identity and Age Verification ... "all that will happen is the kids start using VPNs, Tor, and 4Chan."

The road to cyberhell is paved with good intentions. The UK Bill is the proposed map for the road. Coming to your country too, if you are not already on it.

Consumers, businesses, and democracy are harmed by surveillance advertising.

With 13 other privacy-first companies, we sent a joint letter encouraging regulators to take action.

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@Mojeek @privacybrowser Seems to be fixed. Now I get actual response instead of http status 403.
Now, wake me up, when it supports Ukrainian, I might consider switching ;)
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I’ve heard a few people say in the past “I wish is could move to Mastodon full time, but I can’t because I’d still like to follow person X”

Well you can still follow whomever you like from Twitter, right here on Mastodon with by our very own @garritfra 😊

The Big Tech socials get this one tomorrow, and we're aware that a lot of you are probably subbed to us via RSS... 🙌

...but yeah, 4 billion pages are now in the index, woosh, and we're not finished yet!

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Do you use LibreOffice?

Please help share.

Please tell your purposes with #LibreOffice in the comments.

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You 💖 love , right? It’s vibrant unique culture and the lovely people you meet.

You want to protect it, increase its beauty, use more integrated apps.

You know that you're part of a ‘reimagining of social networking’ that's much needed, as traditional social media are destroying the fabric of society.

What you may not know is that fedi is still incredibly weak and has but a tiny community to evolve its huge potential.

Hence you should join the 🤗

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I've finished a blog post about Brave's false privacy. I give you arguments that will prevent yourself from falling for Brave’s marketing lies.

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