just made a carbon copy of the Marvel universe and changed all the characters' names for copyright purposes. let me know if you wanna hear about Dieter Barker becoming Bipedal Spider

Apple tv screensavers but they're favelas, rare metal extraction mines, and sweatshops

"A Fake Nude of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Was Debunked By Foot Fetishists"

A real headline

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How old were y’all when you found out the ridges on the bottom of the salt/pepper shakers had a purpose?

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Sag doch den jungen Leute hier, was defragmentieren ist. Die haben doch nur noch SSDs

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CCC Jahresrückblick. Jetz hab ich Lust mich anzumelden.

Wenn ihr auf dem #35c3 bei all dem Trubel einmal etwas Ruhe braucht:

Im Nebenraum der Halle 3 (Tor 3.9, rechts) gibt es die Soul Recharge Area zum Ausruhen und Auftanken. Kommt gerne vorbei. 😊🙂

The reception at the NH hotel next to the #35c3 just told me their entire IT systems are down. Not even logging in to the wifi works anymore. Probably just a coincidence...

cishet guy #1: Yo, Soma, are you a boobs guy or a butt guy?

Me: Im more of a 'end capitalism' guy.

cishet guy #2: Why do we invite you parties?

Me: :blobfingerguns:

The Gym you can easily enter, but don't known how to exit.

I hope attending doesn't lower my social credit score.

Alrighty, let's get started!
Super excited to hear some talks and meet cool people!

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Die Hard isn't a Christmas movie because it occurs on Christmas, it's a Christmas movie because it's about a social obligation with a family member that you didn't want to participate in but spirals more and more into an unending nightmare twitter.com/socketwench/status

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