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In Wales, when it's raining hard, we say 'Mae'n bwrw hen wragedd â ffyn', which translates to 'It's raining old ladies with sticks'.

In Afrikaans, if you're going to give someone what-for, you tell them 'Ek sal jou wys waar Dawid die wortels begrawe het!' which translates to 'I'll show you where David buried the carrots!'

What are some fun idioms from your language?

What should I play, if I feel like is just too big? So many caves and sidequests... I am in constant fear of missing something or overwhelmed by the amount of places to go...

Hund beißt Mensch. - > Uninteressant
Mensch beißt Hund. - >

Today my sister's #bees in our garden decided to #swarm, that was a nice opportunity to catch a few pictures.
I tried to do an HDR but that one I'll post as a photofail...
So here's part of the swarm sitting in our apple tree. Luckily the trees in our garden attract the swarms and we don't have to chase them!

"3 Gründe, warum Cannabis verboten bleiben sollte"

Nicht vom Titel abschrecken lassen und komplett ansehen.

RT Libertarians are just monarchists who think their favoured company will keep them part of the landed gentry.

Servicetweet: Wenn ihr lieber mit den Faschos reden wollt statt euch denen aktiv in den Weg zu stellen seit ihr auch nur Steigbügelhalter der Faschos.

Hey @Gargron, I just had an idea for a ... Wouldn't it be nice if you could follow hashtags?
That could also be an info for the second line in your trending hashtags feature: info if you are following that hashtag...

Is it just me or do we really not value in our culture?
Imagine someone saying "Oh I'm not taking that great job, because I'd have to leave all my friends behind."

That sounds even more insane than if someone said "I'm breaking up with my partner, to take a job on the other end of the world."

Why is that? Why is the end of a friendship completely accepted and shrugged off by saying "You're gonna find new friends"?
Why do people not fight for friendships?

Thank you .
"Important updates need to be installed"
I didn't have time so I clicked "Remind me later"
Now there is no notification bar symbol for those oh so important updates... So now I could install those updates, but there is no prompt for it!
I bet, that it's gonna come up again when I'm doing something on my computer...

And once more: It's ! Don't forget your towels!

That car was an unguided missile.

The people who designed this shouldn't work in safety-critical applications ever again; whoever approved this design for the street should go to jail; the company should be sued to its knees.

If by age 35 you’re still a libertarian, you should really read *another* book.

Everybody, remember: Tomorrow is !
Here's what the says about towels:

"A towel, it says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have."

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Studying physics has affected my ... All my lowercase Ws look like lowercase omegas 😅

So, I was today and we actually did around 500m in height per hour on average... I have no idea, how that happened 😅

5:45 a.m is not a time an alarm should ring... :blobugh:

Oh Ashley!

Why is movie supposed to be great?