Tomorrow my new Fitbit should be delivered. Can't wait to do some experiment with it.

Okay I need to build work playlist for me? Any suggestions?

Metal, Rock, Digital Hardcore, French Core, D&B are all acceptable.

Remember my yesterday middle of the night coding. Turns out I removed one line of code by mistake and one subpage stopped working

And with this short break time to get back to coding

Few hours of sleep and back to coding. Deadline approaching :confounded:

This one coffee is not enough for the code I have to deal with

Dear PHP developers why are you so afraid of try ... catch?

Who here likes to listen to some Digital Hardcore? I'm looking for something new.

For the record, you can disable boost confirmation dialogs under preferences.

Has anyone here tried polyphasic sleep?

About 4 years ago, for two weeks, I was sleeping 3.5h at night and had 3 naps during day. Strangle, it was working. Just my kids mess up my day naps and everything went to hell.

Is there some kind of way to schedule toots? I need it right now so bad :tired_face:

OMG three days till new season of Doctor Who. I've just wet myself :zipper_mouth:

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