proud of my husbeanpole setting out his merch journey ✨ make that art work for you beb

I feel like my personal journey has not so much resulted in my self-loathing going away as it has resulted in me developing another voice shouting SHUT UP I AM GREAT over it 90% of the time

I mean, I'll take it

The Problem With Fashion, OR, "it's hard to look cool when you're a short, stubby potato person."

isopods such as pill bugs are among the purest best little living things on this planet

closing the book when finished ticks a certain mental checkbox but also creates this out-of-sight-out-of-mind thing. if my goal is to actually complete an entry each day I need to remember it each day. From here on I think I will only close it for travel

I've been using a Hobonichi for years as a planner-journal and I always had trouble staying on the wagon, every one of mine from previous years has big gaps in it

so far this year I have done every day

apparently the secret is leaving it perpetually open on my desk with all the pens and stickers easily accessible

The Tiger Swallowtail Gynandromorph pin & the Glow-in-the-Dark Firefly pin are coming back to my shop ✨

A lot of folks found personal meaning in these, especially the gynandromorph for folks all across the spectrum of gender identity. Be who you are, exactly as you are in all your uniqueness and difference and beautiful individuality.

I would love to work on a children's book.

With someone who is actually working on a real children's book. Where I would get paid properly.

I regularly get contacted to illustrate children's books by folks who are not able to answer or refuse to answer basic questions about what sort of illustrations they need, whether they have a script, or how they are planning to publish.

If in your first reply to me you do not answer any of my questions at all, I already know 1 of 2 is true: you are a scam, or your communication is too poor for us to work together.

I need to find the audience for my bug people. They can be so endearing and precious. If I can only get them in front of the right people, I believe they'll be appreciated.

Of course nowadays a lot of folks just tell me they "look like Hollow Knight" which I've been here a bit longer than that but OK

A bunch of people have suggested kids' books but I don't have the resources to try writing my own nor do I have the industry knowledge to try working with a publisher. I've been cold contacted by folks looking to self-publish but as soon as I ask for significant detail they go quiet every time as they realize they need an actual budget and stuff.

My entomology work has a clear audience interested in buying my work, and I do still have a furry audience of sorts if a modest one; I don't know what to do about my little bug people. They are the heart of me and they're neither here nor there. Furries straight up don't care about them at all and they're kinda sideways from the entomology stuff.

I continue to feel that in some ways furry is just the wrong place for me and what I'm doing but I have many good ties in the community and trying to do entomology events is honestly prohibitive for small-time artists despite clear audience interest as booth prices are aimed at huge companies looking to sell a bunch of equipment and supplies to labs and stuff.

It's probably time for me to reevaluate what I am doing and why and what I want out of it. Something somewhere has gone off-course.

I was having a bad day but now I'm laughing at the utter starkness of this observation so you know what I'll take what I can get

how to instantly lower your twitter follower count: have human feelings and mention them

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