while I have opinions about flashy, opulent displays of wealth, I can say as extra as I am as a human being I can only hope to exceed the ridiculousness of the person I saw park and get out of a red Lamborghini outside Michael's arts and crafts today

I got this bananas awesome new jacket, it's IRIDESCENT

well on my way to become a rainbow chaos god by age 30

A company on behalf of CNN licensed a piece of art from me to appear in a show last fall and they still have not paid me what we agreed on and their contact stopped responding ages ago. It wasn't a lot of money but I'm pissed off

very angry + vaguely sexual assault mention 

@MothMonarch Or for stores with physical locations, a way to have a wish list ship to the store for you to pick up, maybe.

We need a wish list service that can share your address securely with multiple sites like you can set up on Amazon. I want to make an artist wish list but go other than Amazon. PO box is another way to handle it but those are pretty expensive in Canada compared to the US...

I own and operate a business single-handedly as does he and we need to be able to answer clients quickly sometimes but yeah we're just PHONE SLAVESSSS

p.s. I love how "kids these days" has definitely gone the same way as "millennials" to mean "anyone younger than me doing something I don't Get" because I'm almost 30 and Shiro is north of 35

every time you see a criticism of phone use nowadays it's some stupid political cartoon of an army of young people being hypnotized by these handheld rectangles. those rectangles are POWERFUL COMPUTERS through which we can learn almost anything we could ever desire to know about our world. that stupid take is like the intersection between "computers are too hard" and "other people are doing something I don't understand so it must be bad"

like, not just them, all old fuckers who bitch about "the kids and their phones"

do they think it's just a blank white numbing-drug-emitting hypnosis box?? what the FUCKING HELL do they think a phone is?

we're communicating with friends, we're engaging in recreation, we're on call for work or answering clients on the go. you DO SHIT on your PHONE

I initially fantasized about making something up like I'M TEXTING MY DYING MOM or some shit but legit I want to know something

what the FUCK do these old shitheads think we're doing on our phones??

the other day Shiro and I were out walking near a mall and we had our phones in our hands, both playing a game. we're attentive to where we walk nonetheless. a pair of older guys walk by us and one is loudly bitching about "get off your damn phones, fucking kids these days"

Chewed through Brooklyn Nine-Nine seasons 1-5 on Netflix during this past week while drawing a huge and detailed project for Anthrocon. Now watching Marie Kondo as I work on smaller assets and how dare anyone say anything bad about this woman

I know Gudetama is the "lazy egg" but I refuse, life is very hard and he's doing his best

anyway I have some fruity kinda tea right now how's your night

"everything happens so much" is the goddamn ultimate Mood

have y'all ever known someone who had a rocky past but it seemed like they had their shit together and you were like "okay cool"

and everything was good for a while

and then one day the person just totally goes off the rails because something doesn't go their way and you're like "ah hm I question whether they experienced as much personal growth as they claim"

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