LOL. Not a chance.
"According to @pewresearch, my political group is Progressive Left, which includes 6% of U.S. adults. Take the Political Typology Quiz to see where you fit."

MacArthur Genius Kelly Lytle Hernández makes the case for why U.S. history only makes sense when told as a binational story.

An amazing bit of analysis. Long, but worth it.
"All manpower, no metal" - Ukrainian mobilisation, equipment shortages, and training.

Oh, armed insurrectionists?
Be a shame if a SWAT armored personnel carrier ran them over.
You know, "by accident."

Spoiler Alert!
Review: Netflix’s ‘The Sandman’ invites us into gratitude, wonder and the depths of our dreams

Researchers looked at 700 cities to measure policies that reduced carbon footprints. Infill housing had the biggest impact.

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