Thread by @jljcolorado: 1/ TIME FOR SOME AIRBORNE + DROPLET HISTORY Now that @who and @CDCgov have finally accepted *after a year of denial and delays* that airborne transmission is a major mode for COVID-19, it...…

Jesus Palomino. What the Holy Hell is wrong with people?
Florida reports more than 10,000 COVID-19 variant cases, surge after spring break - ABC News -

Liars, cheaters, traitors, sneaks and thieves.
The Secret Papers of Lee Atwater, Who Invented the Scurrilous Tactics That Trump Normalized

The Republican Party is not in the midst of a civil war or in disarray. Those are fables circulated by hope peddlers and happy pill dealers. Like any other fascist/authoritarian movement the Republican Party is purging dissenters.

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