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"I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm going to hide that fact with as many fancy text effects as possible"

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Making the horrifying discovery that creating graphics for a kickstarter campaign is exactly the same emotional experience as creating graphics for an Adoptables flat sale on gaia online in 2005

Does kickstarter just.... not let you give alt-text to images? That must suck for people with screen readers.

hypothetical Convention Instance role prompts 

- sweaty, sweaty Deadpool cosplayer
- increasingly nervous person renting a hotel room for a party that is rapidly approaching Caligula intensity
- steampunk corset vendor
- someone who really desperately wishes anyone would understand their costume reference, anyone at all
- filker/nerdcore rapper/fandom-specific EDM artist
- The One Attendee Who Talks Too Damn Much
- extremely nervous artist trying to get back to their table with 20 lunch orders

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Update: they were fuckin good. Used a lemon zest salt!

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Roasting some parsnips tonight. Sliced those suckers up and drizzled them with rosemary-thyme-garlic-butter. Gonna top em with a fancy salt after they're cooked~

What's it called when you're faceblind but for fursonas

I'm thinking maybe since I'll be wearing a mask out of the house for the foreseeable future, now is the right time to figure out how to use makeup to make my eyebrows Extremely Intimidating

I'm not really at a point where my output/income could justify the cost of a dedicated room, even taking into account the boost I'd get from having such a space. But it's nice to dream...

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Just think of the PROJECTS I could get up to! I could have actual dedicated equipment for zine making... Maybe I could even try screen printing....

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Idly dreaming about having a studio space that isn't like... A corner of my bedroom or living room...

Full moon on my birthday but I can't see it through the smoke :')

Dreamily browsing my favourite carnivorous plant website and I think I just found the plot for my next comic

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Happiness is stored in the Carnivorous Plant

Like all of the previous times I've felt this way, this mood will last until the second I see a new Sad Art Man Cheats On His Girlfriend comic and remember "good" is meaningless and my comic makes people happy.

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Me: Yes, I'm an illustrator and comic artist. That's my Job.
Also me: (covertly googling "how do u know if ur c omic is good")

Second piece of concept art done for my partner's board game characters. They're a beautiful, chivalrous nonbinary knight! Or, as I like to call them... An enbyshie >:D

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