Getting shitposty while editing product photos. This is the future that liberals want.

Did a crude little stop-motion animation for this months sticker drop. :) Just some cheery dinos having a happy little parade!!

It's making me more thoughtful about the line between "I think this is beautiful" and "This would be a great print", and also pushing me to take action in terms of decorating my living space with things that make me happy. :)

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A rule I'm trying really, really hard to stick to lately is that if I EVER ask an artist if they'll make a print of something, I have to buy it either immediately or as soon as I can afford to. Putting the customer energy I want to to see out into the world.

As a side note, I'm REALLY impressed with how richly the manu printed this green!!!

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Oh I haven't posted ANY of my artfight stuff this year over here, huh. Guess I'll have to do a big thread of it at some point.

Our old vacuum was doing NOTHING and the proof of that is disgusting but damned if it isn't satisfying. My allergies are going to get so much better.

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Deeply boring adult positivity: We just bought our first brand-new vacuum! And it's a nice one too!!!

Transplanted some moss into my terrarium and I'm /delighted/ by how quickly and visibly it's responding to the increased humidity. These pictures are just six days apart!!

Spent a couple of hours talking about how to make journal comics today- here's a Generic Sample Comic I made to demonstrate a few concepts!

Artfight is allowing flaccid genitals this year, and I'm biding my time waiting for the perfect moment to drop cock

I'll be releasing July's design later this week, probably. If nothing else I think doing these stickers releases has upped my product photo skills a bit!

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I can't remember what stuff I've posted here in the last month or so. I've released some more stickers, though! GitD gay vampire and bisexual d20:

Made a gofundme to help me pay for medical bills; would really appreciate any help you can give. If you'd rather just send me money directly, you can do so at

Any help is greatly, greatly appreciated.

Hey folks! I have a pretty hefty vet bill to handle today (big nasty mass removal + spay) for our rat Dantalion. If you've been thinking of picking something up from my shop now would be the time!

(Pics added to pay the Rat Tax.)

Shop! ✨

Or: you can just tip me! 🔥 🔥

Aaaand since it's the beginning of the month, you can also sign up for my Patreon to get access to years worth of comics and illustrations! 🍆 🍆

I think we can go to any of the breweries boothing and get free beer in the glass? I'm a hermit crab who lives inside my table, so I haven't tried.

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I'm vending at a beer festival today because the folks who I did those labels for invited me, and it's wild. They've given all of the vendors free tasting glasses, made from actual glass

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