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Transformed! is a fun, lighthearted queer comic about a FtM transgender magical boy!

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I currently have a 12-page comic in the science fiction-themed volume of Bear Company, kickstarting right now! Go check it out and help it reach its goal!

Started playing around in blender for the first time, and after about a day of tooling around I've made a 3d ref of Kay's ring! :0 I can drop it right on my canvas in clip while I'm working!

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who's up for some simple scribble , something basic like the attached.

i'm willin to give anything a shot! $5-10 depending on complexity or discussion (i do couples!)

My comics printer told me that my files are slightly low res and that they recommend 300 dpi, but......... my files ARE 300 dpi.............

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A mermouse for ! Seal inspired, so I guess you could call this little guy... a miniped!

I've been meaning to do this for a long while and finally had the time - I've updated all of my pride stickers to include the community lesbian flag! 🏳️‍🌈✨

A mermouse for ! Seal inspired, so I guess you could call this little guy... a miniped!

LB: O Human Star? More like O FUCK!!!! 👀👀👀👀

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On today's page of O Human Star, the next move.
If you haven’t read OHS before - it is a very very good idea to read from the beginning.

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I've wrapped up the inking and toning on four pages in the last two days!! 💪💪💪💪

It looks like I'll need to get about $300 together to be sure we can afford rent next month, so I'm opening up six slots for Ice Cream Novelty commissions! $50 each, 6" by 6" at 300dpi. See yourself or your fav chararacter as a tasty frozen treat! Order via DM or email

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Art opinion that I can't be assed to deal with sharing with Twitter:

Black 2.0 paint is severely overrated. It's a perfectly serviceable matte black with good coverage, but that's about it.

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