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I /did/ manage to not completely screw up the embroidery thing, though! The border and inner circle glow in the dark!

Caught a cold, so I spent most of the day moping and struggling to get my sick-brain to learn embroidery. I wanted to draw comics today!!! >:(

It's my birthday! The day where everyone switches their spooky avatars and screen names just for me. Here's mine!

Sinter, Chicory, and Array having a fantastic trip to the beach!

A commission for our anniversary together, drawn by @Mous. It's been such a wonderful year 💞

Mother Aughra vs Hermit Yoda: Who gets kicked out of the mini-golf course first?

Someone: Nobody cares about surprised Pikachu anymore, making variants is a waste of effort.

Decided to draw a Pikachu that has all of the traits my child brain associates with it! The pika that exists in my heart... A mishmash of inconsistent canon art, half-remembered sprites, and... probably more than a few Beckett Pokemon Collector covers.

hewwo i'm open for again!

$20 for a sketch, $30 for flat colors, $40+ for painty things! All pieces are fullbody unless discussed otherwise.

come hmu in dms and get u some Cool Art!

y'ever start growing wings and your boss encourages it?

a magnus archives wingfic caught my eye and attention, and i couldn't help but draw some imagery from it.

twitter thread link, NSFW book promotion! 

I enjoyed putting these together, so I hope to have then at more conventions in the future!

A little bundle I put together for SF Zinefest last weekend! Each Adopt-a-Ghost set comes with a mini-zine about ghosts and a unique, hand-drawn art card featuring your new spooky friend!

I've really wanted to throw a beach party similar to this for a long time, so it was exciting to help make this event happen!

Poster I threw together for a queer, body-positive pool party some friends of mine ran last weekend!

Hey, want some art? GREAT NEWS! You can hire me to MAKE you art! I'll draw your OCs, your sonas, your pets... and I'll make them look REALLY good! Prices start at just $15 for a clean sketch! DM me to order, or see more info at


Hey: I'm at a tight point in my income schedule and could really use a little extra work - hire me?

This chapter has some fucking excellent backgrounds, if I do say so myself. Scope those creepy bookshelves.

✨Transformed! Update - Ch 5 Pg 16✨

this week: ...H-hewwo???

Transformed! is a wild, trans magical boy adventure! Read from the beginning:

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