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Massimo Sabadin

Cue old man on porch;

“There’s a storm a-comin’...”

How do you deal with constant insecurity? Just a real lack of confidence?

Just finished the line art for a short I'm working on with a fellow Canadian (a great writer who is also adding colours), Erik Bitmanis. I'll be lettering as well. This was a fun one to do.

@Lexialex Welcome. I'll have to start hanging around here more often now.

Sorry, can't let this go.

I was asked to draw a story about a Muslim contemplating a terrorist act which I turned down. It was fresh in the time of the Quebec mosque attack so I proposed to make the story about domestic terrorism.

The writer (who is white, BTW) disagreed & has since blacklisted me from his "clique" of collaborators. I've noticed a few of them have since stopped talking to me & have pushed me aside. I know I shouldn't care but it was opportunities to make comics.


Let me try to do this thing.

I'm a designer working the corporate world, but have a passion for comics.

I'm working on my own projects when I can but I've been working on other things as well. I've done a few tales for anthologies (four now), one solo book and a short that I'm currently re-dialoguing.

Oh, and I dabble in the music as well.

When making my profile on this site, I realize I'm not one for photos as I've used the same headshot for any online presence.