(continuation) handle its privacy groups on different networks. doesn't find users at all afaict. When Mastodon will drop OStatus support, who knows if there will be federation with at all anymore.
This reeks of the dilemma - a good idea, screwed up by a myriad of slightly different (and incompatible) detail solutions. Not appealing to potential (non-techy) refugees...</rantmode>

<rantmode> I've recently read a discussion on german Wikipedia about the , where the validity of the article was disputed, as there is no clear meaning to the term. At the time I found it overly anal, but meanwhile I see the point. There's no such thing as THE fediverse, only a growing number of walled-garden solutions with limited means of message . Examples: will only transmit public posts to networks and can't (cont. in next post)

Anyone here knowledgeable about how discover each other? I tried to find hints on w3.org/community/ostatus/wiki/ and elsewhere on the web, but perhaps I'm too dumb to spot/understand it. I know now that each instance's atom is at the heart of it, but how does an instance know where to get all the feeds from, eg. to fill the federated timeline? Central register? Random IP scans with service discovery? Sorry for my ignorance.

Liquid Tension Experiment. I'm hypnotized by their skill. What a joy to watch them play together.

Had a wonderful day doing some biking and spending all too rare quality alone time on the lake. Was unsure if it could happen since even this morning I still got THREE TOTALLY DIFFERENT WEATHER FORECASTS, depending on the site and service. (profanity upcoming) Show more

After family vacation with daily mini disko, "a ram zam zam" and "soco bate vira" are waging earworm war against each other in my head. Gotta love kid's song melodies...

Finally I finished "Origin" by Dan Brown. Show more

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One of the appeals of teaching yourself how to draw, write, make music, program, and the like, is that those hobbies have become the only way for many people to feel some kind of connection to what they make.

In a system where people are treated as if they are basically fungible totally isolated from their labour, their environment and even themselves, the hobby piece becomes a rare way for people to look at something, feel a real connection to it, and say "this is me, only I could do this."

Just gave a try. It looks pretty promising & seemed to work fine. Only the feature via eluded me. In my test, I was "chatting" with another eMail account of mine. Both the one used in delta & the other one already had keys associated. Couldn't import the existing keys in delta tho.
In the end, my mail client couldn't find a valid target key & delta couldn't decrypt msgs sent with the existing key. I may be too stupid, or autocrypt's an intransparent mess.

Today's Father's Day in Germany. I'm decidedly not one to stack a hand cart full with beer and go for a noisy walk with my pals (which is/was a tradition for males (with or without children) on this day). Instead, I'm enjoying some family time. And I was touched this morning to receive a (mum-assisted) painting by my 2.5yo. :)

Trying to get back into Tai Chi again. Not easy to find suitably sized space in the apartment, what with all the toys everywhere. :)
I once heard that you could do Tai Chi in a phone booth (for those who still remember those), but as a rookie, I disagree. So far I managed to get it down to 3,50m x 1m.

My list.
I love it.
I hate it.
It's become indispensable to manage both the most important and the most trifling .
It reminds me every day how little there actually is. How precious time is. How futile my hopes to "set aside" some of it for non-targeted use.
It decides what I do with my hours - or does it only tell me what I have, at some point, decided to do with them? Is it my tool, or am I its slave?

(Sorry, just felt like rambling. Guess I could use a vacation... πŸ™„ )

"We haven't learned how to care for one another! We're gonna SAVE the f*cking PLANET?!" Show more

Read a discussion on on and systems. came up and was made out as best of all (as opposed to non-fed. systems like eg ). So I tried it again: , and on desktop. Horrible. doesn't seem compatible betw the 3, sharing photos or files doesn't work at all, voice msgs won't transfer, etc.
Nothing my friends & family would be willing to use.
If XMPP is only working within 1 ecosystem, it's a walled garden too, and that's moot.

Are any of you fine Mastodonians (also) on ? Is there any benefit or additional useful functionality compared to eg ? Took a brief look into it and the differences seemed mainly cosmetic in nature.

Ahum... perhaps clicking the boost icon again..? :) Not sure, as it didn't seem to accomplish anything when I first tried that. But now, the boost seems to be taken back, and I didn't do anything else, so...
Also, just realized I am talking to myself over the internet... πŸ™„

How can I something? Damn federated stream is moving so fast I misclicked.
Thanks up front!

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I think I've got to get away from microblogging. I'm not at my best in 140 characters. My thoughts just don't make good singles.

I found myself missing livejournal. I enjoyed long format writing, even if they were just self-indulgent articles. I could just draw out my thoughts.

I'm not able to craft sentence daggers. I'm not that sharp or that mean.

They say album sales died and singles were the only things that sold. Maybe it says something about us nowadays. No time for roses.

Yesterday we were hoping for a quiet dinner, unaware that there was some city-wide music event going on. It just so happened that the first band of the evening at that location chose to set up next to our table, so our plan was thwarted. At least they were decent . :)

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