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I, for one, do not subscribe to the cult of Musk. These "self-made men" are always a mirage obfuscating many other people's talents.

OMG! Mankind (at least 'round here) is target of a concerted attack of filthy Common Cold viri. One by one we're falling victim to the ruthless enemy. Only a small group of hardened heroes is left to fill the office and offer resistance to the microscopic assailants...

Microblogging: A hundred thousand people standing together in a room, all talking, none listening, except for the occasionally caught fragment. I guess this is mainly for people with something to sell.

What are you doing on a so that you won't feel you wasted it?

nsfw selfie, partial nudity Show more

Currently some short stories by Ted Chiang. Very enjoyable. Not overly impressed by the character work, but plots and propositions are very well done, and his writing style grips me from start to ending. Very well suited for short stories, too. Most nerdy persons are likely to enjoy Mr. Chiang's work imho.

Autocrypt seems like nonsense to me. Show more

There's so much politics on here. Do Mastodonians never, like, just post saucy pictures of themselves? Feels almost unnatural for such a teeming place on the internet. :)

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People want pictures, not words. People want faces, not personalities. When did we become a society of infants?

There seems to be an affinity with cats around here, so I thought I'd post an of a dozing I did a few years ago. If anyone has red/cyan glasses around, this mood might be fitting for Sunday.

Remember the time when we would drill a DD disk to make it HD, and then FD-format it up to a whopping 1.8 MB? Shit I'm old...

Standing in front of me at the check-out counter, a middle-aged woman with worn-out clothes and a tired face puts an expensive anti-aging creme on the conveyor and looks at the packaging with melancholy. A smile flickers up briefly, one of hope she doesn't really believe in.
At that moment, I liked marketing agencies a little less.

I gotta be careful. Seems like one can waste way too much time on here... 😜

Found the answer to part of my question in the for :
"[...] this will stop them from seeing your public toots while they are logged in, but they will be able to see your public toots by simply opening your profile in another browser that isn't logged into Mastodon
The blocked user will not be notified of your blocking them. They will be removed from your followers."

Still remains: What could be the intention there? Does anybody have a guess?

What's the deal if some marketing entity starts to follow you? Seems totally unrelated, interest-wise. Is this something to worry about? And will blocking that 'user' prevent them from seeing my posts?

Finally found some time to switch from CM to . It went surprisingly smooth (mostly thanks to Titanium Backup). Looking good so far.

Does anybody know whether it's possible to use Mastodon (and hook up to the 'regular' ) whilst traveling through ? I hear Twitter, Whatsapp, FB etc. are all blocked. There seem to be a lot of instances located in China - does anyone have some experience concerning communication?

/ GnuPG: excellent software that is frustrating. Because you need _others_ to use it, too. And they (including banks and insurance companies) just don't.