Learning German Day 783 & Elden Ring Part 64… imagine Elden Ring on the Nintendo 64 it would be incredible. twitch.tv/mrnuclearmonster

This time Lt. Cmdr Worf repurposes the ship's computers to mine bitcoin that brings back an old cast member.

As I mentioned last night there will unfortunately be no stream tonight, but the streak isn’t lost! I am in 18th place with 451 XP at 760 days 😃

There are a bunch of older episodes up on my channel: youtube.com/nuclearmonster
And I’ll be putting more up over the weekend!

Getting an early start on day 754 of learning german and then I’ll be taking a look at Hardspace Shipbreaker as it has exited early access! twitch.tv/mrnuclearmonster

Please help so that students at a school where many students are in poverty can have a good day. gofundme.com/f/troop-219-winds

I’ve heard that on Sundays if you listen closely you just might hear the leaderboards crunch: twitch.tv/mrnuclearmonster

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