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When challenging someone's perspective stop and ask yourself these questions...

1) What do I understand about the others perspective?
2) What do I understand about my own perspective?
3) Could I be wrong?
4) What do I want the other to understand about my perspective?
5) What do I want the other to understand about their own perspective?

If you find yourself skipping the first three, you're not really trying to have a discussion and may want to check your ego.

After this update I'll have 5 left until I hit 1k toots!

How should I commemorate the occasion? Should I make signs? Light candles? Put a shoe on my head?

What's the appropriate method?

Just had a fantastic therapy session. Talked about expectations as both a father and a son. Letting go and being okay with myself takes work!

Ugh. Forgot I was supposed to be in therapy an hour ago. Luckily she got me in. Whew.

Twitch is being weird today. Should be interesting to see what happens when I stream in an hour.

I hit my calorie mark yesterday but I just realized that I didn't eat all of my breakfast but still counted the full amount. No wonder I was so hungry this morning.

There is nothing like having a healthy craving satisfied.

There's a woman here who brought a 2 yr old to the park just to take pictures. She's training her to hold a glass up to say "cheers". Kinda creepy.

Sitting at a park bench watching my GF raid a gym in Pokemon go while I wait because I don't have any raid tickets left.

Is the failure to show up favourites on a post outside of the host instance a clout-chasing prevention thing or just about federation (like with some boosts not showing)? Always wondered but never bothered to look into it

Security isn't a feature, it's an expectation.

We can't wait to share new and improved tools to keep your account secure. #pixelfed

You know the Post Malone track "Sunflower" on the Spiderman Into The Spiderverse soundtrack?

It's a song about a girl who loves a guy too much but he's not really that into her, but he'll still..

"She wanna ride me like a cruise
And I'm not tryna lose"

🤣Lyrically doesn't fit the movie at ALL and yet the tune is SO beautiful that no one pays attention to the lyrics. Gotta give props to that.

Orville is the best Star Trek since Voyager.

Fight me. 🥊

When you're ready a bad ass you cast two shadows.

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Engage in random acts of kindness and altruism. This has been linked to mood boosting.

fuck. windows is such fucking bloatware. I wanted to instal linux mint on a partition but that would leave little room left for either os to run properly.

Im going to see if I can install it on a removable hard drive and run it as a usb boot.

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