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For those new to me, allow me to myself!

I'm a 49yr old dude, in the Lebowski line of dudes, who likes to live stream in the Twitch "Just Chatting" section. I focus on kindness, mental health, good discussions, eating out, going on local adventures, and every Sunday my girlfriend and I do a cooking stream!

Aside from that, I've got a blog that's about all sorts of things like photography, mental health, my life, and THE FEDIVERSE!

Links are in profile.

And Hi!

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When challenging someone's perspective stop and ask yourself these questions...

1) What do I understand about the others perspective?
2) What do I understand about my own perspective?
3) Could I be wrong?
4) What do I want the other to understand about my perspective?
5) What do I want the other to understand about their own perspective?

If you find yourself skipping the first three, you're not really trying to have a discussion and may want to check your ego.

Want to blame someone for the Amazon rain forest burning down? The next time you're chowing down on a double cheese burger, go take a look in the mirror. There's your cause.

You know what really sucks? Going thru your whole day thinking you did a good job helping someone, only to find out you screwed up.


You ever take 10 min to write a post, carefully crafting each word, only to delete it because you realize no one will care about this and honestly, why do YOU?

Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel. - Eleanor Brownn

" It's hard to love,
there's so much to hate
Hanging on to hope
when there is no hope to speak of
And the wounded skies above
say it's much too late
So maybe we should all
be praying for time. "

George Michael

Reminder friends: The term "all natural" used on food packaging has no legal definition. You could literally add used synthetic motor oil to something and still market it as "all natural."

Have you ever blown your nose into a tissue and you see that a piece of snot is harder then a pencils eraser and wonder to yourself what kind of biological terror your immune saved yourself and possibly the rest of the world from?

Jeffrey Epstein "committed suicide".

Now I'm no conspiracy idiot but...

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