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For those new to me, allow me to myself!

I'm a 49yr old dude, in the Lebowski line of dudes, who likes to live stream in the Twitch "Just Chatting" section. I focus on kindness, mental health, good discussions, eating out, going on local adventures, and every Sunday my girlfriend and I do a cooking stream!

Aside from that, I've got a blog that's about all sorts of things like photography, mental health, my life, and THE FEDIVERSE!

Links are in profile.

And Hi!

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When challenging someone's perspective stop and ask yourself these questions...

1) What do I understand about the others perspective?
2) What do I understand about my own perspective?
3) Could I be wrong?
4) What do I want the other to understand about my perspective?
5) What do I want the other to understand about their own perspective?

If you find yourself skipping the first three, you're not really trying to have a discussion and may want to check your ego.

I can't really remember any of my birthdays. Is that weird?

I am having one of those morning where I feel like I got enough sleep but for some reason I feel like I could sleep some more?

C'mon brain!

You know you're old if you can remember the last time you heard the words ...

"At the tone, the time will be..."

Due to an influx of spam, I will be adding the ability for users to delete comments on their own posts.

You know you're old if you can remember the last time you heard the words ...

"At the tone, the time will be..."

Looking forward to the weekend for some weird reason.

It's easy to say how something should be done when you've never done it yourself.

Can we talk about Keanu Reeves? I can't think of anything worse to a persons state of mind then being unrealistically held to a "ultimate nice guy" standard. The man is going to have a bad public day like EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD DOES one day and people and the media are going to tear him to shreds for not meeting their unrealistic expectations.

And I'm sure he's fully aware of it. That's gotta be tiring.

Half a bee, philosophically, must, ipso facto, half not be.

I've been "too high" on cannabis before and on the list of drugs from alcohol to heroin, being "too high" on cannabis is way, way, way below being "too drunk" on alcohol.

So I decided to not shave my head. I like having the Mohawk and I want to keep the color going. It's just way too fun. So I'm going to just trim the length.

I mean, it's not black and blue or anything, but it's tender as all fuck.

I think I bruised my palm on my mouse earlier playing Overwatch? WTF?

currently waiting on delivery guy to bring my edible.

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