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For those new to me, allow me to myself!

I'm a 49yr old dude, in the Lebowski line of dudes, who likes to live stream in the Twitch "Just Chatting" section. I focus on kindness, mental health, good discussions, eating out, going on local adventures, and every Sunday my girlfriend and I do a cooking stream!

Aside from that, I've got a blog that's about all sorts of things like photography, mental health, my life, and THE FEDIVERSE!

Links are in profile.

And Hi!

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When challenging someone's perspective stop and ask yourself these questions...

1) What do I understand about the others perspective?
2) What do I understand about my own perspective?
3) Could I be wrong?
4) What do I want the other to understand about my perspective?
5) What do I want the other to understand about their own perspective?

If you find yourself skipping the first three, you're not really trying to have a discussion and may want to check your ego.

Here’s the inside. It’s almost perfect! I can’t describe my elation.

First loaf of sourdough in my new oven and this is BY FAR the best oven spring I’ve ever had. I could have tucked the boule in a little better tho.

Just had the water heater fixed and THIS guy is looking forward to his first hot shower in 3 weeks!

Just finished The Last of US 2 and WOW. Just WOW. This game is better then the first with a much deeper story line. If you have a PS4 you MUST play this game. I honestly don't think I've played a game that sucked me so hard into it's world.

The only people that have an issue with removing "historical statues" of confederates are racists. Period.

Imagine erecting statues of each of the 911 attackers around the 911 memorial. That's what POC have been having to live with for too long.

Did you know that watching me on Twitch from your house is the BEST WAY to prevent catching the corona virus?

Just went live! Come join the fun! What am I going to do today? You won't know if you don't go!

Fines should be given to anyone without a mask and the funds should go to covid relief.

Did you know that watching me on Twitch from your house is the BEST WAY to prevent catching the corona virus?

Just went live! Come join the fun! What am I going to do today? You won't know if you don't go!

Whenever I hear someone say " They need to remove politics from sports ( or whatever) ", I have to remind myself that they wouldn't give a fuck about a baseball player saying he wished the roads didn't have potholes.

What they are saying is that they don't want to hear something that will make them feel uncomfortable.

So what makes you feel uncomfortable about equality there Chad?

It's amazing the difference a good bed makes. We replaced a regular foam bed topper with a memory foam topper 2 days ago and I'm already starting to notice the difference in my sleep and posture.

On a side note, I hope that everyone is having a nice day today, and if not, remember that each day brings new opportunities for growth.

You got this.

If you reply to something I post, and your reply is full of syntax errors the likelihood of me replying back drops to almost null.

I don't want to have to work at deciphering whatever it is you're saying before I decide if I agree with you or not.

( And no, I'm not talking about people who aren't fluent in English. That's understandable and easily spotted. I'm talking native english speakers who can't form a coherent sentence. )

People used to get paid a living wage for flipping burgers. Then we started to value profit over a responsibility to the workers, and began to minimize their role. Minimum wage was no longer the minimum living wage an employer would pay you. It became the minimum the government allowed them to pay you.

And trust me. If they could. They would pay you much, much, much less.

Literally could not finish Uncut Gems. What is it with stress porn these days?

The two most important discussions should be...

Do you have enough mail in ballots for your friends?


Who are you taking to vote with you in Nov?

Remember that video of that old Trump supporting white racist man who was reasonably discussing his views in a polite manner?

Yeah me neither.

If you really want to understand the Alt-right and how and why they do what they do, I HIGHLY recommend this YouTube channel and it's playlist. It is worth your time.

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