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Plus the ability the show has to make fun of itself and still deliver a great scifi plot. Just excellent. - 2/2

Star Trek Discovery has been so good this season. The stories have been less dark and more inclusive over season one. I look forward to each week's new episode.

That being said.
The Orville is so damn more Star Trek than any show I've watch in 20+ years. Even with them doing The Family Guy trick where the A story line is actually the subplot and the main storyline doesn't develop till after the first ten minutes - 1/2

The Orville Thoughts:

It is to the point now where should be in the TNG time like and it is just another ship in Starfleet. How they recreate that TNG feel with every episode is so amazing. I really feels like I'm back in the early 90s watching Star Trek on my 13 inch TV.

Star Trek Discovery Thoughts:

To have millions of fans go "Oh God No!" At the start of an episode then go "WHAT!?!?" By the end is awesome. Another really good episode. Can't wait to see how this progresses next week.

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How much longer is Facebook's gross negligence and deliberate disregard for security and privacy going to be tolerated?

Facebook must be broken up, and all tech companies must be comprehensively regulated.

Facebook stored hundreds of millions of passwords unprotected

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Wow. I hadn't even thought about the old Spidey newspaper comic strip in years. Was a time I had to read that and Calvin & Hobbs even before reading sport scores.

Stan Lee on Instagram: ““The Amazing Spider-Man” newspaper strip is coming to an end later this week after 42 years. Stan’s assistant Mike worked on the comic…”

I am such a notebook freak. And while I don't like the price I may have to make this my everyday notebook. For ... you know... notes and such.

Wish I was as interested in penmanship.


A premium 10" x 7.25" large-format notebook made for creatives. Features 100GSM paper, a lay-flat design, 192 pages, and two unique page layouts.

I don't know where hell is. But being on a bus with a bunch of kids singing Baby Shark has to be in it's zip code.

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Beware of season 3 of Queer Eye. It induces massive amounts of eye sweat. 🙄

Queer Eye

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This is so in my radar for the summer. The whole claw was about as big as my forearm.

Need to be healthier. But the scale said 239 tonight and I've just realized I'm not mentally capable of giving a f¥©✓ right now.


I got a lot of work to do on myself. Especially after all these calories I'm about to absorb.

Loved Jericho when it first was on. The storylines and suspense still hold up 13 years later. But holy God the soundtrack. Mid 2000s rock holds up about as well as 1970s fashion.

Jericho (2006)

No Orville this week. That is disappointing.

Thoughts on Star Trek Discovery:

Wow. Freaking wow. This show is what it is. Plot points punch you in the face. Dynamics between characters are layered but somewhat basic. But the sum of all this shows parts are so much greater than it's parts individually. This show is so Star Trek. Which is good since it's a Star Trek series.

Beat episode of the season in my opinion.

The latest Avengers Endgame trailer gave me goosebumps. It's possible this movie might make 2 billion worldwide. That's almost 5% of the total Fox/Disney merger. 🤯

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