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I don't know why I've always read Lapras' shell as stone and not shell but I can't stop now

It's a couple of miles away and there's no wind whatsoever so it's very tempting to just stay out here and watch it

There's so few unobstructed views around that aren't the sea so this is weird and rare to me.

It's weird, it's completely clear and still here but somewhere over there it is absolutely hammering down

There's a lot of lightning in this very far away cloud but my camera is absolutely not fast enough to get it even in burst mode

Crowdsourcing my understanding of French puns :psyduck:

I mean this is a series that featured two trapeze artist brothers called Acro and Bat so..

Hey uh French pals

The three suspects are Séléna Veunu, Gisèle Fédulaud and Dr Ophélie Nirique.

Are these puns? I mean it's Ace Attorney so of course they are but what puns are they?

Yes I had to cheat and google sarrasin because the whole case revolves around it

DuoLingo: I have twelve cats
Extracurricular reading: the victim suffered a severe anaphylactic shock due to his buckwheat allergy of the last ten years

A new one! I don't know what the Japanese original was but the picture accompanying the misinderstanding is a car with a huge sparkler on it. Hunter says "un choc anaphylactique" and Maya repeats "un infantile taxi?" so anaphylactic shock became childish taxi. Also no clue what they did with that in English but the car has lights on top so I'm guessing she hears "shock" as "cop"? I'm going to have to start collecting this series in English as well.

campaign for fat pikachu emojo

Old man's just reprimanded me for sitting cross-legged in a skirt because he "can see things [he] shouldn't when [I] don't sit like a lady!"

Is it my jorts. Because I'm wearing safety jorts under the skirt to keep my completely opaque tights up and if you can in fact see under the skirt you're just getting an eyeful of jort.

name a pokemon and i will do nothing with that information

Yet again my entire con haul was stationary and food lol

Someone's just followed me in the middle of all this pee talk. No judgement but if that's what you're here for it's fairly rare.

Also there is nobody more generous that someone queueing for the ladies' who hears you go "fifty pee? Ugh." I barely got to the y in fifty before three people offered me their change.

They are at least very nice bathrooms, I'll give them that. Not as nice as Gatwick's free ones, but much nicer than some I've paid £0.20 for. 3/5 stars.

Victoria Station Update: still £0.50 to use the bathroom despite my coworker's insistence that it's free now.