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I love my players so much, they PAID the npc to go away and deliver a message and then ran to the place the message was to be delivered to in order to try and get the npc back because they heard "bees in an elevator" and went "oh yeah we're not dealing with that go get the wizard back again"

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They've not even got there they're too busy setting up a therapist's office in the ruins.

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do I put a ghost in the room where every spell cast causes a Wild Magic surge

do I force them to either stab a ghost with knives or set off a million arcane fireworks per spell

oh no in the time it took me to type that I've convinced myself whoops

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Buzzing with excitement for D&D because one of my players is playing an absolute dickhead. The player is absolutely dedicated to exploring all the options when it comes to crafting a good story together, the character is a pompous egotistical jackass and it's SO GOOD

Plus I fully anticipate her trying to crush the warforged's head with her bare hands and that's going to be great

I can, however, make gameboy games work so I've just spent an hour playing Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

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okay this is taking a long time and I have work in the morning, if I can make it work that'll be nice and if not eh, I own so many Pokemon games already

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I don't have a program that can run it and can't for the life of me guess what that program might be

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yooooooooooooo I just found a French Pokemon rom

I was looking for D&D references but sure, I'll play Pokemon Emeraude I guess???

tfw you make a terrible comment in the group chat and tab away and just hear it going ding! ding! diding! dididididididing!!! as the objections roll in >:3

Could probably become a werewolf if someone went to the trouble of sculpting on all the extra bits though I bet

Swapping out their regular bits every full moon like changing the face on a nendoroid

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What the fuck I just found out the lore specifically states Warforged can't become undead

there go all my Ghost in the Machine jokes I had planned

Every time I try to spell that one word it's always M, A, N, chuck a fistful of vowels in there, V, R, E

Not for all the world could I spell manooeuoevre right first time

pixel art 

je m'entraîne à faire des tilesets


I cracked during D&D and ordered Dominos online because everyone else in the group is ordering pizza

the guilt over ordering t w e n t y f i v e pounds of hot food is completely overwhelmed by the desire for good pizza

Anyway more on this in like October when it will be more concrete either way I guess???

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Tfw you don't want to jinx something but also you want to scream it from the rooftops :/

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