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I'm going to save up every thought I have and do the exact same to them during Criminal Minds later.

"The BBC have done an article about online sellers paying for positive reviews!"
*pauses it* Oh. Yeah ok that's definitely a current issue.
*unpauses it*
"I mean it's not exactly news, it's been happening for years"
*pauses it* Mmhmm.

*unpauses it*
"Your auntie wants me to-"

Vine compilations are the ideal form of Youtube to watch in my house because someone interrupts every seven seconds to get my attention and the pauses line up very neatly

We'll always be together!
However far it seems!
We'll always be together!
Together in electric jeans.

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I put a second base coat of paint on the two big things so I can put coloured paint on when the natural daylight cones back but now I'm so so so ready for bed BUT I LEAVE FOR CON ON THURSDAY MORNING AND IT ALL HAS TO BE DONE AND DRY BY THEN but I'm so up for a sleep

All I wanted to do at work was come home and work on crafts and now I'm home all I want to do is go to sleep

Customer: what do you know about mooses?
Me, reflexively: a moose once bit my sister

This day's been so long already and I have so many fresh and sexy crafts waiting for me at home

Can't tell if I'm anxious or just had far too many coffees today? I've lived in this body for so long and I still have no idea what half the feedback even means.

Wildlife update: seen horses, sheep, swans and a pheasant the size of a spacehopper

We kept going and stopped again in some trees, and now we're going the other way.

Stopped in a little valley that's juuust deep enough that I can't see anything at all

Saw some horses! I am steadily getting further and further from where I'm supposed to be.

Looks like east instead of the anticipated north, which is very scenic but I have things to do today

Train driver just announced "this is your driver speaking, due to the delays amd the closure of the line this train will now run fast to-" and then there was a bingbong and we started moving. Currently have no idea where I'm going Β―\_(ツ)_/ Β―

Me: -and it's a lovely company too, they've come down and done events for us before!
Customer: oh you've heard of them?
Me: I
Me: I've hear
Me: I work here, often with them, I made the flyer advertising their participation, I have indeed heard of them

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