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hvvbhgvhhghfvfvdhxvxhxv okay fine that's what I get for being stubborn for more than a month I suppose

I know full well the second I order more of this thing I've """lost""" I'll find it again but also I need it and I've been looking for five weeks now

Just saw a guy with a shirt that said "bonjour bitches"!



Good Night Moon, only it's Good Night Miari for seventy pages.

arme medieval 

Who is Miari and why do they have so very many accounts

Injury update: taking requests on ig to practise my left-handed drawing in case my finger falls off and I can never hold a pen in the right hand again

Injury, everything's fine, eye contact, not even remotely gorey photo 

Injury, everything's fine 

Injury, everything's fine 

Don't use "identifies" when you mean "is". There's no reason to say "this person identifies as female" rather than "this person is female" except to imply that they really aren't.

Similarly, "gender identity" is redundant. Say "gender".

Do you ever get so thirsty you slam more than a litre of water in one go and just KNOW it's going to fuck you up later down the line

I feel like I never catch up on masto any more can someone just recap the last few weeks for me pls

Okay never mind I figured it out it was because I was at work

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