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It's been three and a half days and already I would kill for her.

Cat update: she has discovered that if I lie down and she hops up onto my body it makes both of us very happy and we snuggled for an hour or so. She absolutely will not be picked up, but she will lie on my chest with my hand on her back and purr like a sports car

They've given me a box to just draw "whatever"???

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I have to draw a friend, someone send me a selfo pls

It's too dark to photograph but there's graffiti in the toilets saying "I'm kin with Bowsette" and "Goldeneye aged poorly"

How in the Christ am I supposed to parse this I don't know videogames or any of the people here aaaaaa???

Half an hour before it's acceptable to show up, I'm just hanging out in a furniture shop. Does anyone need any tables.

I got there two hours early and I'm running out of timewasting activities.

Off to some sort of nebulous arty event at the nerd bar. Will it be any good? Sources indicate absolitely nothing.

camera angle makes it look as if soldiers and rugby players are jerking off. Show more

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What's the name of that genre of tech that's like Marvin the Paranoid Android and the computers in Ghost and the original gameboy and stuff

Like, what -wave would I have to google to see more things along thise lines

Every time I type "oh" on instagram, my phone suggests "mood" because all I do over there is talk to hip cool studenty millenial/gen z kids

Cat update: she has joined me on the sofa and wriggled around tummy-up a little but she keeps thinking better of it and flipping over again so I have stuck to the top side for now

Anyway that's the cat spam for now, more on this story as it develops.

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