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Love, Death and Robots is incredible because the episodes veer from poignant vignettes on the nature of humanity to "what if hyper-intelligent yoghurt took over the world lmao"


Finally done with work for the week it's time for some fuckin PASTAAAAAAAAA

Customer of the Day: woman who thought holding her nose while she spoke to me counted as a mask

How does anyone do anything, I did emails for an hour before work and there's still all these emails

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Just looked at my emails and there's so many goddamned emails in there

They took matters into their own hands, turns out if you take the time limits off Magic Jar it eats a whole session easy squeezy

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D&D is in eight minutes and I still haven't decided what they're doing this session lol

I wanna make a pixel game but turns out it's super hard

Banned from the nautical haters forum for shiptoasting wildly

Hnxndhsjsbshejshd they've BEEN DELIVERED to my HOUSE where I WILL NOT BE until TEN PEE EM

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Royalty-free radio is a goddamn trial, each song is about seventy minutes long and sounds like a low-budget made-for-tv original kids' movie.

Several of these have come tantalisingly close to being a bop, but all fall short.

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We have no customers at all at work and my Very Important Passion Project Supplies are being delivered to my house today and uuuuuuuuuuuuurgh

I could be at home doing art and I'm standing behind a counter listening to royalty-free radio

Customer: I'M DEAF!!!
Me, signing clumsily: [I understand] [thank you] *points at products that need scanning* [please?]
Customer: I CAN'T HEAR YOU I'M DEAF!!!
Me: *nods* [I understand]
Customer: don't you shout at me

I've only been going by the short version for twelve years, after briefly trying it for two years as a youth, so I get why it's taking people a little while to catch on /s

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