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Donate to @falktx for is massive amount of work in creating and maintaining key foss audio software.

When I discovered, it changed my life and many would say the same. Finally I could make proper music with Linux.

When I wanted to make an audio plugin (without any prior programming knowledge) he pointed me to DPF and has helped me several times. So now I create opensource audio software too!

#opensource #audio #music #carla #jackd #dpf

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VCV as plugin initial tests have been a success so far.
Was afraid that maybe the way it relies so much on GLFW would not make it possible to embed its GUI.. making a subpar experience IMO.
But that is not the case!

The hard part for the UI is sorted out, now need to cleanup all the hacking around and make sure it can handle multiple instances...

So far so good though.

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Start coding with the Programming LV2 Music Production Plugins From Scratch tutorial series: 02 - A Simple Amplifier (Part 1). Introduction into turtle.

#lv2 #programming #ttl #cplusplus #linuxaudio #musicproduction

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This Sunday is the time for another monthly livestream!

I'll be making some music with , playing your music submissions, answering questions about libre audio production and Linux etc, and generally having a good time!

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A new version of the #FOSS Glitch #Sound Effects Sequencer #LV2 plugin B.Oops is out now. With really a lot of new features:

* New: Slot shape mode
* New: Slot keys mode
* New: Pattern randomization
* Fx
* New Banger
* New EQ
* Tremolo: Waveform option
* Oops: New sample
* New: Provide binary packages
* And a lot more ...


#musicproduction #linuxaudio

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My channel on YouTube has exceeded 19,000 subscribers!
Thank you!

Another @zrythm project is complete:
A cover version of @rghvdberg wonderful composition "Happy Little Train" (thanks for letting me butcher your song!):

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❗ feedback request ❗

what feature do you think is missing the most from ?

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This is why software subscriptions do not work! Youtube video by Wytse (White sea studio):

But there is one more important point. What happens to the data you created after subscription expired? You can't access anymore to you own data. Therefore, it's a good idea to go with #FOSS #software.

#music #musicproduction #daw

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New game:

Linux Battleships

Players SSH into each other's machines and take turns guessing process IDs to kill; last machine standing is the winner

There are some FOSS projects for Linux music production you can't do without:
-x42 analyzers

Anything else there is no way around?

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