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"I don't say we all jort to misbehave, but we jort to look as if we could."
- Orson Welles

I'll dog-ear a page. I'll eat your whole fuckin family

@nach this feels like something you would say... tagging @coleoptera bc of the you shit now extended universe

walmart greeter saying ‘uwu’ to me with a tired sigh

fed up of my face, time for this decade old avatar to return

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what is a "lad" and where could one procure such a thing

turkish media is spreading that the SDF is freeing ISIS fighters from their prisons. Multible other media have picked it up.

It's false reporting.

the location where turkey claims of having found an empty ISIS prison, there was never one.

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Thatcher is dead. But is she dead enough?

with this new @riseup4rojava account it is aimed to bring more visibility to this struggle into the fediverse.

Why #Riseup4Rojava?

There's a social revolution happening that is facing an ethnic cleansing as turkey's facism is targeting them.

The revolution is building up new forms of organizing our society based on feminism, ecology and democratic federalism. It brings practical solutions to a world past capitalism, past patriarchy...

They fight for all of us.
It our duty to fight for them.

1. Leftfield will have nice/weird games and a different atmosphere to the rest of EGX
2. If you need somewhere to dive into and escape the crowd, the usual stand build has interiors that are good for that (still not as quiet as the press room though)

oh you think the news thing is bad? well what about this other news thing that's also bad? i don't see you posting about that, you hypocrite

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@coleoptera It's the 11th! It hasn't released yet. Very looking forward to hearing a Lightning Bolt track named Big Banger

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Sesame Street, a show created for public access television to help kids from low-income families learn to read and write, is being put being a paywall which will prevent the kids who most need it from accessing it.
The past 50 seasons are also included in that so they can't be streamed anywhere else.

Fuck capitalism.

Pirate Sesame Street.

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