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"I don't say we all jort to misbehave, but we jort to look as if we could."
- Orson Welles

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Do you get cold after doing a poo?

tmi poll 

Do you get cold after doing a poo?

sir keir starmer, wearing a union jack suit, eating a pie, wearing a flat cap, smoking out the front of paddy power: this is what you like isn't it? this is your stuff you like. you revolting little pigs

remember that episode where data was dating that lady and she was just like "uhh I want to break up because I don't want to date Data (???)" and Data was just like... "ok. deleting gf program" stone cold

you call that not a pipe? THIS is not a pipe

Found this old pic, from a decade back, of me trying out a plasma cutter in Tim Hunkin's workshop.

We got a tour, and when we asked "Why do you have angle grinders hanging from every pillar?" he answered "Because when I mess up a weld, it's much better just having one within reach, rather than having to find *the* angle grinder and plug it in"

me, rich: i will simply make a needle with an eye big enough for a camel to pass through 🤔

Today though, I'm clearing a house in Manchester, in preparation to move there.

Was lucky to find the place I did in the hills so cheap seven years ago, but landlady has sold it and we all have to go now. There's nothing like it there now. I'm going to miss riding a bike up steep hills from my front door

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Today marks a decade of freelancing 🎂

A few years, including the last one, have absolutely sucked, but overall I don't regret leaving my old job, leaving my shit old boss and a couple of awful coworkers in my dust, or not even applying for salaried roles in the past decade.

Interviewed for one salaried job in London by request, described my life in the hills and why I moved there, and their face fell with "oh. It's not the money you care about is it?"

Wrote something about navigating the sometimes very strange landscape of business advice for independent videogame developers:

A conversation with friends reminded me of the very funny NSFW short film "A Heap of Trouble" and I'm not gonna pass up an opportunity to post that again, enjoy:

got introduced to new work contact via whatsapp. completely forgot I set my bio, years ago, to "raised in a cave"

first call, he opens with "so, raised in a cave, tell me more"

me: er

(no i did not explain the meme)

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