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important research about cats being friends with each other: "Cats learn the names of their friend cats in their daily lives"

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Frankenstein is, in fact, GNU/Frankenstein. Frankenstein is not a monster unto itself, but rath

brains are silly + 

Put a hole in the knee of some favourite jeans in a bike crash. Months of "my favourite jeans are ruined" and not quite being able to bring myself to chuck them or use for messy stuff like painting. They're really comfortable. Today I put them on, looked in the mirror, and suddenly thought:

"oh no. A hole in the knee of my jeans, what an unprecedented fashion faux pas! I'd need cast-iron self confidence to wear jeans with a hole in the knee. Because nobody ever does that!" 😄

Someone carved the alphabet into a tree and let it deform for five years and made a font out of it:

I'm starting a small call for entries for a yet-to-exist 'zine on tech for resting, being lazy, letting be, and having a break. Share wide and far.


For the first Fallow Zine, la Jachère is interested in contributions about the following topics, but not limited to them.

- Lazy tech or tech for the lazies
- Tech that falls into place, fits, is just enough
- Tech for rest, pause, have a break, take a breath
- Tech for preservation, of the status quo, of energy, of a moment, of equilibrium

More on

- Deadline: 21. June 2022 (more or less… deadlines are thresholds to play with)

#zine #technology

pol meta 

I feel like a lot of leftists need to internalize that we don't resist oppression because we think we're gonna win, but rather because oppression can't be left unresisted. imho this mindset makes it easier to continue when everything seems hopeless

New release of our voxel editor Avoyd:
- Transparency in export to polygon mesh
- Improved graphics level of detail
- Better file handling with drag & drop and .awvr file association

Whenever I'm reminded that the UK is a monarchy I get this massive twinge of embarrassment

apparently my elderly neighbor has been maintaining a personal website about the history of UK photography and it is an incredible piece of work.

apparently he still uses some piece of adobe software from the 90s. there is so much care and effort here, and its such a pristine image of the early web being still updated 😭

Instagram forever taunting me with excellent looking boots that don't go up to my size

talking about (a)sexuality again 

The thing about being asexual is that it’s not “hetero-lite.” It’s not just “absence” of sexual attraction. It’s not like I would be attracted to cishet men “if I just had higher libido.” I don’t know how to explain what it feels like but it’s queer as hell. Sometimes I feel alien even to myself. I feel alien in social space. And it makes more and more sense to me as I realize that almost everyone conflates subjectivity with desire, & agency with sexual power.

My partner's games are going to be at this nice event in Glasgow soon :)

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