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Surprised to find Peter Molyneux's grave in Stoke Newington.

Intensely enjoyable video of an intense Polynesian man teaching two ways to husk a coconut

The phrase 'chap-hop' activates my fight or flight response

Soundproofed my bedroom door.

Pro: Sound exclusion.
Con: Smell retention.

dont forget to do bad toots

Seeing people sincerely use the term "microcheating" rings every alarm bell I've got for abusive and controlling behaviour.

Romanticism is already culty and full of paradoxes. It really doesn't need added suspicion and speculative verbal electric fences. Fucks sake.

Hmm. This works much better out loud.

It's okay; some of my best friends are monogamous

As well as ancap millennials, I'm starting to meet older, much more cynical people in tech. Hope increases.

Last week I was in a room full of tech people talking about ways to do good for their communities. Not one person suggested a startup or teaching anyone to code. Two hours, they all had causes they cared about, and not one ounce of rah-rah-tech boosterism.

Woke up immediately from a dream after saying "This dream is boring. Get fucked"

Whenever I need cheering up I dig out this picture @beck sent me

I'd wish films and TV had a "they refrigerate the woman" label on so I can just not bother watching them, but will probably just give up on anything new labelled cyberpunk.

Completely forgot that I made this video about making videogames: