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Nach πŸ›°

How should we advertise our college?

A nice thing about realising that the industry has trapped videogames in a weird, culturally specific self-image is realising that the middle class hippie women who used to buttonhole me about videogame violence and what-about-the-kids are also trapped there.

I don't have to engage, I don't have to win that debate, I don't work for the industry. I can just fuck off and build something better. If anything has a chance of breaking all of those weird codependencies, it's that.

Used my augmented brain to escape cyberprison

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Oh! Wow! Look! Splinter Zone is 33% off as part of the itchio summer sale!

This is ultra cheap and the game is really cool as well!

This was a very bleak ride. Torrential rain materialised at the least sheltered point, then someone's rear mech exploded.

Probably the greatest joy in the world is getting to tell someone new about the mumsnet penis beaker post

(selfie) Been sent to cyberprison

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Anyway hi masto I wrote a review of some brakes today, went mountain biking and found a great new descent, then met game developer friends in the pub. How was your day?

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Can I offer you a Communist Tim Curry in these trying times? #e32018

Fun fact: In Mad Max, Fury Road, when Immortan Joe's War Boys launch themselves into battle and spray their teeth with "chrome", it's *actually* Wilton's edible Colour Mist spray glitter. For the record, it smells like cheap vodka. If all goes well, it'll make my chocolates all shiny and chrome.


Spent the afternoon walking a friend's good dog through a load of good rocks.

(Yes I have read the discourse and understand it, but this was my immediate reaction).