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"I don't say we all jort to misbehave, but we jort to look as if we could."
- Orson Welles

trans, UK, Manchester, + 

Manchester's new "we'll actually listen to you!" gender service formally opened today. ^_^

"The service is initially focusing on supporting people who are aged 17 or over, registered with a GP in Greater Manchester and eligible for NHS treatment, currently on a waiting list for a gender clinic, and have not yet had their first appointment."

Found on Twitter.

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This is fantastic.

People are confusing 5ghz Wifi channels with the 5G broadband network, so they're buying Faraday cages at sucker prices to put around their routers to block the evil mind-controlling 5G radiation.

With predictable, hilarious results!

UK / coronavirus 

What if the virus hits the vaccine with a chair?

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UK / coronavirus 

"The vaccine performs a form of jujitsu on the virus, and allows it to be defeated"

Oh. Okay.

cyber monday was originally a pagan festival that got appropriated by the christians

Hey everyone, me and a lot of friends created this big indie-TTRPG bundle on itchio, with the earnings going to Trans Mutual Aid Manchester. It would be cool, if you could go, check it out and buy it!

French Islamophobia, fascism, holy fucking shit 

What the fuck

"BBC News - France's Macron issues 'republican values' ultimatum to Muslim leaders.

• Children will be given an IDENTIFICATION NUMBER to help locate them.
• Imams must register.
• No political actions as Muslims."

[black mirror voice] what if yer dog had a QR code


Certain bits of the world have made a lot more sense to me since @kimadactyl voiced the term "representative innovation". People who talk about innovation tend to want things that look like it but have no risks. It's just a word for selling things, not doing things. Actual change? Heretical.

This even before you get to the notion of "Progress! ➡️🗽💪 (pls ignore colonialism no stop don't think about it)"

The industry wide response to Epic's shenanigans says rather too much about how complicit in the awfulness it is.

Right cause, wrong approach is absofuckinglutely not the right take when a billion-huffing megacompany weaponises it's fanbase, largely made up of kids..

It's "this is fucking disgusting and needs to stop now". Not that one.

No Man's Sky, lewd 

the planet is covered in purple grass. lads i think i've found Prince's homeworld

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Still think every subsequent Halo after the first should denote its sequel order with an additional 'o' rather than a number.

bike industry vent, sexism 

(so glad i missed this when it happened a few months back, but now need to expel it into the void, sorry)

an autistic Asian man
calling out the rest of the bike industry as racist
because they called him out
for getting his 40,000 followers to speculate
on the engineering tolerances
of a specific bike journalist's vagina

my dude,

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