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"I don't say we all jort to misbehave, but we jort to look as if we could."
- Orson Welles

i honestly think that, by virtue of being 6'6", i could topple any pre-industrial duchy sized government

15 men on the dead man's chest? sounds gay to me idk

Egg finished 😁 Copic multiliners, Krylon copper leafing pen, and Faber Castell Pitt brush pens, on A6 size off-white smooth card. This was a commission for someone to gift to a friend ^.^ #MastoArt


You have less than a week to buy one these G.B. Rober supporter editions over on itchio.

I'm fairly biased, because I make this game, but friends it's going to be a good one, and believe me you want to have this:

Climate, billionaires, culture 

Vastly different scale, but similar category error to someone who thinks platforming themselves to tens/hundreds of thousands of followers is activism rather than symbolism

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Climate, billionaires, culture 

Watching a video that suddenly went "This video was produced in partnership with Bill Gates, [bla bla new book]" and my head swam.

I get that no one that rich is writing a book for the money, but I'd rather live in a world where it's inconceivable and baffling to everyone that one person would be able to neatly package up a load of answers like this. Because it is

something very powerful about how the universal sign for being happy in No Man's Sky is to do a lil dance, regardless of who you are or how seriously you take yourself. you can give a professional scientist mineral data and that still 100% warrants a lil dance.
we should normalize this irl.

What if we put Mario's head on top of Sonic the Hedgehog's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

Not sure how to label so I'll just say Political 

Liberals today cheering as texans suffer. You know that state that's half disenfranchised Democrats and half Republicans but mostly just nonvoters? The really diverse state with all kinds of people in it? Yeah that one. They want those people to freeze and die for voting wrong

Old British comedy, meta 

Friend having to explain Harry Enfield, and how popular shows like his were at the time, to someone non-British. She interjects:
"That's weird, I didn't think you could call it a comedy. It's so bad" lol

Shitpost, Superman II 

Post-credits scene of a Jor-El hologram going "No! PRISON, not prism" 🤦🏻‍♂️

theres two genders: small business owner and international fiance capitalist

Jack Dorsey and Musk endorsing bitcoin tells you something.

No, it doesn’t say anything about bitcoin. It tells you that these people are somewhere on the showman - conman - fraudster continuum. That’s it. That’s what this tells you.

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