if #rust can tell me where to put a semicolon when I forget why can't it just put one there for me?

If you want some milk you can buy it packaged or build a farm.
For data science you either buy packaged insights or grow a data team.
It's not like juicer where you throw data and it spits out information.

Vim tip:

If you are using vim-sexp plugin you can define a text object for a pair of sexp elements. gist.github.com/nbardiuk/05fbf

Imagine to be able to operate on a binding-form of let or a key and value of map/edn or test and expr of cond/case

I've packaged my first vim plugin

It provides vim-iced suggestions to ncm2 completion manager


Parse, don’t validate
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I decided to collect some of the thoughts on parsing vs. validation I was reflecting on about a month ago into a new blog post: lexi-lambda.github.io/blog/201

In is it just one line

hardware.bluetooth.package = pkgs.bluez.override { enableMidi = true; };

users can enable midi support by rebuilding bluez tttapa.github.io/Pages/Ubuntu/
And unfortunately it is not coming soon to official repos bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+sou

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is so easy and fun.

I've just updated single line in config file and my linux laptop now can connect to midi over bluetooth.

On other distros I would need to build bluez package manually and then keep it up to date. Or I would need to install it from random third party

Universally good tips for somebody who is different

"Survival Tips For Women in Tech" by @pati_gallardo@twitter.com


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