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Suggestive Furry Art 

Fembug Hooters, where the bugs are always horned.

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So this is cyberpunk as fuck:

“I am involved with developing facial recognition to in fact use on Portland police officers, since they are not identifying themselves to the public,” Mr. Howell said. Over the summer, with the city seized by demonstrations against police violence, leaders of the department had told uniformed officers that they could tape over their name. Mr. Howell wanted to know: Would his use of facial recognition technology become illegal?

Portland’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, told Mr. Howell that his project was “a little creepy,” but a lawyer for the city clarified that the bills would not apply to individuals. The Council then passed the legislation in a unanimous vote.

I'm looking forward to 3000 years from now when anthropologists describe me as "a member of a small but widespread and furvent cult who filled their homes small plastic idols representing the giant metal men and women they worshipped. With so many idols, there must have been a god for every purpose and occasion. Curiously, despite this diversity of purpose, every god seemed to be armed for war."


fi tried to take a photo of the chocolate chip zucchini cookies i just finished but i accidentally pulled my hand away too fast. i kind of love how it turned out though? C O O K I E S

scanned and cleaned up some technical drawings from old gdr "Jugend und Technik" (youth and technology) magazines, i like this one

pour one out for the tragic graphic designer hidden deep inside the Google megacorp maze who goes to bed every night knowing their employer will never let them make anything even a tenth as good as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation logo

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i still cant tell if danny gamegrumps embracing the furry thing is legit or a really long running joke but i mean hes got a cute fursona in this years ghoul grumps so

GIC assessment documentary transphobia 

Video from the 1970s showing the sort of hurdles faced during "transgenderism" assessment at the UK GICs. Thought it was a really good eye opener into how shitty it used to be, and it really hasn't improved that much, the same sentiment of you needing them and having to bow to their position just less outright aggressive.

Just a heads up, its pretty savage.

Banner Drop in solidarity with 1492 Land Back Lane in Tiohtia:ke/Montreal. #fuckOPP no police, no state! Fall 2020 banner challenge, can you do better?

i live in one of those newfangled water dungeons. every time i want to open the garage door i have to go to the attic, basement and guest bathroom to activate a series of magical viaducts

I have never been so specifically called out in agitprop before

14 anarchist films to watch during confinement 

@GreenandBlack add Born in Flames by Lizzie Borden (1983) for Black feminism and anarchy

14 anarchist films to watch during confinement 

This list was originally put together by the Venezuelan anarchist collective El Libertario, I've found the original dubs and tried to find versions with english subtitles (Versions without english subtitles are marked NS, you can find srt files on OpenSubtitles):

The Wave (2008) - German film that portrays the rise of Nazism amongst a group of students. Based on a real United States experiment. [NS]

Libertarias (1996) - Film about the role played by the anarcha-feminist group Mujeres Libres in the middle of the Spanish Civil War.

Land and Freedom (1995) - Film based on 'Homage to Catalonia' by George Orwell.

Salvador (2006) - Dramatic film about the attempt by family and friends to prevent the Franco regime's execution of the Catalan anarchist Salvador Puig Antich. [NS]

The Green Beautiful (1996) - The film portrays a utopian planet where its inhabitants develop themselves as they get rid of the hindrances of the modern world. [NS]

Simón, Hijo Del Pueblo (2013) - Documentary that recreates the historical memory around Simón Radowitzky. [NS]

Lucio (2007) - Documentary about the anarchist bricklayer Lucio Urtubia.

The Anarchist's Wife (2008) - Film about a passionate woman who must search for her anarchist husband after the Spanish Civil War. [NS]

Manuel (1991) - A Spanish refugee in Canada, picks up Manuel, a twelve-year-old Portuguese teenager, who he teaches to read, to assert his rights and to whom he talks about the Spanish civil war. [NS]

Animal Farm (1954) - Animated film based on the Orwell novel.

Hombres de ideas avanzadas (2011) - Documentary about the Catalan anarchist Penina, who was shot by the Argentine military. [NS]

Sacco & Vanzetti (1971) - Film about the process that the US government unfairly carried out against two anarchist workers.

Joe Hill (1971) - Film about the poet and singer Joe Hill, member of the IWW and persecuted by the US government.

Libera, My Love (1975) - Italian film that portrays the anarchist struggle against the rise of fascism. [NS]

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