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Not Free As In Speech But Free As In Gluten

Me Age 7: "Clearly my parents are lying to me and I'm actually a robot. Why else would my joints pop and click when I move?"

Sabotage can happen even among the most disenfranchised.

Organization can happen.

Training each other.


Figuring shit out.

They won't GIVE us that.

Remember that Capoeira often gets looked down on for being more "dance than fight".

It's hilarious every time someone falls for it.

The slaves tricked their masters into thinking they were dancing, because learning to FIGHT was forbidden.

This is how Capoeira looks like in a real fight.

Camo is just tie dye which has been corrupted by violence and power worship

My new hobby: Adding public drinking fountains (and toilets, but it's mostly fountains that are missing so far) to #OpenStreetMap. This is so important for people to find, but still so few are marked in #OSM. At least here in Norway. It's a shame, really. And the hotter the climate gets, the more important it will become. @openstreetmap

...Here’s where I point out Luke’s family were redneck enough to have a T-14 on cinder blocks in their yard...

... here’s where I point out that Star Wars was so 70s it was partly about a Space Trucker on the run from the bears.

How many times have you moved home?

Cis women and Contraceptives 

Trans people and HRT 

this is almost unreasonably faithful 😹 - right down to the wheels rendering over the top of the mini map - what an incredible recreation!
#pico8 #virtuaracing would not be VR without changing pov!
(car model selection based on distance)

This place is a message… and part of a system of messages… pay attention to it! Sending this message was important to us. We considered ourselves to be a powerful culture.

Be the crow you want to see in the world!

• collect shiny things
• hop happily down the street for no apparent reason
• scream loudly when you see your friend


Anyone know the name of the UK podcast where two drag queens come to terms with the realization that they're both transgender?

US concentration camps, aerial photos 

U.S. concentration camps, Photo inside 

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