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I am officially opening my commissions again!

There will only be 4 slots available at a time. Prices start at $25 for a digitally penciled figure with no background, $50 for digital inks (no background), and $75 for digital colors (no background.) Additional characters are extra as are backgrounds.

Email me at SarahNeilaElkins (at) gmail if you're interested!

I can NOT draw NSFW content.

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My & pricing info is as follows:

1 chara pinup no background:

Pencils $25
Inks $50
Colors $75
Digi-sketch bust: $50

Do you need an artist to make a 10 pg pitch for your comic?

I now have 1 slot open for 10 comic pgs! Pencil, ink, shade, & letters $1000

Email in bio!

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I'm an artist & writer.
My dystopian magical girl comic is available on along with my sword fighting horror novel

book 1 comes out in 2018 from

Subscribers to get to see comic pgs early

I primarily write stories w asexual leads & also enjoy reading & writing about Nikola Tesla. Also my elbow tendons like to turn to bone which SUCKS

By the way if anyone is interested in the old Rayearth anime OVA's I have VHS copies of that. It was the second adaptation very loosely based on the comics so it was extra weird. I may try posting those for sale somewhere. Dunno.

For a brief moment today I thought I was on the verge of having my money issues sorted for a bit thanks to some old VHS tapes I found while cleaning. Did some research. It looks like I have a large box of VHS tapes to donate somewhere. Gonna pack the box up into my car in a bit.

5 (FIVE) days left for , an LGBTQIA+ comic anthology by queer creators raise the final $19017 to reach their goal on !

Help these creators bring this collection of fantasy stories related to water to LIFE!


Tomorrow I need to focus on cleaning things around the house so I likely wont get stuff done art wise. I mean, I did make progress on a commission today so there's that even if I didn't finish it. Also think I've convinced myself to make what I love.
Gnight y'all.

Logging off everything for the night. Tomorrow I will wake up earlier & get more done, both on art and cleaning around the house.

Take care everyone & have a good night.
Don't forget to


I saw , , & trending on birdsite and thought I had slipped back into the early 2000s when I went on a walk today. @_@

It should be noted that this coat is so big & heavy that lifting it at present made my arms hurt (arm problems ugh) so it reminded me that in middle school and particularly in high school I was in amazing shape. I miss having abs.
I plan to get fit in 2019 if my arms let me.

I am probably going to donate this coat somewhere btw. It's far too badass for present me to pull off. I know past me probably looked like a house elf who mugged a biker for their coat. lol

Went through coats on our coat rack and discovered the huge leather biker jacket had to be mine from either high school or middle school.
The following items were in the pockets: A bag of nilla cookies, a Texas shaped paper weight, a small pencil, a pair of black & purple gloves.

I WILL NOT break my 2018 New Years Resolution. I will not look up my ex. He can go eat a rock.

I am going to go have breakfast (no rocks) then get to work on art & preparing for the holidays. I still have a few commission slots open for January btw!

In reality my family never had a property that had a secret highway running through it or a steam heated trailer park. If there were fairies near any rivers I've never seen them. lol Constantine is probably totally my ex's type so that part of the dream stung. :/

The property owner was entranced by the sheep, which were on a little hill by the river, surrounded by ominous burning candles. I told him to avoid the sheep. I woke up just as he got to the sheep despite my warnings.

Down by the river I ran into the fairies I had hung out with as a kid. I explained I had super powers & they said that wasn't new I had them as a kid. I asked if they gave them to me & they said fairies aren't that generous, did I want a sheep? I declined the sheep.

I helped some of the Marvel-style mutants evade the new property owner & the tour he was leading when we all reached the old abandoned town on the property. I warned them to avoid the highway and river because of ghost sharks & fairies. They already knew to avoid them

I showed the new owner the secret highway & discovered a little ghost/demon guy in a car who was trying to lure people in to curse them. I chewed the ghost dude out & convinced the property owner the car was an old remote controlled toy my brothers had lost.

So I showed the new owners, first the remains of an old steam heated trailer park. The new owner had lined the area with military tanks and old jets as decoration. Then I showed him the secret highway and explained that it didn't connect to anything but dirt roads.

Then I got to visit a ranch my family had owned in the 1990s as part of an 'open house' thing. The current owner didn't know about the secret highway that ran down the middle, nor the Marvel-style mutants who lived on the property, nor the fairies down by the river.

Once that dream stuff was over another dream arc started. I dunno if Constantine got to go back to his own world or what. Maybe he got a ride with Jason Momoa and started acting? Dreams are weird.

I ran into my ex-boyfriend & we got caught up. I explained I had hated him for years but was willing to put the past behind me. He spotted Constantine & mentioned how he loved that show & that John was his type in guys. I hated him again because we had the same taste

Before leaving the convention I got to hang out with Jason Mamoa then John Constantine. Constantine insisted he was just an actor but had seen the hand thing happen & knew I had super powers. No one believed he was either the actor OR Constantine

Then I was in a building at a small comic convention thing preparing to leave and my left hand got cut off. After someone was horrified and surprised I wasn't bleeding out I reattached it & explained I had super powers & usually dealt with supernatural stuff.

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