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My & pricing info is as follows:

1 chara pinup no background:

Pencils $25
Inks $50
Colors $75
Digi-sketch bust: $50

Do you need an artist to make a 10 pg pitch for your comic?

I now have 1 slot open for 10 comic pgs! Pencil, ink, shade, & letters $1000

Email in bio!

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I'm an artist & writer.
My dystopian magical girl comic is available on along with my sword fighting horror novel

book 1 comes out in 2018 from

Subscribers to get to see comic pgs early

I primarily write stories w asexual leads & also enjoy reading & writing about Nikola Tesla. Also my elbow tendons like to turn to bone which SUCKS

I wont be online this weekend since I'm going to Geekfest

Speaking of which it's time for me to log off and go cook up some food to take with me so I can save money while running my artist alley table!

Take care & have a great weekend!

Logging off for the night. I gotta clean my car out, eat dinner, and rest my arms. Tomorrow I will make food for the weekend and rest some more.

Take care everyone!

Please remember

I really like drawing Nikola Tesla with a look of "I am done with your shit" on his face. It is very satisfying. βš‘οΈπŸ’œβš‘οΈ

Here's another sketch of Nikola Tesla the mech pilot who battles giant alien bugs. I am testing out the idea of a pigeon dragon but it just looks a bit like a goose and Tesla had a bad run in with a goose as a kid so I may go more lizard-like with the dragon. lol

shot of the Nikola Tesla piloting a giant robot doodle I started today. No clue if I'll finish this off ever or if it's related to the important polls so I am posting something other than just a screenshot of it for y'all to enjoy. Made with CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX

Here's a link to the polls on Twitter:

This week my brain is pulling out all the stops and throwing everything at me. Felt sad I wasn't working. Felt sad I wasn't getting things ready for the con quickly enough. Imposter syndrome while typing up notes for my panels. AND NOW thoughts about the last guy I dated. UGH.

That guy sucks. He can go eat a rock. I WILL NOT look up the jerk. Instead I will just sit here and draw weirdass sketches of Nikola Tesla while listening to deathstep.

If you play @FateGO_USA and want to be friends here's my friend code. I have a level 99 Nikola Tesla summon.

Remember: we're just a bunch of mighty meat machines~ 🎡

I've had a headache today and am not feeling too good so I'm just gonna doodle punk teen Nikola Tesla or something.

I thought about doodling Psychic Underground related Teslas but I want to go weirder than that though to be honest were-Tesla is probably pretty weird. lol

I've gotta log off for the night and rest. Need to make some food, feed our pets, then massage and ice my arm tendons. Take care of yourselves everyone! Have a wonderful night! *mega hugs*

Don't forget to please

I was thinking of putting Birdsite App on my phone for Geekfest this weekend BUT I'm wondering if that would be a good idea.

I keep it off my phone for a reason, you know?


I'm gonna just do my best at Geekfest. I'll try to not be too low beforehand but my brain keeps going "here's a sad thought" while I'm trying to finish typing up this outline for my panel on writing. It's like imposter syndrome got a little megaphone this week. Ugh.

I haven't tabled at a convention since 2012. When my arm was bad I went to this small con and barely lasted a day since I had lost all my stamina. I REALLY hope I can manage 3 days tabling at it and doing 2 panels but I worry I've bitten off more than I can chew.

*Realizes I don't draw my own characters enough to warrant someone drawing them in a meme online*

One day, I will draw my characters more.

Also this post reads whiny as hell. Just feeling a bit emotionally low and stuff. I think I'm worried about the con this weekend & I'm @_@

*Sees a professional in an industry is being an ass again*


*Goes to block said professional on Twitter and discovers she already did at some point in the past*

Oh, yeah.

I just bought the soundtrack to this show because I love the show and need to sing along to the songs again. Support !

I love Sugar includes the "I" and "A" when talking about including LGBTQIA+ characters in Steven Universe. I am always overjoyed to see people including them, especially since some folks have been extra vocal about excluding asexual and aromantic people.

Just found out about 's podcast. Nice chill music to listen to while you work.

I keep thinking about lunch for this weekend so I am gonna log off and run to the store and get some things for lunches.

Take care of yourselves everyone and please remember

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