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⚡️NEW⚡️ Comic Commission slot!

Page rate: $100 a page for pencils + digital inks! $175 a page for pencils, inks, & gray shading. Colors negotiable!

Hire me to draw your comic project or pages for a pitch package!

The only thing I can't draw is NSFW sexual subjects due to my phobia. I can draw action, monsters, & violence.
Email in bio & graphic.

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I now have 4 (FOUR) commission slots open right now for March 2019!
1 character pencils- $25
1 character inks- $50
1 character colors $75
All digital artwork with no background. Additional characters or backgrounds can be negotiated.
Email in bio & graphic.

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I'm an artist & writer.
My dystopian magical girl comic is available on along with my sword fighting horror novel

book 1 comes out in 2018 from

Subscribers to get to see comic pgs early

I primarily write stories w asexual leads & also enjoy reading & writing about Nikola Tesla. Also my elbow tendons like to turn to bone which SUCKS

Today I accomplished:
-ate (Eventually)
-drank water
-touched up a bunch of comic pages

Tomorrow I will finish off the corrections for this comic & work on other stuff. I was thinking of streaming but tomorrow is also my mom's birthday so I may just work some without streaming.

Me - It's so fun to work on a comic again even if it's just doing minor corrections to someone else's work.
*looks at the clock*

Me - OH SHIT IT'S NEARLY 3:30pm and I forgot to eat.

I think I need to listen to some loud metal or industrial dubstep or something today to help me focus.

Yesterday was a no music kind of day but today requires NOISE.


Getting to work on comic stuff now. Still wishing my ex had apologized for how they treated me years ago.

I will not look up my ex.

I will work on comics & then edit my novel. When the novel is done I will work on commissions & pick up my webcomic again.

I will surpass my ex

Today I accomplished:
-drank water
-edited 10 pages of my novel
-work on minor fixes for a comic (hooray surprised job!)

Gonna take a break and rest for the evening. Tomorrow I will work on more of these comic pages and more of my novel.

This just in, FB still has my figurative number regarding ads & continued to encourage me to dress as a wizard in the future.

I am more than okay with this.

Last night I dreamed there was a giant shapeshifting monster that was trying to absorb more & more people. If the creature got you & you had a strong will you could break free & gain the powers for yourself. 2 other people & myself did so to fight the creature.

I keep thinking about how I wish I had a paying comic job YET at the same time I am very aware that I don't have a good track record finishing comics even before my arm got bad. I also don't have time right now.

I need to get myself together, finish some comics, & eventually get paying work drawing comics instead of just doing assistant work.

I need to log off & rest. Gotta massage & ice my arm tendons so I can work on my book edits tomorrow. When I finish the book I'll feel better.

Today I accomplished:
-drank water
-took time to play a game to rest

TOMORROW I will get work done on book edits then work on penciling a commission. There's another cold front coming through tonight, so I will say that's why I couldn't focus today. @_@

The game updates are done! Gonna scoot around and zap some monsters or something for an hour or so. I need to take a day to rest sometimes, right?

The game I intend to play needs to update since I haven't played it in several months. @_@

I'm not making much progress on work today & feel a bit blah so maybe I should play a video game? I haven't done that in months. I'm not counting Fate Grand Order since I've only been logging in for the bonus on that the last couple months. @_@

I farted around on FB until the warlock boot ad popped back up so I could click on it this time and THOSE BOOTS ARE $449.99! D: D: D: D:

I'm never gonna be a wizard, Harry.

After years of comically inaccurate FB ads. Facebook now has my figurative number & is actively seeking to enable me dressing like a wizard one day.

I need to eat some lunch. Doesn't look like I'll be able to get much book editing done. My brain is in art mode and brainstorm mode. Tomorrow I will try to make up for taking a day off from edits. Tomorrow will be Writing Wednesday!

Today is the day the Artbook is out from and !

I am so happy I got to work on a piece for this book! I can finally show the full version of my illustration for the book.

Order here:

Logging off social media stuff for real now. Will definitely check twitter again later to see if there's a consensus on whether that clothing article is a dress or a robe or a tunic or what.

I kinda want one either way.

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