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Psychic Underground: The Facility and Psychic Underground: The Hunt are both 30% off right now from#NinestarPress

You can still get both of my asexual psychic wereTesla novels at a discount!

Check them out if you're interested in reading them!

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I'm an artist & writer.
My dystopian magical girl comic is available on along with my sword fighting horror novel

book 1 comes out in 2018 from

Subscribers to get to see comic pgs early

I primarily write stories w asexual leads & also enjoy reading & writing about Nikola Tesla. Also my elbow tendons like to turn to bone which SUCKS

People are pretty busy right now anyway so they also aren't super chatty on social media either.

Gonna focus on rereading this zombie book and writing on The Wrong Wizards. Also gonna continue to clean around the house. Hopefully I can set up our xmas tree this week!

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Logging off my workPC. Tomorrow I will work on my books more.

Gonna continue to try to stay off social media during the day, but it's hard because it's my main form of contact with people besides my family and this time of year has me feeling low and lonely while I work.

I have successfully excavated my exercise bike from the pile of laundry and miscellaneous other things!

I was also able to use my exercise bike today!

Regularly using it again will help my hip which aches sometimes & also hopefully help stave off the wintertime sad brain lies.

Logging back off social media now so I can focus on going over my zombie novel. It's 86,721 words long so it'll take me awhile to reread and jot notes on then I'll do another pass rewriting it.

If any mutual friends want to read a book where Nikola Tesla is immortal let me know.

"You can't just add Nikola Tesla to a bunch of different books you're writing."

How else am I supposed to build to a massive crossover book where most of the cast is alternate versions of Nikola Tesla??

Me: I'm gonna get some more work done on this book!

My body: GUESS WHAT! I'm gonna actually let you know that you're hungry before you get all super sick feeling from not eating. You should eat. You should eat now. No, the zombie book didn't make you think about lunch. >_>

I have now checked social media real quick.

Time to get back to work going over my zombie book. I had all the medical staff & main character's roommate wearing masks and keeping their distances in the early scenes when she was sick.
Wrote this pre-covid.

Past me thought ahead.

I played Genshin Impact an hour longer than I planned because I was messing around with the magic teapot house thing. I now have two cats and a dog in the magic house. lol

Gonna log off and go ice my arms. Gnight, y'all!

Gonna play Genshin Impact for an hour then go ice my arm tendons. My arms are doing pretty good right now.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some more writing and cleaning done.

Please stay safe everyone! Get vaccinated, wear a mask, and wash your hands!

I got my book updated!

Seriously considering just, posting one of my side burner stories as a serial and not promoting it to see what happens.

BUT not today.

Today I need to log back off social media, eat some lunch, then do some more cleaning!

Tomorrow I can write more.

Saved time by not inking the BG on this illustration for The Wrong Wizards. I think my pencils were tight enough on it that it looks good!

I will set things up on Sunday so the web serial will update Monday on my website, Tapas, and Moonquill.

For now I'm gonna go rest.

Logging off for the day. Tomorrow I will clean more, work on this illustration more, and also rest more.

Gonna try to actually stay off twitter tonight to rest.

Please stay safe everyone! Get vaccinated, wear a mask, and wash your hands!

Stream over!

Thanks for tuning in!

The webcam worked well, I think, and I got an illustration penciled! Here's hoping I have it finished by the time I post this chapter later this month!

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TODAY, at 3pm central I will be streaming LIVE while I draw art for my web serial novel on for 3 hours!

I will have my webcam on for the first time as well! You'll get to see me zone out while I draw!

Tune in and let's hang out!

My sinus headache has gotten worse with every sneeze. D:

Gonna log off and make myself some food to eat. Then try to get some cleaning done.

Gonna try to stay off social media today since I feel like crap.

Friends can text, call, or email to reach me.

Enemies can just email.

The joke is I don't really have any real enemies, so even if someone who thought they were my enemy emailed me I'd just see it as a regular email. lol

*looks at the news*


Gonna focus on playing a video game some today then cleaning away from my computer and the news so I don't have an anxiety attack or something.

Meh, feeling kinda low and directionless still.

Sinus headache is not helping.

Gonna play Genshin Impact a bit then do some more cleaning.

Tomorrow I will stream work on art at 3pm and see if I have an idea for my future by then. If not I'll probably just draw a buff dragon.

I've felt frustrated trying to decide what to draw for myself so I've decided to take a couple days off to rest, clean things, and play a video game from time to time.

Thursday I plan to stream work on art at 3pm central and will be drawing SOMETHING for The Wrong Wizards.

I'm gonna log off and get some rest. Allergies have been kicking my butt pretty bad today. Slight sinus headache has come and gone and is trying to come back again.

Tomorrow I'll do more cleaning and maybe write some.

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