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⚡️NEW⚡️ Comic Commission slot!

Page rate: $100 a page for pencils + digital inks! $175 a page for pencils, inks, & gray shading. Colors negotiable!

Hire me to draw your comic project or pages for a pitch package!

The only thing I can't draw is NSFW sexual subjects due to my phobia. I can draw action, monsters, & violence.
Email in bio & graphic.

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I now have 4 (FOUR) commission slots open right now for March 2019!
1 character pencils- $25
1 character inks- $50
1 character colors $75
All digital artwork with no background. Additional characters or backgrounds can be negotiated.
Email in bio & graphic.

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I'm an artist & writer.
My dystopian magical girl comic is available on along with my sword fighting horror novel

book 1 comes out in 2018 from

Subscribers to get to see comic pgs early

I primarily write stories w asexual leads & also enjoy reading & writing about Nikola Tesla. Also my elbow tendons like to turn to bone which SUCKS

Ok. I need to log off now and eat. I can't stop thinking about pancakes BUT I am also too tired to make pancakes. Either way it means I should feed.

Today I accomplished:
-drank water
-penciled a character
-contemplated my ability to make a graphic novel and which story I feel most passionate about. I may do the talking sword story. I just need to make sure I can keep my momentum going without wrecking my arm.
Time for dinner & rest. Gnight.

I'm not sure if I'll actually manage to make this a graphic novel BUT I really DO want to rework the story I wrote in highschool but as a isekai-type comic. Here's the main character, Rebecka, with her talking sword/armor. I will have to retitle it.

Logging off everything for the day & go back to icing my arms. Wrote a little on the ghost story for fun. Still not sure about my future drawing comics. Gonna take some time to think about it. Will stream art or writing on Friday at 3pm on Twitch.
Take care everyone & good night.

I gotta get ready for ! The con starts tomorrow at Central Texas College & I need to make some food to take w me.

Hopefully I'll do well at the con but if not I'd like to have food w me. I'm cutting it close financially before the con.

I'm gonna turn off my computer and lay down a while to see if this headache goes away.

I have a headache again. It's gotten progressively worse all afternoon. I went ahead and took one of the migraine pills now. Was hoping it wasn't a migraine but don't want a repeat of the one on Sunday/Monday I didn't take meds for. Gonna take care of this one asap.

Maxalt, Go!

I managed to fluff up my hair a bit and feel better about the cut. I still wish it wasn't shaved quite so high in the back. @_@

They went a LITTLE higher on the shaved portion than I wanted today. I DID get a discount since I think they realized the mistake. :s

The collage is the ref I brought in w old haircuts of mine plus celeb haircuts for the back since I didn't have pics of the back.

This, kinda, didn't help my stress levels today so I will be sinking into writing for fun and watching anime to distract myself. *heavy sigh*

I'm gonna stay off social media some today. Friends can find me on skype, email, or text. I will RT that one poll on twitter in a couple hours then see how it turned out.

Take care of yourselves everyone. *super mega hugs* 💜💜💜💜

You know what?



I managed to make this little guy in about 40 minutes!

My arm is not killing me & I've been doing a lot today to sort of simulate the stress of moving con materials and whatnot.


I am going to offer badge commissions at this weekend.

Car is cleaner. Don't think I'm going to vacuum, in part because I am tired & lost yesterday to the migraine. I may draw the test badge tomorrow instead of today. I'm worried I may not be able to manage doing badges given how tired cleaning the car & doing laundry has made me. :c

I'm gonna write a bit for fun, then see if the weather has dried out enough for me to clean my car. If it hasn't I will draw the Detective Pikachu badge as a test and then call it a day. If I have to I can clean my car the day before the convention since I have a couple days.

I was going to clean my car yesterday and draw a pikachu. :C Now I gotta wait until the weather stops storming to clean my car. I'll try to draw the test Detective Pikachu badge today too.

One time I did some exercises where I held myself in place with my knees and had HUGE bruises on the backs of my legs thanks to NSAIDs. My doctor told me this was bad.
Anyway, next migraine I will take a maxalt as soon as I feel the migraine coming on. If I am unable to and still have the migraine when I am able to take the maxalt, even if the migraine is starting to get better, I will go ahead & take one because I lost an entire day yesterday.

Good news: I do not have a migraine this morning.
Bad news: It took over 24 hours for it to go away without meds.
Good news: I have meds now so I am prepared for the next one!
Bad news: No, I can't take excedrin. I'm super sensitive to NSAIDs and bruise randomly if I take those.
I mean, super random bruises. I look like I've been pelted by BBs or paintballs for no reason if I take NSAIDs.

Will people buy my novel at the con? Maybe a few, but novels are a much harder sale at cons than art in my experience. @_@

Anyway, I'm logging off for the night. Will try to not stress. I will probably fail at staying off twitter and not stressing btw. As usual. Gnight.

I made the mistake this evening of figuring out how much I spent this week between seeing movies and convention preparation.

I really hope Epically Geeky Expo goes well next weekend. I will probably do a few badge commissions just so I wont be so anxious about money.

Mostly I worry he may not like it since it's horror and he doesn't like horror. BUT he said he did want to read it to see the survivalist parts so that's a plus. :D

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