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I am officially opening my commissions again!

There will only be 4 slots available at a time. Prices start at $25 for a digitally penciled figure with no background, $50 for digital inks (no background), and $75 for digital colors (no background.) Additional characters are extra as are backgrounds.

Email me at SarahNeilaElkins (at) gmail if you're interested!

I can NOT draw NSFW content.

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My & pricing info is as follows:

1 chara pinup no background:

Pencils $25
Inks $50
Colors $75
Digi-sketch bust: $50

Do you need an artist to make a 10 pg pitch for your comic?

I now have 1 slot open for 10 comic pgs! Pencil, ink, shade, & letters $1000

Email in bio!

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I'm an artist & writer.
My dystopian magical girl comic is available on along with my sword fighting horror novel

book 1 comes out in 2018 from

Subscribers to get to see comic pgs early

I primarily write stories w asexual leads & also enjoy reading & writing about Nikola Tesla. Also my elbow tendons like to turn to bone which SUCKS

Since aspirin makes me bruise & don't want to take the expensive migraine meds yet I am trying 1 tylonal & 1 excedrin to see if that knock out this headache. If it doesnt I'll try the expensive meds. I just 1: worry about the price of those & 2: already took some earlier in oct

Home from taking a friend to the polls. The minor headache I had when I woke up this morning is still kicking. :/ I REALLY hope this isn't a migraine. I took some of those expensive migraine meds earlier this month & don't want to have to take them again. Will see how I feel.

Logging off for the night. Gonna get up early and give a friend a ride to vote tomorrow. Arms are feeling better since I rested btw but I will ice them tonight anyway.

Take care everyone & have a great night! Remember to drink water & rest. Y'all rock!
*super hugs*

You can check out this database of asexual &/or aromantic characters that's maintained by Claudie Arseneault if you're looking to read more works featuring ace & aro characters for

My car is way cleaner now than it was before but my arms are questioning why I thought I should vacuum it out. If you had seen it you would know. There was a lot of dirt and gravel and grass and leaves on the floors.

Gotta rest some.

Taking a break for a bit from cleaning my car out so I can give friends rides to the polls. Next I shall try to vacuum it out. It's got a lot of dirt in it from birds and stuff. Not, like, birds nesting. Large birds being transported to new homes.

Only 3 (THREE) commission slots open right now.

I will be closing my commissions in November at least for a while so this may be the last time you can buy something from me & help me out this year.

Pictured are examples of pieces for Geoffrey Thorne (, Alex Harrow, & @PeterClines

You can sign up for a 6 week comic making course taught by Becca Hillburn in Nashville!

Check out the info here:

Logging off everything for the night and weekend. Gonna go massage & ice my arm tendons while watching the new season of

Take care of yourselves everyone. Please vote.

*super mega hugs*

Goals next week:
- Vote early
- Update my Patreon twice with 2 new chapters of my space opera
- Work on a commission
- Write
- Remember to eat and rest regularly
- Spend time with a friend

To summon the best ghosts remember to use a quinoa board.

Actual dogs in the neighborhood started barking after I finished recording myself making dog noises for an open audition thing a few moments ago.


Yeah, probably. I think I recorded during the 20 minutes in the day those dogs aren't barking.

Goals today:

-Prepare for a friend to beta read.
-Promote my open commissions
-Remember to rest

Just heard they cancelled Luke Cage. I wonder if they're going to launch a Luke Cage & Iron Fist show? I'd watch the hell out of that.

Logging off for the night. Will do my best to rest tomorrow but the urge to try to use my nervous energy to work on something is very high. I may work a little bit tomorrow. We'll see.

Take care of yourselves everyone.
*super hugs*

All 4 (FOUR) of my commission slots are still open.

I won't lie. I'm feeling less and less confident I'll sell one this month which is making me more and more anxious about bills. I may close my commission slots next month and try to mentally regroup. @_@

Note: I know some folks use plug-ins like Bpelt to flat with. I don't. Could never get the hang of that and after years of flatting by hand professionally I still do a combo of that with the selection tools. Due to my arm issues this will take a while to flat.

Next stream will be Wednesday, October 24th at 3pm central. I will be streaming writing again like I did this week. Probably work on my space opera

Tune in then on

Stream over! I finished inking this piece save for some shadows I will add later once I settle on a light source. Here's a shot of the fanart for

This is the flatting stage now where I skittles the page to separate stuff

I think, if someone were to ask me if I'd want to draw their comic featuring Nikola Tesla I would be interested so long as I was paid and there wasn't any sex in it (and he wasn't a vampire.)

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