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Sarah "Neila" Elkins

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My & pricing info is as follows:

1 chara pinup no background:

Pencils $25
Inks $50
Colors $75
Digi-sketch bust: $50

Do you need an artist to make a 10 pg pitch for your comic?

I now have 1 slot open for 10 comic pgs! Pencil, ink, shade, & letters $1000

Email in bio!

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I'm an artist & writer.
My dystopian magical girl comic is available on along with my sword fighting horror novel

book 1 comes out in 2018 from

Subscribers to get to see comic pgs early

I primarily write stories w asexual leads & also enjoy reading & writing about Nikola Tesla. Also my elbow tendons like to turn to bone which SUCKS

Before I leave for the day please enjoy these pics. My hair is doing a double cowlick/hair horn swoop thing today.

Take care everybody! *hug* ⚡💜💜💜💜⚡

I'm doing a bad job of staying off social media tonight but it's super awesome to see folks posting about how awesome is! I can't wait to see it. Gonna call it a night and try to sleep early since I'll be out of town tomorrow. Gnight everyone! *hug* 💜💜💜💜

Logged back on for a bit to give y'all a kitty update. Rufio is in the house lounging on the floor. She likes tummy rubs & licking my hand so we're pretty sure she's a dog. lol

Before I log off for the night it's important you know Cocoa cat has jumped up onto my chair's armrest & is purring very loudly. Goodnight everyone! *mega hugs* 💜💜💜💜

Anyway, I'm gonna continue to rest tonight while my brain processes stuff I've read & things I realize I want in a story that I will continue to include in my own writing.
Take care everyone & have a great night!
*super hugs*

The parts in the book that talk about sex aren't even that explicit etc I'm just having a week where my genophobia has made me extra sensitive to the subject. Overall I think is a good book that does a good job capturing what life is like for some asexuals.

About 28% of the way through reading
I'm managing my way through the parts that talk about sex. I kinda knew they'd be in there thanks to reviews so I was a bit prepared. They've made me realize how much I hunger for an asexual romance that has no sex in it.

I'm gonna log back off of everything & continue to massage & ice my arm tendons. Take care everyone & have a great weekend! 💜💜💜💜 *hug*

I want to see but will probably have to wait a couple weeks until I can afford to make it to the movie theatre.

I am extra tired and about to head to bed. By the way, trying to wrangle two house cats when sleepy is like herding cats. Oh, I guess that's where the phrase comes from? Whatever. I'm going to sleep & tomorrow I will stay offline while I ice my elbow tendons & read. Gnight. *hug*

I got that commission penciled! :D Also figured out how many art things I've been working on this month & realized I'm far more productive than I thought! Gonna take the rest of the night off & take tomorrow off. Also I should dry the laundry I washed today. Gnight y'all! *hug*💜

I hope everyone in Oaxaca is okay! D: Just saw there was a major earthquake in Mexico a little while ago. D:

I finished inking 1 commission & got halfway finished inking a second during today's stream. Will I be able to pencil another commission tonight or will I be bad and finish penciling it tomorrow instead of taking the whole day off?


Stream over! Thanks for tuning in! My next art stream will be next Friday at 3pm central on

Streaming live right now (3pm central) on for 3 hours as I ink art commissions using ! Tune in & let's hang out!

Today at 3pm central time I will be streaming work on some art commissions on my channel! Tune in and hang out while I work for 3 hours or so.

Today at 3pm central time I will be streaming work on some art commissions on my channel! Tune in and hang out while I work for 3 hours or so.

I still haven't quite finished this commission. I'm worried about all the other commissions I owe. I need to get better about managing my time & my arm problems. Gotta log off & take a break since I'm getting stressed out & weepy again. @_@ Will finish this commission tomorrow.

Spent some time promoting things online. Gonna log back off social media & finish inking this commission while I watch anime. Take care everyone!
*super ultra hugs*

The guest comic I did for is now live on & will be on the main Centralia 2050 site later!

Read the whole comic because Michelle knocks it out of the park with it!