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Thanks to the tireless work of Vince, you can now conveniently install on your using the !

But wait, there's more! If you find that does not work for you yet, the Installer has got you covered. Just run the installer again select to switch back. on phones has never been easier!


Move at a reasonable speed and occasionally try your best to improve things somewhat.

Wanna help me test the next point-release of the ? Not as exciting as the last ones, just some error handling improvements. Still good, though, as it includes prerequisites for an upcoming device! @ubports

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Just released UBports Installer 0.7.2-beta with major redesign to the background library handling device communication to make smoother procedures such as installing other operating systems on the Volla Phone.
Further details can be found at:

#UBports #UBportsInstaller #UbuntuTouch #VollaPhone

You know, Jeff's absolutely right. The fact that he's making his first trillion while small businesses are defaulting left and right and people are being kicked out of their homes is a thing you shouldn't be ignoring.

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i don't know about you, but i'm pretty sure most of my stress comes from the fact that fuckers like that are massively profiting from exploiting workers during a pandemic while tech bros are applauding their super deep aphorisms

The automatic reporting prompt has only been live a little over a day and we're already seeing a ton of reports from systems in the wild. 127 runs, and counting! This is going to be invaluable for improving the @ubports installer! See for yourself:

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We can hardly keep counting releases of UBports Installer, but are still excited about our very latest. Version 0.6.0 beta comes with:
Completion of automatic bug reporting, a ton of bug fixes, and in addition a new step to enable support for upcoming devices.

More details on the release notes:
#UBports #UBportsInstaller #smartphones

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Destructuring assignments in JavaScript, combined with the ternary operator on object values is quite succinct yet expressive.


const { proxyType, proxyProtocol } = originalProtocol === 'ws' ? { proxyType: 'WebSocket', proxyProtocol: 'wss' } : { proxyType: 'HTTP', proxyProtocol: 'https' }

I just got up and i feel this so much. Like, i feel this in my soul. 2020 is a fever dream.

Pushing hard towards a 1.x release of the : Just merged some PRs that brought us just below 50 open issues for the first time since alpha!

Still quite a bit to do before i would consider it completely stable (and some exciting stuff to look forward to!), but it's my personal goal to get it done before the end of the year!


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A new release of the UBports Installer has been bestowed on us by @NeoTheThird With version 0.5.6 comes improvements for users, like providing the installer with the third party firmware necessary for hardware enablement, bug fixes, and also includes more flexibility for flashing images via fastboot, which is required for some upcoming devices.
For more details check the changelog at:
#UBports #UBportsInstaller

random side-project contributions 

Contributed a one-click config to deploy on

Two very cool projects to check out, btw! is basically a self-hosted and can be used as an alternative to . Makes handling a hell of a lot easier. Plus, it takes care of certs. lets you create nice web forms to replace the likes of . Does one thing, and does it admirably well!

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Our friends at Volla are recruiting a Freelancer Ubuntu Touch Developer, to help them with maintaining the Ubuntu Touch port for the VollaPhone. Details at:
#UBports #UbuntuTouch #VollaPhone #Jobs

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