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Finally home! Well, actually home as of yesterday afternoon, but we won't worry about trivia like that.

It's just nice to be able to sleep in my own bed again.

Just tooting to let folks know surgery went very well and I'm still alive. Albeit a little on the sore side.

Successfully arrived at the clinic. Filled out all the forms, hands shaking from lack of sleep. Maybe excitement too. Probably excitement.

I'd fight many men for a good cup of tea though.

Wow, I didn't take insomnia into account. Looks like I'll be heading off to surgery on only three hours sleep.

At least all I have to do is lie there.

Trans stuff, TMI Show more

I swear, Luxuria Superbia is the most lesbian game I've ever played.

Stupid elevator doesn't want to move, and I'm dying from the heat after being outside. I'd take the stairs but my room is on the sixth floor. Not sure my knees can take that.

What the hell was THAT correction, Android?

Go home, you're drunk.

Whoever made the autocorrect on my tablet seems to be a Statecraft 2PBY4 fan. It "corrected" Keurig to Kerrigan.

I left Ottawa on a Monday, but I arrived in Montreal on a Lundi.

The nice thing is a handful of the black raspberries were ripe enough for me to pick them this morning so I didn't miss the whole season.

Less than an hour until I leave for Montréal. Intake at the clinic is at 9am Wednesday morning.

Here we gooooo!

Shit shit shit shit shit

I decided to download all the Baby Steps chapters I hadn't read yet so I can catch up while I'm recovering after surgery. 34 chapters total.

And it turns out that the first six of those chapters are missing on the scanlators' site and the zip files are all 22 bytes each. Which is right at the beginning of the part I haven't read rendering the exercise mostly useless.

This suuuuucks.

#dailysketchchallenge "Water"

Water... Waterwheel... they are a team and achieving things

Heading to Montréal tomorrow morning, and surgery is on Wednesday, likely in the morning.

Getting some last bits of packing done, but otherwise I'm as ready as I'm gonna be.