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The Book of Kels @Nezchan

It's Friday! It's Friday!

Come join the fun at the @gamingonlinux weekly livestream! Samsai's got a bucket of salt and everyone's invited!

This week's fun:
- Day of Infamy's new Dunkirk map
- Naev
- Rusted Warfare
- Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea, Part 2 (Maybe the finale? We'll see!)

if life gives you lemons, eat the fucking lemons. gain their strength. show the lemons who the top of the food chain is. I DON'T FEAR YOU, LEMONS. AUGHH CITRUS IN THE EYE

@pixelpaperyarn Looks like three new cats. I just got the update today.

Oh, it occurs to me the new Neko Atsume cats are probably a tie-in to the movie.

Hold up, whaaaaat?

Neko Atsume just added new cats, after all this time. New goodies too.

That's wild, given I only needed momentos from three of them to have a complete collection.

@noelle Although I admit YOI was a good series. And good gay is always good.


Disappointed the meme doesn't include Flip Flappers, but good otherwise.

Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity are both on sale on GoG for a buck each. i could definitely play either of those through Wine, no problem.

Should I? DARE I?

@alyx To be honest, I mostly just use the terminal to run Streamlink to watch stuff on Twitch. But that mostly involves just hitting the up arrow a couple of times to get the command I want.

@alyx They've been trying to get further and further away from manual control however possible.

Don't get me wrong, I love a GUI. But it's also nice, if I have a problem, to just open a terminal and copy-paste a fix into it.

@alyx Command line is pretty useful depending on what you're doing, but I don't use it for much. Some people use it extensively, and I can respect that.

Also, tab-complete makes file names way less of an issue.

@alyx MPV is a great player if you're the sort who's really comfortable with keyboard commands, and preferably running things from command line. There's definitely an audience for that among Linux users, but for a less technical sort like me, it's a bad choice.

@alyx Yeah, VLC works great for me. It actually plays DVDs better for me than other Linux alternatives too.

I mainly tried MPV since a couple of friends were insistent that it was basically a VLC-killer because VLC is so bad and so forth.