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Andy Lewis of the Quackometer blog is a transphobic piece of shit.

Way I see it, statements like "Idiocracy has become a documentary" comes from a very similar elitist and stereotyping place as "The South (or for Canadians, Alberta) should secede because they're dragging us down".

The whole "Idiocracy" idea, which has become really popular among the left with the rise of Trump, the alt-Reich, and the Tea Party before them, is a heady stew of classism and elitism and is stupid as fuck in its own right.

It's just self-satisfied shitting on poor people for not getting good educations and obtaining the critical thinking skills to resist advertising and propaganda. Not to mention buying heavily into eugenics.

So stop doing, it, k?

So I know why I don't wear those star and moon socks with the separated toes every day. Turns out the cuffs are enough on the tight side that they're leaving marks on my legs and that ends up hurting after a while.

The only mark I accept on my legs is this one.

Who's Johnny?

Fav this if that's stuck in your head now.

Horizon Zero LMAO, starring Ayyy-loy.

Hey! I'm Sarah, a game designer in Chicago, IL. Nice to meet everyone.

I'm a co-author of Bluebeard's Bride (feminine horror rpg), designer of Velvet Glove, (teen girl gangs in the 70s), and the Marketing Director for Magpie Games.

I'm not currently doing any freelance, and I have a very, very loud cat.

A beard is just jorts for your face.

Think about it.