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The Book of Kels @Nezchan

I love deadlines. I love them so much I can't help but cuddle up close to them.

@pixelpaperyarn My dad kinda gets bad when talking about natives, which irritates me. I understand he grew up in a different era and he's not doing it to be malicious, but I just don't wanna deal with it.

@srn The evidence seems circumstantial.

@wwalt You and the mice will be very happy together.

@LimbClock Don't let me stand in the way of your dreams.

Unless you want to hit me with a hammer.

@LimbClock Like the finest porcelain, so delicate a breath could shatter them.

Man, redpilled anti-feminists are a sensitive lot. It takes so little to mortally offend them.

Theme: Alien

For the rest of the month I'll be on a trip in another country and I'm not totally sure if I'll be able to upload anything.
Just a quick headsup.

Being "thick-skinned" can go to hell. I'll stick with compassion.

@benhamill @duck57 @tcql Sounds like a problem that's hard to avoid.

@duck57 @tcql @benhamill So what I'm seeing here is that the problem isn't an obtuse exit command so much as too much ease starting it without it being clear what you're getting into.

Why do people talk about being "thick-skinned" as if that's a good thing?

It just means you're more likely to give hurtful shit a pass. That's a character flaw.