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Cripes, and now there goes Morgan Freeman.

Fame corrupts just like any other powers, I guess.

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Every pixel you see in this screenshot from my upcoming adventure - is painted with @krita - please go support them!

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I wonder if disabling Apport will solve the problem I've been getting with stuff like Youtube videos stuttering if I do something in another window while they're playing. That would be nice.

The trials of running on an old machine.

Huh. I was wondering what was causing my CPU to run flat-out at 100% when restarting after being in suspend mode. Turns out something called Apport was eating literally half that, if not more.

Looking at Ubuntu's docs, it's supposed to be disabled by default on stable releases, which 18.04 is. So what gives? Pretty sure I can do without it as far as I can tell, so I'll see what disabling it does.

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I'm a bit late on this, but my story, "The Observation Log of Ms. Grace McKillip, Retired" is now available free on the Brick Moon Fiction podcast.

The narrator, Sarah Golding, did a brilliant job of bringing my characters to life, resulting in a really special piece of work between the two of us.

I have a lesbian front yard.

The bushes are touching.

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“local mall bi‌tc‌oi‌n atm emblazoned with multiple types of fraud warning” is a powerfully 2018 æsthetic

Terrible thing for a senior to lose their vehicle like that too. And on the holiday, no less.

We speculate that he had a gas can for the chipper he was towing, that fell over or leaked, but that doesn't explain everything. It could have easily have been a broken gas line.

So here's my Victoria Day excitement. An SUV caught fire right in front of my dad's place (he's there in the second pic) and I saw it happen right from the start.

There was some sort of leak that left flames all the way down the hill behind the vehicle, and when he stopped they caught up and ran underneath. It wasn't long before he got away that the whole thing started to go up. Huge flames, toxic smoke, exploding tires, the works!

That was an oddly consistent trip, though. Here's where I was sitting on the way out, and then on the way back.

Weirdly, there was nobody on my side of the row but me on the way out, and nobody at all in my row on the way back. Which was...weird. I thought maybe they just didn't like me.

Tell me that the tall one is not the most elegant green onion you have ever seen.

Don't bother, because you'd be lying. Lying!

Cripes, a week without exposure to gay. How the hell did I manage?

Lost among the cishets.

Nicorettes and Whiskey and Wild Wild Women