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It's Friday again, so come on down to Gaming On Linux's Twitch channel for a few hours of good ol' videogame fun! This week's offerings:

- Fugl
- Tinertia
- Hand of Fate
- Pyre (True Nightwing), Part 1

Rape culture Show more

Ok etiquette question, obvious spammer/ad bot on here a reportable offense? Account w/ no avatar, or bio, only post is a link to spam blog post.

It's a shame that food service is such a soul-crushing industry. Sometimes I find myself waxing nostalgic for the little independant coffee shop I worked at in Halifax, ages ago.

I'd never be able to do it now since I can't stand being on my feet that long, but there were some really good sides to it.

I think stuff like None Pizza With Left Beef is really interesting, in that they're an essentially whimsical illustration of unforseen consequences of complex systems, as well as the weirdness that crops up in edge cases.

But every bit as interesting are the pizza joint staff or burger flippers or whoever that receive these orders and get on board, cutting pentagrams into pizza or writing poetry on boxes. It injects welcome humanity into an otherwise impersonal transaction.

Oh, that reminds me. I had a story idea last night I need to write down.

The upgrade to MATE 17.10 did fix one odd panel behaviour I was getting. Stuff on the notification part of the top bar often wouldn't respond to a left click, which would previously either open them or give a menu. Left-click seems to be working again, which is pretty handy.

Wow, that's gotta be one of the first pure advertising accounts I've seen on Mastodon.

TERFs love the religious right Show more

TERFs love the religious right Show more

TERFs love the religious right Show more

TERFs love the religious right Show more

TERFs love the religious right Show more

TERFs love the religious right Show more

ALSO when the ponies turn into humans why are they teenagers? From what I saw of the show, they seem to mostly be small business owners, the entire town's police force, a doctor and a grad student?

Is the speed of Mastodon's processing measured in coyotecycles?

if you hold Mastodon up to your ear, you can hear a coyote spinning

Three conspiracy theorists walk into a bar.

You can't tell me that's just coincidence.