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Also, I'm finding myself unable to make much progress with the thief character in despite it being only a two-star difficulty. I get down to the fourth level or so and I find myself getting murdered pretty much out of the blue, when I was doing fine up to that point. Not sure what I can do there.

Dang, got killed at level 8 in by a swarm of clockwork beetles. I don't think I've seen that monster before.


@nezchan The elevation of voices like Bindel and Burchill and Greer, plus the radical tactics of 'sex negative' feminists meant that in the UK, they won the sex wars. The US had the opposite result. Which makes sense given the US's emphasis on individualism and liberty, vs the British emphasis on women as a class (along with who gets to define the borders of that class and what it means to be a member).

The UK's sexism tends to be more 'benevolent' than in the US, which makes it harder to dislodge, but at the same time, feminists have more influence. I'm guessing this is partly because the leaders tend to be posh and partly because they were just better at organising in the 70s with things like Greenham Common Peace Camp.

What's definitely true is that posh people have a stranglehold on the UK media and this is actually worse on the left. It's frustrating, but trans people are still much better off than in the US, partly because of the EU.
@nezchan Germaine Greer is a good example of that.

In the 1980s, all feminisms went through the 'sex wars'. In the UK, this was especially spectacular. Butchness was demonised and consensual fetish in the lesbian community, especially so, as it 'hurt women', This lead to an encounter where a group of feminists smashed into a fetish club with an axe and broke some poor woman's arm, because they wanted to protect women from being hurt. BDSM was actually criminalised in this country until extremely recently, so they came out of this better than they should have.

People like Julie Bindel were given newspaper columns based, imo, actually on their general terribleness. Her role (imo) is to make straight women feel glad they're not lesbians, which is a reasonable response to her columns. She also is ready to attack sex workers and trans people as and when required.

So gaming fans, what are you playing this weekend?

Kemono Friends new season isn't going to be about Serval and Kaban's adventures in the outside world (and developing romantic relationship), therefore why bother?

@gamingonlinux It really is interesting how that article basically states that since the system doesn't encourage and feed massive flamewars, the platform can't survive. They are framing a feature as a flaw. Not to mention they think a decentralized platform needs to be operated in centralized manner.

On Mastodon I feel like I'm part of a community of actual people, whereas Twitter seems like a cold game of people trying to "own" other people in meaningless debates for retweets and follows.

Today I read what basically seemed like a hit-piece on Mastodon to warn people away from it because of internal disputes.

Yet here I am, enjoying my feed of and tech fans, seeing no adverts, not having random tweets promoted that I couldn't give a rats arse about, not having to *for the tenth time* tell it to order my toots normally...the list goes on.

Mastodon is lovely.

Oh hey, I think I'm supposed to stream today. Playing some Linux games at in about 10 minutes. Today's menu: CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience and Mark of the Ninja: Remastered. We are also going to wrap up Transistor on the latter half of the stream. See you there!

Mastodon Is Crumbling--- We're All Getting Together To Hang Out And Make Different Fruit Crumbles, Mine Will Be Strawberry

I don't really like competitive multiplayer games that much. Way too stressful, although it's not bad once in a while.

Co-op stuff like Stardew or Minetest though, that's some good stuff.

Did some Stardew Valley multiplayer last night, what a blast. I don't play multiplayer games much, but this was really a lot of fun. Gotta do that sort of thing more often.

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