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Anyone who wants to keep up with what I'm doing, my primary account is now

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If you like my writing and toots, please consider contributing to my Patreon. Full access to everything I post there for only one dollar!

Anyone who wants to keep up with what I'm doing, my primary account is now

Well, I've been putting off using the account migration thing, but I guess now that I'm using my other account more it's about time I did.

Hopefully a fraction of you will re-follow me at my "new" digs.

Like yea, I get it, but now it's like I'm being told "Sorry Roxy but you drew wrong in the Mastodon Instance Lottery and now you'll be forbidden from interacting with who knows who. Now you gotta relocate yourself somewhere else with all your follows and hope that you don't draw wrong again"

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I am going to be streaming Linux games at in 15 minutes. Tonight's menu: Ion Maiden and Slay the Spire. I'll also put a new playthrough to a poll, so hopefully we'll come up with a nice game to play on the latter half of the stream. See you there!

Wait, I thought Praxis was Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion.

Is there any way to follow someone without getting all their boosts as well? Or do we have that technology?

Does anyone know if importing follows and the like from another instance overwrites the current follows, etc. on a pre-existing account? Or is it necessary to have a fresh account entirely?

So what would be the downside of me changing my primary account to another instance? I can't imagine it's 100% sunshine and roses.

Not closing this one per se, just posting from the other one and spending most of my time there. I'd still link to new stories and the like here, no real reason not to.

Ugh. Just tried to watch a Contrapoints video, and barely made it 10 minutes in before I had to shut it off.

Got nothing against what she's trying to say, and she seems smart and well informed, but holy crap I can't handle the presentation at all. It's like I start to get into her message, and she throws me so far out of it with an awkward skit or ridiculous accent that it takes me a 12-hour plane ride to get home.

Seeing a bunch of posts about "here's how to get off dot social" and suchlike lately. Is this entirely about the Samsung thing, or what?

I am broke af right now and I use an older computer with limited resources.

Please keep people like me in mind when you're developing apps, software, websites, etc.


Minetest is an open-source voxel game engine. Play one of our many games, mod a game to your liking, make your own game, or play on a multiplayer server.

Minetest has a very active community of players, modders, and game designers, and a large amount of content available:

This account is managed by @rubenwardy, a core developer.

#minetest #opensource #gamedev

My backyard right now. See that branch on the right side? That's about three feet off the ground.

There are also two kayaks under there someplace.

It's kind of like how when I was playing Tales of Maj'Eyal and found a level 12 troll randomly spawned in the intro dungeon, where you're expected to be about level 1-3 or so.

Stuff like that isn't having a high difficulty level or a dangerous world in general. Something is way out of whack.

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You know, I expect roguelikes to be tough. Deaths happen, lots and lots of times. I played Brogue to excess, I know how this works. No reason to get upset about it, so long as the deaths are fair.

I find tends toward unfair deaths way more often than it should. One has a reasonable expectation that the things in the intro areas are intro monsters. HA HA, YOU'D BE WRONG!

This message brought to you by getting one-shotted at full health only a few spaces from the starting town.

As far as I know, this is accurate.

I have never played Settlers of Catan.

Am I the only one who thinks tag groups on Facebook are the most irritating shit ever?

I just can't stand when someone responds to something I posted with a canned witticism that somebody else wrote, but in the form of a link.

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