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me hitting the singles scene at age 29

something something warum liegt hier stroh but UNIRONICALLY I will find straw in my bathroom carpet and it UPSETS ME GREATLY

having a guinea pig pen with hay and straw in your apartment is like having a giant source of shit that somehow radiates outwards, filling the rest of your house with said hay and straw

i enjoy voice acting more than I am willing to admit (despite not being good at it)

distill fantasy roleplaying and inject it straight into my veins


ordered pizza 20 minutes ago domino tracker says its still being processed this is creating anxiety

how does sitting in a train for 8 hours make you this tired

so like did WoW do an april fools thing but not OW/HS/etc?

tonight's plans: eating fuckton of egg shaped chocolates

my new D&D char tldr: has a giant sword, attacks everything he sees

Nephew gaming update: entered deku tree, got scared of spiders, left and refuses to go back in