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Nigma @Nigma

@Yukari @maloki I was right! Excellent thank you

Any brave 日本人 wanna try decoding this blurry shitty picture for my friend who wants to know the difference? The left is chicken stock, the right is seadfood stock?

That weird moment when you discover a cut on your hand that's bleeding and you have no idea how or when it happened

In true lazy fashion I will probably only watch the grand finals of the DOTA major and nothing else, if that

i make marine

@Gargron Lucky for me, I am old as fuck

@Gargron has mastodon gone too far?

@eal gargron? like 2k at best :^)

@eal Gargron is my rl friend and also IT'S THE FUTURRRRRRREEE

Playerunkown's Battlegrounds is both the worst and best game of 2017. Utter rubbish yet i can't stop playing it.

@Gargron I don't really enjoy having this sleep schedule but somehow video games are always the most fun at like 1-3am in the morning

Today I woke up at 12:30

@Gargron join the club... i need to stop drinking coffee or something, can't sleep for shit lately

@Gargron @nightpool rest assured noone in our group spent any money on D&D, except for tabletop simulator

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D&D with @Nigma, @kitkat, @Sheepsticked, @FutanariNeko and me, DM'd by @hansibit, on May 1st at 7pm GMT+1, will be streamed on

Gonna be my first time playing D&D

So when I talk about racial passives in D&D I'm "strategizing" but when I do it in real life I'm "hate mongering"?

@expenses the problem is that Reddit has banned this type of content before, the only difference being that they only do it when mainstream media gets involved. Their moderation policy is not only inconsistent but hypocritical. They'll ban one subreddit for X but leave another that does the same up for no reason other than it hasn't reached enough publicity. Ultimately reddit moderation by admins is virtually non-existent. They give extremists platforms to organize.