Free Wifi at a Restaurant Alignment Chart

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JAPANESE MASTODON: Well-adjusted, polite people talking about stuff like video game strats and food

FRENCH/GERMAN MASTODON: Educated, politically oriented people talking about national politics and sharing news articles

SPANISH MASTODON: literal pictures of Shrek's hog

ENGLISH MASTODON: c h e e b s b e b o r b g e r

let's all enjoy life before scientists inevitably figure out that coffee definitely gives you cancer

me yesterday: i wanna drink tomorrow

the world, today: we just figured out alcohol literally gives you cancer every time you drink it

Whoever said hunger is the best cook never met sleep

went to a pizza hut in germany today

realized too late it's restaurant style and you gotta sit down and look at a menu

spent like 35 minutes in a pizza hut ordering by myself for overpriced pizza

Tinder making me racist against blond women

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