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Tabletop games, D&D, DOTA2, Apex Legends, Deutsch/Englisch/English, living in Germany, former YouTube clown and internet funnyman when not posting about conspiracy theories and right wing nonsense. Helped make the Mastodon introduction video. Occasionally provides Gargron with sustenance and Swiss air. Döner mit Knoblauch-scharf.

normalize the use of the word "humdinger"

Declaring victory over this bike lock my friend gave me which took me weeks to figure out how to open reliably. Top of the keyway, jiggle-reverse tension the last pin. Fuck you, bike lock.

As a little challenge, I bought 3 very simple but very tiny locks. I was unable to pick them with my old tension wrenches, so I picked up one of those Y-wrenches usually used for wafer locks. Finally got them all open using one half of the tool, TOK

Yet another school shooting. America won't change or care. Not because it doesn't think children dying is wrong, but because a large amount of people will believe this isn't even real, that it didn't happen, that it's a false flag.

That's how far gone we are.

Very confused watching this video. How come this system of reducing cars and increasing busses is getting positive reviews when it's clearly above ground, not in a claustrophobic death-tube, and clearly seats more than 5 people? Preposterous

Coming back to WoW near the end of an expansion is such a fever dream. There's like a billion campaign quests, you aren't really sure which are the ones you need to do to speedrun it, you have no idea what is going on, the story is already a mess regardless, it's hilarious.

Funniest part for me is that the guy stopping and restarting wasn't proof enough for the guy. He had to actually physically touch the guitar strings himself to believe it was real.

Granted, he looks stoned out of his mind.

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This video is really interesting because it's like watching one of those internet trolls who screams "false flag! fake!" but in real life, at something more mundane. It's fascinating how much "proof" is needed before he believes it's real.

Ordered some new TOK tension wrenches plus a Y-wrench 🔒⛏️

"Again I need to stress that people are probably gonna make up all kinds of WILD allegations now that I'm a republican voter haha, probably something about, yknow, a lavatory in a plane flying over Michigan on its way to Seattle, you know, could be anything really".

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"Hey guys, random tweet here, just dropping in to say that if you hear any sexual allegations about me which supposedly occured on April 16th at 5:31pm in an airplane lavatory with a female flight attendant with brown hair PLEASE KNOW that this is just DIRTY TRICKS by democrats!"

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Note that Elon did not simply announce that he was now a republican voter, he also went one step further and ""predicted"" upcoming "dirty tricks" in the last sentence of his tweet. Definitely not sus at all.

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Elon's fans are saying that it's strange that sexual misconduct allegations came out the moment he claims to be a republican.

The thought that he may of purposefully announced it ahead of time to shield him from an allegation he probably knew was coming doesn't cross their minds

Check my rattlesnake:
Wordle 334 4/6


Even if it happened on twitter, I feel blessed that Kelly replie d to me

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