I was told all the tumblr porn is here now

One taught me love, one taught me patience, one taught me pain

Delta Rune as a game is like whatever honestly but the music is so 😩 youtube.com/watch?v=FVmpdU6XcV

Starting playing Delta Rune.

Pretty cute.

tfw you discover blood on your hand but you have no idea where you're bleeding from

Looking for 1-2 people to play in our DND campaign. Must be able to play European evenings. Submit your application in the form of a funny limerick or any other way

Last week: Crazy Trump supporter mails bombs to CNN.

This week: Trump shares doctored images to smear a CNN reporter, then bans them unjustly.

Wow I can't figure out any connection between these things whatsoever

In case you missed it... this was basically the highlight of my week. Pass it on.

Things fascists are terribly afraid of:

- Antifa™ brand potatoes
- Acosta Chops
- A popular vote

Can't believe Jim Acosta literally dropped his mic, sprinted over to a white house intern and karate chopped her straight in the neck before burning an American flag. Holy smokes

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