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Ass > titties, don't @ me

2017 was the year of eating ass

What's 2018?

Russia confused my account for Donnie's campaign and gave me robot followers PogChump

Wait wtf how do I have 4k followers

Throne of Lies is digital crack

Small brain: having porn bookmarks on your browser toolbar

Expanding brain: having your porn locally saved in a folder called "porn"

Space brain: having your porn as a randomly shuffling desktop background

I should use Mastodon more

Someday I will be a proper DM

Ate too much pasta feels bad

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You asked, you shall receive

using somebody else's computer in 2017 is suffering with all the randomly generated passwords and glancing up and down from your phone

My back hurts, air mattresses were a mistake

Darkest Dungeon more like Dankest Dungeon seriously though I love this game's style