DND character idea: Sorcerer/Wizard, but you have to roll all of your spells at complete random. No backsies, no relearning spells on levelup, no copying spells from spellbooks or any other means. Just pure randomness.

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Oh no, Pooh! That's not honey! You drank facebook deleting juice!

Breaking news: Twitter CEO Jack announces new substantial changes to Twitter:

- No more Likes
- No more Retweets
- No more Tweets
- Entire website to use 90s <HTML>
- Now a geocities page
- Video player made even shittier somehow
- Posting "uwu" punishable by death
- Still keeping those Nazis

heads up twitter being fucking stupid again

invest in mastodoncoin

brands in 2019 twitter: smh af fam im depresso pass the expresso

brands in 2032: mm fuck this mcnugget sauce is so good im cumming aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

oh no im watching mob psycho 100 and im enjoying it am i a weeb now

scientists have spent 12 years trying to decrypt the hamster dance website's secrets

all attempts have failed

this hamster dance website sells waterbeds

what is this

am i having a stroke

me: "you should make a hamster dance instance"
@Gargron: "let me see if hamster.dance is a purchasable domain"
me: "gargron please"

when @Gargron asks you to help design mastodon ads and you feed him garbage meme ideas

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