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There we go. I mean I haven't managed to follow EVERYONE I follow on here on CF since I was doing it manually but I have managed to clear my followers list a little bit from abandoned/dropped accounts and such.

But yeah generally speaking because I want to lessen the load on m.s somewhat I will probably shift off using this as my main, so come follow me at @Nine from now on for prime Renalia content!

I mean if that's your thing. e_e;

Note: if you have a NTSC SNES/SFC and want some pretty damn good RGB video out of your system, you can go buy my hand-made cables on eBay here. I'm going to stop posting about my cables now. Goodnight.

hey all, i owe over 2000 dollars to my university and i need help paying it off. if anyone wants proof, i don't mind showing my bursar to you all. i have to get down to 200 before i can apply for my classes (for the fall semester) anything would help
here is my paypal:

alright my friend just dropped out so if anyone is looking for a room in Brighton please message me. Rent is £120 a week including bills. Double rooms. You'd be with 4 other people, all of us students. This is quite a long shot but i am serious. Message me if you want more details/pics.

I did another sketch page commssion of that cute cow ^^

If you're interested, Im taking these sketch page commissions for 20USD! Lemme know:


there we go, edited my profile to point to my CF account which is probably real easy to find because i am nothing if not consistent in my naming conventions wherever I can be c_c;

so you can go follow me on too if you want! I'll often post links to my writings when I do them.

jesus h christ okay until this all blows over I think i'm just gonna be on my awoo account and also CF so you can reach me there I guess. hecko.

moment I turned back to "get these dns settings automatically" everything started to work. including discord's update -_-; uugh

Oh good finally. :/ Couldn't access flagship at all , it was still giving "Something is not working!" errors and refusing to load at best. guess cloudflare's dns doesn't quite work.

please please please be nice to customer service people. they're just the bearer of bad news, they don't have much power, but tons of customers use them as a punching bag.

My computer just fried itself and I've therefore lost the majority of my income in a spare second.

So if you want to geg in on me making music all while helping me rebuild the tech that actually allows me to (barely) pay rent & feed my cat:




Thanks. Shares appreciated, $s appreciated almost 5x more than that.

#TransCrowdfund #Patreon #Music #TheCatHasToEat

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