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My artwork for @myheroinezine โœจโœจ Mina and Momo hanging out for some disco nightssssss, bless them

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Nihilism as a formal coping method is understandable, but using it at every point in your approach to life is destructive.

Hope isn't evil, good intentions & learning is wonderful. Not everything is terrible, even if everything around you feels terrible right now.

Keep going, you're doing really well.

This just in: Pulseaudio sucks.

Pass it on.

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If this doesn't make best of Craigslist I'm going to be very disappointed

Homeless transwoman needing urgent help:

Having to move out of current housing ASAP.
Was due to move start of week, but arrangements have fallen through.

Looking for any leads for trans friendly rooms/sofas/corners of rooms in Washington; need somewhere to live for 4-5 weeks while I get some freelance gigs through for somewhere permanent.

Pretty broke right now, but can cover food, internet contributions, maybe rent if it's not too much.

(boosts appreciated)

You know, having a Mastodon game jam might be a cool idea... ๐Ÿค”
This is T-R33
She is healing the world one seed at a time
(Part of a much larger comic project with queer ND robots I'm working on)

'#Facebook is hiding its LGBT Pride Month reacts from users in countries with anti-gay laws.

Facebook decided to embrace #LGBTQ Pride Month by adding a rainbow flag to the standard panel of reactions.

Alongside Like, Love, Sad, Haha, Wow and Angry, a new Pride reaction was added to show your LGBT love.

It has now emerged that this reaction does not appear in some countries โ€“ most of which ban homosexuality...'

Just so you all know:

Google gives a lot of money (well more than your year's salary) to these guys for political favours. Enough to be called "platinum" sponsors.

Microsoft gives enough to be merely "gold" level ๐Ÿ˜‚

I got woken up this morning, earlier than I wanted, by a little kid screaming at the top of their lungs outside....and then a flying insect buzzing near my face which caused me to panic a bit what with the phobia of wasps.


apparently the world does not want me to sleep.

Kami did a bang up job chasing it off though. She was disappointed she couldn't catch and eat it though.

did you know: i'm a gay trans (currently) pink-haired musician making music for video games

did you know: your indie game could be scored by me for prices as low as my self esteem

To me.
Not be, phone.

Alright I meani guess it still works but