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Ren (an actual sknq) @Nine

oops, LBs: food warning, sorry. i mean not graphic food but eating food was involved.

got a free extra apple pie from mcdonald's, not gonna complain

though I'm not sure if I can actually eat two apple pies

@envgen Oh good lord that reaction of her pretty much sums the whole thing up, huh? ^^;; but that's corporations for you. "If it isn't broke*, don't fix it**"

(* as in, unable to just be rebooted and work longer than a few hours in a row even if it's slow as shit and falling apart at the seams
** replace it. "fixing" involves patching it until it's the equivalent of a rubber dinghy that's more ducttape than rubber...or maybe more literally than that)

@jk d4s ain't got shit on that kinda caltrop, eh?

Rain World got released apparently! onto my wishlist it goooooess

@envgen boosted in the hopes it'll get more notice and someone can help you :<

I identify with this fox as I also like to look cool on rocks:

i am home
gonna have to restart bloodborne because turned out the disc was a us version, but we live in the UK. so the dlc that was purchased is not compatible. aahaha. welp. 😅

still, it's getting sorted. don't mind restarting all that much. it's a good game.

@bunnylyn *blush,+1s in agreement*

uh, so I've finally been trying to record a cover of something (Mad World) and it's very much a work in progress but I feel like I got a decent vocal take at least so uh, um, boop

*shoves on time line and hides back with her guitar*

Efi's bot is doin me a blush. following it may have been a mistake. blushy sknq all day every day.

Need more readers!

If you're into creative writing, non-fiction/fantasy/sci-fi/superheroes, check us out. Mostly bite-sized articles that you can consume quickly, and even a couple of small podcast-snippets. :D


serious question about networks

the IT guy at work has gone AWOL so they've asked me to do things which are beyond my ability, like configuring a web filter

it's a proxy-based filter but i can't configure proxy settings

our file server is running windows server 2003 so i can't deploy a GPO

if i set proxy settings in IE they only work for that user account on that machine

i can't configure it on the router as there are two separate filtering policies for adults and kids

pls help