for some reason there is a red dot beside the Toot! app label and it’s bothering me. only thing i can think of is that it’s a test app

maybe there’s a jailbreak tweak to get rid of it…

problems with coming back to Mastodon after like a year: i have a lot of people to follow back, but a ton of these are just "i’ve moved!" accounts, and a bunch of others are probably abandoned without the profile saying anything :|

Signed up for the @tootapp beta, perhaps I’ll actually use Mastodon more now

one day I might start using this again

is there a client that remembers your timeline position like Tweetbot does yet?

lewd, kink 

better emoji movies than the emoji movie:
• the Never Gonna Give You Up music video, but with 🅱️ overlaid on Rick Astley’s face

*sees a poly relationship with three UI programmers in it*
so which one of you is the model, which is the view, and which is the controller

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adult mags… hm

-walks in- I’d like the latest Homeowner’s Monthly and also this month’s Tax Return Filing Magazine, please

the internet has ruined me: the first thing I thought when I saw this shelf was “Ah, wide boys”

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