for some reason there is a red dot beside the Toot! app label and it’s bothering me. only thing i can think of is that it’s a test app

maybe there’s a jailbreak tweak to get rid of it…

problems with coming back to Mastodon after like a year: i have a lot of people to follow back, but a ton of these are just "i’ve moved!" accounts, and a bunch of others are probably abandoned without the profile saying anything :|

Signed up for the @tootapp beta, perhaps I’ll actually use Mastodon more now

one day I might start using this again

is there a client that remembers your timeline position like Tweetbot does yet?

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better emoji movies than the emoji movie:
• the Never Gonna Give You Up music video, but with 🅱️ overlaid on Rick Astley’s face

*sees a poly relationship with three UI programmers in it*
so which one of you is the model, which is the view, and which is the controller

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no thanks, it’s too expensive, I’ll take an off-peak fitness instead

adult mags… hm

-walks in- I’d like the latest Homeowner’s Monthly and also this month’s Tax Return Filing Magazine, please

pleased to announce that this building still has RAWR XD sprayed on it

when you scream in pain after realising how much money you’re giving HMRC

the internet has ruined me: the first thing I thought when I saw this shelf was “Ah, wide boys”

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