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better emoji movies than the emoji movie:
• the Never Gonna Give You Up music video, but with 🅱️ overlaid on Rick Astley’s face

*sees a poly relationship with three UI programmers in it*
so which one of you is the model, which is the view, and which is the controller

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no thanks, it’s too expensive, I’ll take an off-peak fitness instead

adult mags… hm

-walks in- I’d like the latest Homeowner’s Monthly and also this month’s Tax Return Filing Magazine, please

pleased to announce that this building still has RAWR XD sprayed on it

when you scream in pain after realising how much money you’re giving HMRC

the internet has ruined me: the first thing I thought when I saw this shelf was “Ah, wide boys”

hm, maybe I should go back to being an animal here as well

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I need to figure out a way to cross post stuff from Twitter to Mastodon automatically so I can share things here without having to do it manually every time

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