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has now got it's first functional android app!
Link here: (has got an apk for easy download)
@p2play is now realeased. It works though it's still got loads of features missing (subscriptions; search; commenting; rating ect..)

Some weird stuff like videos measured in seconds and not minutes apparently but it's very promising.
I wonder when it will be made available on @fdroidorg too.

cc @linux @switchingsocial

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J'écoute le podcast de la BBC 'Yesterday in Parliament'. En réalité j'adorerai un truc comme ça. Ce serait juste génial (enfin un truc un peu plus long me ferait aussi plaisir).
Vraiment, ça faciliterait tellement la suivie du débat parlementaire qui n'ai pas toujours intéressant ou facile mais bon. Si vous voyez un équivalent français ou un truc qui résume bien comme j'ai dit dans mon précédent poeut ce serait génial ! Merci😀

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Somebody opened an issue for () to support . That would be so cool. Sadly nobody is still active on that project. Still hoping for some great devs to restart the project. Even with some would be good.

is probably one of the last sillos that I am still on primarily...

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I wish they would implement a system to do multiple language toots. Even if it is @Mastodon only and can't federate with other services it would still be a plus. One could just go to the permalink and see the other languages availlable. It's frustrating to follow @Liberapay or other project accounts and see the same toots in different languages all the time...

Okay, I've just arrived to the 'Nap' part and I'm stoping for tonight. Not sure I can read through this rape. On TV it is so fast, here it's going to feel forever.

The book is truthfully so much more depressing than the show. In the show we see a real hero. She is awesome and she's going to bring down the theocratic-macho-fasist all by herself (or with other super cool women, and maybe even one man so that us males don't get too offended).

Here she is a simple ordanary women, that's living exactly like 90% of people (me including lol) would. Nothing too brave or revolutionary.

"My nakedness is strange to me already. My body seems outdated. Did I really wear bathing suits, at the beach? I did, without thought, among men, without caring that my legs, my arms, my thighs and back were on display, could be seen. Shameful, immodest. I avoid looking down at my body, not so much because it's shameful or immodest but because I don't want to see it. I don't want to look at something that determines me so completely."
The Handmaid's Tale, Chapter 12 by Margaret Atwood

Reading The Handmaid's Tale is a very different experience than the TV show (S01&02).
I'll quote this as one of the most impactfull things I've read so far. More than the murders, slavery and all I feel like this is sad:

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Wow, we did not expect the level of interest you all have had in the #PineTime!

More info:
- Cost will be approximately 25USD
- Charging dock included in price
- Built-in heartbeat monitor
- Case built of Zinc alloy and plastic
- Battery life measured in days
- Sorry, can't run Linux itself. SoC is nRF52832, which uses a Cortex-M4 core. That's why we need FreeRTOS :)

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Combien faut-il de devs pour changer une ampoule? 

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This is the PineTime. A companion for your Linux smartphone, and new side-project of ours. More news coming in the future...

(If you have experience with FreeRTOS or mbed, and are interested, please get in touch!)

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Hello everyone !

📢 🔴 URGENT 🔴

An awesome software is dying, because its #developper has not time anymore to care of it.

It's an alternative of Adobe AfterEffect : Natron (

Please, can Mastodon community search for a C++ dev, which want to maintain it ? or search for a company which work with free software ? It's very important.

Boost very appreciated

Thanks in advance for your contribution !

#Dev #Mastodon #C++ #Python

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Combien faut-il de randonneurs pour changer une ampoule ? 

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I love my mama but when I was still on FB last year I posted this and she believed me.

Also, if anybody wants to follow/friend me on Goodreads from here:

I have also got a account (same username as here) but I haven't really understood if there is a 'social' side to it or not yet. Also, haven't been putting my collection up to date. But I recommend you check it out! @libreture

So, I've read 12 this year so far, that's completed my Goodreads reading challenge for the year! First time ever I've read so much (at least according to what I've punched in Goodreads, witch is only partial accurate for the past years).
I suppose now I'll have to try out 15 books for next year, that's going to be a real challenge!

Okay, seems to work pretty well after the end of day, especially at night! So not sooo bad.

Well, officialy back at Uni, and starting lessons tomorow. This year is going to suck as I've been put in the accomendations with wifi internet and not an ethernet plug... Great!

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Le Pdt de l’Assemblee Nationale a été mis en examen pour prise illégale d’intérêts par des juges lillois dans le dossier des Mutuelles de Bretagne. Il est ressorti sans faire de commentaire après 15h d’auditions.


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Idée concernant les #creativecommons et la #culture libre.

Je constate dans mon entourage que parler de culture et de licences libres c'est difficile, surtout auprès des artistes. J'ai pensé à l'idée de faire une page web comme le dégooglisons internet de framasoft ou le de LQDN pour faire tourner aux artistes et expliquer très simplement pourquoi et comment utiliser les licences libres. Une sorte de campagne #StopCopyright

Qu'en pensez vous ?

One day maybe the left in Israel will be stronger. Most Jewish Americans are against Israeli politics of colonization by the way. And yet you would never think that when hearing D and R in the media and Congress. Same thing in most West European nations.

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