Learning -lang and the same time and python. Using Python for crypto and then converting the python code to nim code. Its been fun.

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What if we made a system of money where we trusted absolutely nobody? No institution and no person!

Then, what if we made it completely out of human control, so it can never be modified to meet anyone's needs!

And what if it was deflationary, so it always seemed to go up and rewarded early adopters.

And what if it had a lottery system within it that randomly rewarded people who spent time paying attention to it.

And what if it had an enormous, incomprehensibly huge carbon footprint.

And what if it's value was based entirely on people convincing each other that it must be valuable because group identity and sunk cost fallacy.

Who would be drawn to this sort of thing? How would it encourage people to change their political view? Who's interests and ideologies would this serve? What kind of politics are embedded in the tool? How would this radicalise people? What material effects would it's popularity cause?

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Something great happened today! Breaking news!

We were thrilled to announce that Plasm Network successfully completed the implementation of a Cross-Chain Message (XCM) between Plasm and Acala on Polkadot Testnet called Rococo TODAY!

This is a huge WIN for the entire Polkadot community. We are literally making history of Web3.0.

Read our 'road to' in this article:

#blockchain #polkadot #plasm #acala #rococo #web3

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I'm so bullish about #HelloSystem : a #FreeBSD based "distro" who actually care about a unified and designed for human UI/UX. That's also by the creator of #AppImage.


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As a browser dev getting into webdev at work, I find I've become quite judgemental.

Come on webdevs, you should spend some time learning HTML5 & CSS3! Keeping up with the tools of your trade shouldn't just be limited to the latest CSS or JavaScript framework fads.


Also is it just me, or is the Java ecosystem degrading? Both Eclipse & IntelliJ aren't packaged right for Linux. Eclipse won't even start because they left something out!

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baby shower joke, religious 

Oh, so when I show up to your baby shower with gold, frankincense, and myrrh asking if they're the Messiah somehow I'm the asshole

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TIL why there are different compression levels for the _lossless_ audio format Flac, and why you would prefer one over the other: brianli.com/flac-compression-l

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fedi hiring, referrals for u 

I've had some interesting infosec jobs come across my path, and while they seem okay, I'm not a particularly good fit.

If your in the market for an IT Security role lemme know and I'll add your name to my network! :D

Here's the postings

Qualys SME - 3 months contract
We are looking to add a resource for unified process development and rollout for the entire enterprise. We are partly using it already on Qualys PNG environment on Nexpose. Need to unfit everything on Qualys on process and technology. Need someone that has deep expertise that can lead this rollout and is not just a user of the technology.

Security Architect
12 Months
Remote/Philadelphia Suburb

Why Open-Client recently lost their lead architect and decided to use a contractor to replace them

• Will function as the primary security resource for all capital projects participating for all security design.
• Lots of documentation including data flow design, threat modeling, risk assessment, security requirements etc….
• Strong architectural knowledge and understanding of networks, systems, applications and technical security.
• Excellent written and verbal communications skills, including ability to lead meetings or present.
• Will liase and pull in other security resources as needed, such as Security Operations Engineers or GRC team.
• Ability to function as a team of one in an environment with multiple efforts going at one time.

Security Architecture
Should have 1 or more of the following certifications (CISSP, ISSAP, GIAC GICSP or GRID, CISM)
Strong Knowledge of Compliance and Control Frameworks such as ISO 27001, NIST, CIS, Sarbanes Oxley, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA
Proficiency using commonly accepted assessment and modeling methods such as STRIDE, DREAD, MITRE ATT&CK and ATT&CK for ICS, OWASP
Previous Experience with IT/OT, ICS and Scada is a huge plus

GRC Security Consultant
LOA-6-12 Months

Remote/Philly suburbs

Looking for a GRC Security Consultant to provide expertise around Risk Assessments, Vulnerability Management and Compliance.
• Experience using a GRC platform… strong preference towards Archer.
• NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF) and ISO 27000
• Extraordinary communication skills.
• Ability assessing IT and hopefully OT.
• Preferable to have the following CISM, CISSP, GICSP and GRID.
• Ability to work in cross functional teams.
• Doesn’t have to be hands on technical, but has to be able to have deep experience understanding technology.
• Ability to write compliance and risk reports.

Skills Required:
Risk and Compliance Experience
NIST (Hands On Experience)
Security Assessments
Strong Documentation
Strong Communication
Preference for consultants with IT/OT experience
Utility/Regulatory experience preferred

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So wild to think that Smalltalk expected you to ship the whole runtime image environment to users. How impractical!

Anyway, if anyone needs me I'll be downloading an complete tarred up Linux machine from Docker Hub so that I can run a WordPress Blog.

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Next time someone suggests a FOSS solution that requires someone to set up infrastructure to support it I'm drafting up a contract for them to implement it, maintain it, and support it with 99.999% uptime for five years.

For free.

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