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Inside you are two wolves. One thinks today is Friday but it’s really Thursday. The other put salt in its coffee instead of sugar. Neither can find their keys. Just in case anybody asks you what your problem is. It’s these two wolves.

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I love a keyboard that makes a nice liquid thoc sound while typing, but on a call I want it silent. Is there a magical silent (mechanical) keyboard with an on-board sound card to make satisfying noises when I want, but easily adjust volume (automagically on a Teams call!)

I could use SystemEvents_DisplaySettingsChanged and enumerate Screen.Allscreens, but finding/mapping windows (VS, MSSMS, Powerpoint mainly) and repositioning is eluding me at the moment (not enough a problem to spend a lot of time, but annoying having to rearrange >1/day)

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is there a utility in (10 and Server) that allows me to snap specific apps to certain monitors when adding/removing screens? Want smarter re-arrangement when logging into a remote machine when I do/don't have an external monitor

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Good news — you can now link your vaccination status to your Service Victoria App to check in with confidence. ✔️

It’s simple to do, easiest via your Medicare Express app, ‘proof of vaccination’ then ‘share with check in app’. ✔️

Get to it! ✔️ @servicevic@twitter.com

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so, given the mess that is FB etc, thought I'd poke my nose back onto here. Sadly seems like a constant stream of spam and not much to make me want to stay. Suggestions for fun/smart folks to follow to make Mastodon a better place to play?

Really great to discover the love people.still have for Elvis... Https://kingtv.media

If you are a Ronn Moss/Bold and Beautiful fan (don't lie, you know you are) check out this interview he just did for Australian TV - thePlatformTV.net

Small dog was sick last night, so I stayed up with her. Big dog came to snuggle with her at about 4:15am... And she started to feel better and is fine this morning 💜

So, last couple of weeks I have been helping out with a new TV show. First episode of The Platform (season2) went to air this week and more to follow. C31 in Melbourne/Geelong (44on your TV) or Aurora on Foxtel or catch up at ThePlatformTV.net ... Thanks for watching!

CW: Not Celebrating A Dude's Death 

Hi, I'm not a Republican, or anything, but I thought Mastodon was supposed to be an exercise in positivity & I'm gagging in here at a 30+ min. internet party celebrating the death of a military veteran who voted against repealing Obamacare.
I'm literally fleeing to birdsite - not so I can celebrate a departed Republican, but so I can avoid a gleeful celebration of his death. ☮️

Fun afternoon ... Joined a crowd of fellow Harley riders at a car show. Looking forward to more sunny days

after an amusing chat on Facebook with some friends about the joys of office 'drive by' interruptions, I suggested they invest in an Embrava Blynclight, and for good measure got around to sharing my NodeJS Blynclight controller example github.com/Offbeatmammal/blync

Really enjoyed seeing Blood Fest (imdb.com/title/tt7208564/) in a theater last night. Low budget indie films FTW

A sunny day here in the antipodean winter, so took the bike the long way to lunch!

Given that folks here are open minded, and like to check out new things... I wrote a thing, check it out! medium.com/@offbeatmammal/do-s, and my kiddo does awesome art etsy.com/shop/stitchdoe


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