Having lived in the UK, the US, and Australia for long enough to see patterns in politics this seems to be so common for mainstream right-wing parties. Out of touch self interest but media savvy enough to present well to fool voters with short memories just enough of the time

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A rant.

Tim Smith said this is the worst thing that has ever happened to him. On the scale of terrible things that happen, this is middling.

It's indicative of his privileged, entitled, silver spoon existence.

When the LNP appoint on merit, this is the merit they mean.


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Hey @AmazonMusic@twitter.com, why can't I find Drum & Bass Strip To The Bone By Howie B by Sly & Robbie on your service, but it's there on Spotify? Lots of gaps in your catalogue still open.spotify.com/album/7xeCTWw

can someone explain why a white boy from the UK craves Carolina style BBQ, collard greens, and cornbread as comfort food (really hard to find good, authentic options 9500 miles from Kansas City!)

Learned so many things. 200 year old Crystal flute. @lizzo@twitter.com is more than just her pop persona. Racists like to play tuneless dog whistles

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Here is a clip of Lizzo playing a 200-year-old flute in the library of congress. A beautiful performance from a well-trained musician. The outrage from certain people is just a symptom of their ideology.

(Every time you share this it makes a right-wing talking head cry.)

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Wondering if anyone knows if for macOS is getting closer to an official release? As an Android phone user with a Mac I long for the Continuity or YourPhone experience!

Annoying that we have to spend time doing this, but looking at the quality of the crap that was coming through (badly worded, often in the wrong language for us) I'm surprised that they get any victims, but I guess the ROI is pretty good.

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blocking 20-100(!) messages a day across the various forms on the site with vey little effort. Considering replacing reCAPTCHA with a simpler check as people don't like it. Probably going to block Russian IPs en masse (90% of our spam comes from there currently)

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after looking at the spam a non-profit I work with gets from their contact form (mostly flagged incoming) I implemented some additional verification (IP address, examining any links in the message, from address) all on top of using reCPATCHA and it's made a huge difference ...

Sad to hear about II, but as an expat living in Aus I wonder if now is a good time to raise the question of becoming a Republic, especially given the questionable behaviour of the GG colluding with the former PM. Curious what the pros/cons of staying are.

I would love to see a @waze@twitter.com optimization to support the outer screen on a @SamsungMobile@twitter.com flip phone. Would be an interesting UX challenge to convey maximum useful info in such a small space

Watching the new season of @TheGothamGarage@twitter.com on @netflix@twitter.com and wondering what sort of customer would actually accept the quality of some of their builds? Shame they let entertainment get in the way of attention to detail

the future isn't all it's cracked up to be entrepreneur.com/article/42671 - the dark side of @GreatDismal@twitter.com's Idoru!

After his surgery, trying hydrotherapy (underwater treadmill) to get Diesel back on all four feet. He wasn't sure at first, but very proud of my boy

A bit late to the party, but I think Prey was probably the best @predator@twitter.com movie (and I have enjoyed the franchise since seeing the first in cinemas many moons ago!)

⁦@RACV_Official@twitter.com⁩ are you doing similar analysis here? With the tax about to come back into play prices are going to jump again (obscuring profiteering) theguardian.com/money/2022/aug

Wondering if @MadeByGoogle@twitter.com will ever bring the promised "App Pairs" to the Pixel 6? I want to be able to launch 2 apps off one shortcut, one using the top 70% the other the bottom 30% of the screen. most of the 3rd party solutions are unreliable :(

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